April-May 2014 Deals on DAZ 3D

Last week of April, first of May 3d bargainsAs April rolls on into May, there are 3d deals blooming all over the place! Early on Monday morning there are already 3 flash sales going on in the DAZ3D store.

As always, I’ll be listing the bargains and savings right here for you to have an at-a-glance guide. Plus it’s a great way to find out historic data on sales, especially if you are new to 3D and wondering how often the vendors go on sale.

One thing you won’t want to miss is the new giveaway this week, which you can find on the Freebies page of the store. The monthly Platinum Club free model is also listed there and will change later this week. Make sure you grab petipet’s fun Resort Lagoon (the April PC item), ArtCollab’s tasty Easter Accessories (a holiday freebie), and last week’s giveaway from Capsces Digital Ink, Picket Hitch, while you still can. Free 3-D models like these are a fantastic way to build up your library of assets and will give you a head start on adding detail to your renders.

Some of the best bargains of all can be found in the Fast Grab section, and again each week I list all the products that appear, so no need to wonder what you’ve missed! Head down below the table for the week’s headline deals.

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
29th Apr 5th May Weekly Freebie Fountain of Health art-feld Free* $14.95
15th Apr 5th May Easter Freebie Easter Accessories ARTCollab Free $8.95
1st Apr 5th May Monthly PC Freebie Resort Lagoon petipet Free* $16.95
30th 5th Platinum Club Promotion PC Sci-Fi Category DAZ 3D 99 cents $1
4th Not Stated Artist Birthday Sale Entire Store Sedor 40% Discount 40%
2nd 4th Fast Grab M5 Firearms with Expressions and Poses Tako Yakida $4.49 $10.46
2nd 4th Fast Grab Explosive Poses for V5/Genesis Tako Yakida $4.49 $10.46
2nd 4th Fast Grab FW Candace (V6) FWArt $3.74 $11.21 (75%)
2nd 4th Fast Grab FWMA Brogan (V4/Genesis) FWArt, Misangelic $3.74 $11.21 (75%)
2nd 4th Fast Grab FWMA Peggy (V4/Genesis) FWArt $3.74 $11.21 (75%)
2nd 4th Fast Grab Inebriated Poses for M5 Tako Yakida $2.99 $6.96
2nd 3rd Artist Birthday Sale Entire Store Lantios 40% Discount 40%
2nd 2nd Flash Sale Entire Store Valea 60% off 60%
2nd 2nd Flash Sale Entire Store ArtCollab 60% off 60%
2nd 2nd Flash Sale Entire Store Bluebird 3d 60% off 60%
2nd 2nd Flash Sale Entire Store Forbidden Whispers 60% off 60%
2nd 2nd Flash Sale Entire Store ART Collaborations 60% off 60%
1st 1st Fast Grab Angie-Lee Lesthat, Val3dart $5.99 $13.96
1st 1st Fast Grab Bonbon Sarsa, -esha- $5.69 $13.26
1st 1st Fast Grab Christmas Snowflake V4 4blueyes $4.79 $11.16
30th 1st May Platinum Club Promotion Platinum Club DAZ 3D Membership Discounts 30% Off
30th 30th Fast Grab Primrose for S4 Mada, Thorne, Sarsa $4.49 $10.46
30th 30th Fast Grab It’s a Crime! blondie9999 $4.49 $10.46
29th 29th Fast Grab Heracles for Genesis Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49 $17.46
29th 29th Fast Grab Dragon Touched for Dragon Princess Renderwelten $4.79 $11.16
29th 29th Fast Grab Paradise Songbirds Renderwelten $4.79 $11.16
28th 28th Flash Sale Entire Store SWAM 60% off 60%
28th 28th Flash Sale Entire Store Muscleman 60% off 60%
28th 28th Flash Sale Entire Store Xena 60% off 60%
28th 28th Discount Gift Cards DAZ3D Up to 16% off Up to $32 (spend $200)
28th 28th Fast Grab Retro Mini for Genesis 3DLust $6.59 $15.36
28th 28th Fast Grab Lady Dress for Genesis Cute3D $5.99 $13.96
25th 28th Fast Grab Party Dress Cute3D $4.49 $10.46
23rd 29th Weekly Freebie If You Build It – Picket Hitch Capsces Digital Ink Free* $6.95

The Springtime Lovelies and the Magic, Mystery and Mischief promotions that are on at the moment are a little complicated. Basically, if you buy one of the recent new releases, you can also get 40% off certain stores and categories — provided you buy at the same time. As there are any number of combinations for this 40% discount, and they won’t neatly fit in the table below, the best thing to do is to head to the DAZ3D store page and click on the banner for the promotion that interests you.

Same goes for the Platinum Club promotion. New and renewing members can get 30% off their membership plan of choice, but there are additional discounts for existing members. For example, 30% off selected vendor stores, plus 3 new horror bundles giving you great value on themed PC items.

There are some interesting new releases this week. I know Zev0’s Skin Builder will fly off the shelves, and I’m seriously tempted myself. I also like the look of the Luthbellina debut (name sound familiar? She’s his sister), Roll and Ball. Oh and why not get your very own Fountain of Health for free! You’ll need to add it when buying something else to get it at zero cost if not in the Platinum Club.

I’m not seeing the new PC monthly freebie up yet… maybe it will appear later today (it’s now Friday). Lantios has a birthday sale on if you are looking for some surefire lighting solutions, and check out fast grab for a huge 75% discount on 3 female character sets from FWArt — it even includes a Victoria 6 character, FW Candace.

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