So You Want to Sell Your 3D Content?

Ever thought about becoming a 3D content creator? Maybe even professionally, selling your models via a site like DAZ3D, Hivewire 3D or Renderosity?

I know I have. Ever since I became involved with hobbyist 3D art, I’ve been drawn to the creating side of things. Firstly, I enjoy the challenge of getting stuck in and learning something new. Working with digital models appealed strongly to that part of me that wants to be creative but combine that with exploring new ways of doing things. And then of course it makes the budget go that much further if you can create some of what you need. Get good enough and you can go make exactly what you wanted, instead of hunting around and making do.

At the same time, I’m a firm believer in supporting my favourite artists as and when I can… and they certainly keep up an almost constant stream of temptation! It’s partly because I’ve come to admire many of them and be inspired by what they produce that I too want to make that leap.

I know this is not an easy path. I’ve read a number of different viewpoints from successful vendors and those who have been in the past. None of them glossed over the frustrations. Even if I’d had the skill, I don’t think I’d have been ready 5 years ago for the rejection or negative feedback that is part and parcel of this. Still less the heartache of 10 stolen copies for every honest product sale.

I’d like to think I’m ready now. Because this is what I love to do and I’ve worked my socks off on my first product. I submitted it for consideration yesterday. Now I have to move on to the next idea, and the next, until I hit on something that fits with what the 3D content brokers want to sell.

I can’t work at the speed of a veteran creator with a decade of experience, but I know even the people I admire most had to start somewhere. In any case, each model I work on gives me more experience, so even if this takes time I’m determined to stick at it.

If you too want to explore selling your models, here are some links that will help you out. These marketplaces are for models for pro and hobbyist users of DAZ Studio and Poser, but DAZ3D is the primary DAZ Studio marketplace and the others have stronger followings among Poser users.

Become a Published Artist at DAZ3D (earn a 50% share of income)
Become a Contributing Artist at Hivewire3D (earn a 60% share for exclusives, 45% for non-exclusives)
Become a Seller / Vendor at Renderosity (earn a 50% share of income) — additional useful information here
Become a Broker at Runtime DNA

If you are happy to work with and for Poser only, you can also look into selling via Content Paradise.

Good luck and let me know how you get on!

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