Giselle 6 Released Today: Wednesday 14th May

New 3D Fairy FigureFantasy artists, get ready, because she’s here! I saw the preview thread only yesterday so it was a short wait, but this morning Giselle fluttered into the DAZ3D store. As you’d expect, she’s pretty as a picture. Fairy features suit an ethereal creature like this, for all that I dislike them on 3d women who are supposed to be more realistic. She’s also the perfect figure for fantasy make-up, and there’s plenty of that on offer for Giselle.

So, which will you choose? The Giselle 6 base figure, her Starter Bundle, or Giselle6 Pro for even more goodies? Just to make the deal even sweeter, buy any of these 3 options and you’ll get 60% off the following stores: Artemis3D, DX30, EmmaAndJordi, Renderwelten, RingoMonfort, Sickleyield, Xena.

Here’s what you get in each of the bundles (with a few comments from me… it’s hard to resist when there are so many lovely new things today):

Giselle 6 Starter Bundle

  • Base Figure with face morphs plus eye colour and makeup options
  • Iridessa — an additional fairy character with elf ears and fantasy makeup/tattoos by Silver and Countess
  • Eruanna — an additional elfin character with 2 morphs, additional face morphs and 6 makeup options by ARTCollab and Elliandra
  • Spriteling — a fresh green leaf dress with wings, gloves and necklace by Mada and Sarsa
  • Faertara — a fantasy warrior G2F / Giselle outfit which includes a circlet and a cloak, by LadyRhi and Sarsa
  • Sparkle Hair — a very pretty updo hairstyle with 18 colour options, ideal for all your Genesis 2 girls
  • Fairy Tale Poses — 25 sweet flying, lying, sitting, standing and crouching poses from Muscleman

Giselle 6 Pro Bundle

  • Base Figure with face morphs plus eye colour and makeup options
  • Characters: Iridessa and Eruanna (as above) PLUS Zyra — an additional fairy character with 20 makeup options by Silver and Countess; Bambi — a sweet and gentle fae with flower-inspired makeup and accessorized with earrings, by FWArt
  • Outfits: Spriteling and Faertara (as above) PLUS Pixium Dress — an elvish dress with an organic, petal-like appearance by Neftis3D; Elven Grove — a leather corset and pants (leggings) combo with fantasy Medieval styling from Bobbie25 and Sarsa; Fairy Wings — those essential butterfly-like wings for Giselle, with pose morphs and 5 textures, also by Bobbie25 and Sarsa
  • Hair: Sparkle Hair (as above) PLUS Romance Hair — a lovely, long style with flower detail and 12 colour options; Bloomingwood Hair — a double bun with flower circlet and absolutely packed with colour options by EmmaAndJordi
  • Poses: Fairy Tale Poses (as above) PLUS Delicate Poses for Giselle 6 — 20 gentle fairy poses showing off Giselle’s light and nimble frame, by Val3dart

And.. Get 50% Off these Texture Sets

  • Outfits: Spriteling Textures — 4 gorgeous textures by Sarsa for that leafy dress (I have to have these!); Faertara Textures — 4 eye-catching textures also by Sarsa for this detailed fantasy outfit; Elven Grove Outfit Textures — Sarsa does it again, and I adore her mix-and-max fabric and textures which give you 4 elegant new options for Elven Grove
  • Hair: Vibrant Romance — Silver gives you an incredible 70 new hair texture options for magical and realistic hair shading of Romance Hair

More Magical New Stuff for Giselle6

Also brand new and launching with Giselle are (in no particular order, except that I started with the more fairy/fantasy-like releases):

  • Mystic Giselle 6 by Sickleyield
  • Giselle6 Carrara Shaders by RingoMonfort
  • Xandria Hair, Elven Forehead Pieces and Coqueta expressions by EmmaAndJordi
  • Wicked Queen character and Wicked Queen Outfit by Xena
  • Naaru Giselle 6 character by Artemis3D
  • RW Ginny Giselle 6 character by Renderwelten
  • Rope Sandals 2 (for G2F but have a nice fantasy look) by dx30
  • Lany Shoes, Cross Monokini and Florida Hair (all for G2F) by Nikisatez

There are multi-buy savings on the above unbundled releases, so make your own bundle with them and save up to 45% off full retail price.

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