Here’s… Gianni! New Male 3D Figure Unveiled

Time to unbox Gianni6If you’re one of the many digital artists who long for more male content to balance out all the female characters, outfits and hair, your wish just came true. Today, Gianni 6 was released for the Genesis 2 generation of male figures. He joins Michael 6 and Teen Jayden 6.

Gianni is an Italian name, an equivalent to Johnny, and has a soft sound, something like ‘janny’. As the name suggests, the muscular Gianni 6 is the male counterpart to athletic female character Gia 6. He measures in at 6’4″ in real world terms, with a 48″ chest and all the muscle definition an action-hero demands.

Is this new guy for you? He is if you like muscular men who fit the warrior role, or just the strong, silent type. From gladiator to Native American warrior, fantasy hero to modern-day super hunk, Gianni is a perfect match. According to DAZ admins, he is not meant to be Freak 6 but is a new character in his own right. He adds some nice variation to the still small stable of males, adding something new to the current mix of classic male Michael and teen dream Jayden.

So, how to get your hands on this handsome new 3d man?

Pro Bundle: What You Get

If you have the budget and want to get the most for your money, go for the Gianni 6 Pro Bundle. This bundle is bursting at the seams with characters, hair, poses and more. Let’s take a look, then you can decide whether it’s worth shelling out for Pro. Remember, PC members get 51% off while he’s new.


  • Base Gianni 6 figure
  • Taric — a Celtic character from Silver and Countess
  • Ryze — an African character from Silver and Countess
  • Hector — a pale-skinned custom character from DAZ3D


  • Bold Hair — a modern hairstyle
  • Tristan Hair — a mid-length hair with longer morphs by 3DCelebrity
  • Ancient Combat Hair — poseable braid by Neftis3D


  • Fighting Monk — Eastern warrior outfit by Bobbie25 and Sarsa
  • Courageous Warrior — Native American outfit by Bobbie25 and Sarsa
  • Outpost Mercenary — steampunk style clothing by Mada and Sarsa
  • Attilus Marauder — fantasy historical warrior outfit by Bobbie25 and Sarsa


  • Weapons of War — classic historical / fantasy weaponry by Arien and KRAIG


  • Strong Man Poses — classic muscle poses by Sedor
  • Center of Gravity Pose Set — poised for action poses by Design Anvil
  • Jungle Poses — heroic fantasy poses by Muscleman


  • Lively Expressions — 45 expressions by 3DCelebrity

It’s worth noting that the Celtic and African skin textures from the Silver and Countess characters will also work on other Genesis 2 male figures including the free base G2M figure.

Starter Bundle: What You Get

The Starter Bundle for Gianni is still good value. It won’t give you as much stuff to play with, but you will have a selection of content including hair, poses and a couple of outfits, plus an additional character. All this content can also be used on your other Genesis 2 males.

  • Base Gianni 6 figure
  • Taric
  • Bold Hair
  • Fighting Monk
  • Courageous Warrior
  • Strong Man Poses
  • Center of Gravity Pose Set

Just Gianni?

On a tight budget? No worries, you can still get some Gianni gorgeousness to play with. Join the Platinum Club and he can be yours for as little as $19.58. For that you get the custom head and body shape, skin textures, plus 16 poses.

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