Countdown 2 Summer: Day 2 (21st May 2014)

Freebie Grain Silo and Water PumpLots of great new stuff in store today! I can’t wait to tell you about it. Remember that purchases of new releases these months (excluding the Platinum Club $1.99 items) will earn you ‘punches’… which in turn earn you discounts on the future release of Aiko 6 and other new products.

Remember too that there’s a Freebie Flashback promotion on all month. I know there have been some grumbles from long-time PC members that these are things they already own. It’s no fun feeling excluded. However, for me, this was the second day I picked up a freebie that I’d missed the first time round. So it is worth checking each day, especially if you are new to the Platinum Club or haven’t joined yet. In any case, there’s a brand-new weekly freebie today too.

While it might appear like there’s a glitch, I’ve checked and Aave Nainen really is offering her brand new product (Everyday Wardrobe: Jeans and Shirt) at 90% off. So buy without guilt, and get 60% off the rest of her store (‘New’ items excluded) if you buy at the same time. Thanks Aave for a fantastic offer as well as a versatile new product! (Psst, you also earn a discount on the new DAZ Dragon 3 when you buy Jeans and Shirt.)

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 21st

I haven’t quite figured out what’s going on with the weekly and monthly freebies during Freebie Flashback. It looks like today’s Silo might be a weekly freebie, but don’t delay if you want it just in case it’s a 24 hour one.

Quick Links
Fast Grab page for all of today’s fast grab 70% discounts.
Current Promotions page for all current promotions.

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
1st 31st Monthly Freebie Robot Rem petipet Free for PC $16.95
21st 27th Weekly Freebie DAZ Water Pump and Grain Silo KRAIG Free $16.95
21st 21st Daily Freebie Sushi Time One blondie9999 Free $14.95
21st 21st Horse Category Horse Themed Items Various Various 60%
21st 21st Flash Sale Entire Store DraagonStorm Various 60%
21st 21st Artist Sale Everyday Wardrobe Jeans and Shirt Aave Nainen $3.00 $26.95
21st 21st Multibuy with Jeans and Shirt Entire Store Aave Nainen Various 60%
21st 21st Fast Grab Stephanie 4 Pro Bundle DAZ3D $29.99 $69.96
21st 21st Fast Grab The Girl 4 Pro Bundle DAZ3D $29.99 $69.96
21st 21st Fast Grab Forest Scout -esha- $7.49 $17.46
21st 21st Fast Grab Genesis Scout Bobbie25, Sarsa $7.49 $17.46
21st 21st Fast Grab Genesis Scout Textures Sarsa $2.99 $6.96
21st 21st Fast Grab Aiden for M5 Morris $5.99 $13.96
19th 21st Stonemason Multibuy Store (not PC/Value Items) Stonemason Various Up to 55%
17th 21st Retro and Pin-Up Purchase with new release Various Up to 45% Off 40-45%
17th 21st Fast Grab S3 and FREAK shapes for Genesis DAZ3D $5.99 $13.96
5th 21st Fast Grab Female Anatomy Bundle DAZ3D $29.99 $69.96
5th 21st Fast Grab Male Anatomy Bundle DAZ3D $29.99 $69.96

New Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 21st

    Countdown 2 Summer promotion releases: (click for promotion page in store)

  • Rock and Grass Bundle by Age of Armour and DimensionTheory. You know when these two pair up, the result is going to be something special. These shaders have all kinds of clever features. They are packed with presets and include props, terrains and two full scenes: one rural and the other of asteroids. You only get these extras with the bundle and it works out as good value too, however you can also buy each of the Rock Shader and Grass Shader products separately.
  • Nature’s Variance Shaders and Props by DimensionTheory. I love the look of this ingenious shader which again is from one of the most innovative creators around. In this set you get plants and flower patches, along with shaders that will introduce some natural (and seasonal) variation into your foliage. I have only one thing to say… Mine!
  • The Looking Glass by PandyGirl. This one is not one but an entire set of portal mirrors, complete with a ‘room’ set that can be transformed from indoor to a rockface with stepping stones and ivy. Far more options than you might think at a glance, so do take a closer look.
  • Hagen Hair (G2F) by Nikisatez. A nice, sleek looking hairstyle with flipped ends. Stylish and fun, it could be what you need to complete your hair collection.
  • Ear Cuffs and Wraps by EmmaAndJordi. This vendor duo is a force to be reckoned with in the fantasy genre. If you bought Giselle, she’ll look fantastic in these delicate ear adornments. But they will also fit your other figures, so no need to be restricted to fairies.
  • Wicked Zig Zag Dress by Xena. An HD (high definition) mesh means this dress will be a head-turner on your G2F girls. It supports the full range of Genesis 2 female shapes, including Aiko6.
    Other new releases today:

  • Everyday Wardrobe for G2F Jeans and Shirt by Aave Nainen.
  • A generous birthday promotion by Aave gives this product a low price, but don’t be fooled — it’s a quality set of 3 clothing items with Aave’s clever match-to-pose draping morphs. It’s probably well worth the full price. At the current $3 it’s unmissable!

Platinum Club Releases: Wednesday 21st

  • Crocus by -esha-. A sweet potted flower with lots of options to add a pretty touch to your interior scenes.
  • Shadow Play Poser Lights by ForbiddenWhispers. Now Poser users can enjoy these lights with their gobo projection effect.
  • Wretched for Spirit of Punk by ForbiddenWhispers. Letting you add a whole new look to that amazing steampunk train so many of us grabbed last October.
  • Honorable Swordsman by Laksmi. Two new texture sets to breathe new life into your Adventurer Outfit for Genesis and G2M.

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