Dare You Stay at this Digital Motel? (Countdown2Summer Day 5-6)

Day 5 of the early summer promotion and today’s big release is the Motel Bundle by Bluebird 3d. Also available separately as a Motel Room, Motel Bathroom, the exterior Motel, and a lighting pack. Rundown, a little bit creepy, this is a set for all that shady business your characters have in mind. Not to mention a low-budget getaway for teens and students on road trips.

Also new today is the Darcy Outfit for Genesis 2 female characters by Xena. It includes boots with killer heels, but this pretty outfit could also be paired with summer sandals like those -esha- makes for a more everyday look.

Further new releases are listed below. Sunday saw the addition of a new Luthbel outfit which is every bit as detailed and fully featured as his fans expect. But if these and the other new offerings don’t appeal to you, or even if they do, there’s still a chance to get a juicy discount on other items in the store.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: May 24th-25th

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See Fast Grab — limited time discounts mean you pay only 30% of the full price.
Current Promotions is the place to get official details for store promotions, e.g. what’s included in multibuy discounts and what rewards you can earn.

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
1st 31st Monthly Freebie Robot Rem petipet Free for PC $16.95
21st 27th Weekly Freebie DAZ Water Pump and Grain Silo KRAIG Free $16.95
25th 25th Daily Freebie Factory Robot Valandar Free $7.95
25th 25th Daily Freebie Punching Bags Valandar Free $6.95
24th 24th Daily Freebie Cleave Valandar Free $8.95
24th 24th Flash Sale Entire Store MindVision G.D.S. 60% off 50%
23rd 24th 40% Off for Previous Faveral Buyers Wine Cellar Faveral $17.97 $11.98
23rd 25th Fast Grab EdmonD Vampire Character Neftis3D $5.99 $13.96
23rd 25th Fast Grab Pretty Tailor Hair Neftis3D $4.49 $10.46
23rd 25th Fast Grab Jayden Fever Hairstyle Neftis3D $4.49 $10.46
23rd 25th Fast Grab Guillaume Hair Neftis3D $4.49 $10.46
23rd 25th Fast Grab Orianne Hair Neftis3D $4.49 $10.46
23rd 25th Fast Grab Historical Curls Neftis3D $3.89 $9.06
22nd 25th Fast Grab Starla Hair Colors SWAM $3.89 $9.06
21st 25th Artist Sale Everyday Wardrobe Jeans and Shirt Aave Nainen $3.00 $26.95
21st 25th Multibuy with Jeans and Shirt Entire Store Aave Nainen Various 60%

Fast Grab is now on the weekend selection so is the same as yesterday and likely to stay the same tomorrow. It’s still worth checking the site (or here) for daily sales though, as there can be some good Flash Sales on Saturdays and Sundays.

There’s also a new, bigger introductory discount on that Wine Cellar from yesterday, making it more affordable to own one of Faveral‘s 3d works of art. (It has to be in your cart to see the discount.)

And of course there’s a new freebie in the Freebie Flashback today. Valandar‘s Cleave is terrifying but I’ll get it all the same — who knows when it could come in useful?

New Today on DAZ3D: Saturday 24th

    Countdown 2 Summer promotion releases: (click for promotion page in store)

  • Motel by Bluebird 3d. Buy as separate packs of a bedroom interior bathroom interior, exterior set, and light presets. Or go for a great value bundle pack of all four.
  • Darcy Outfit for Genesis 2 Females by Xena and Darcy Outfit Textures by Sarsa. Skirt, long-sleeved top with tie detail, and high-heeled boots. Give this cute outfit 4 additional looks with Sarsa’s textures.
  • i13 100 Essential Expressions for Michael 6 by ironman13. The prolific ironman13 is back once again, with a very useful set of expressions for all Michael 6 owners.
  • OOT Styles for Attilus Marauder by outoftouch. If you have the Genesis 2 outfit Attilus Marauder, take a look at these new textures for what could be the ultimate tough guy outfit.
  • Clara Collection by Nikisatez. This is a set of striking jewelry/jewellery for Genesis 2 women. A sparkly stone contrasts with different metal and ribbon options in a pendant, bangle, ring and earrings set.

New Today on DAZ3D: Sunday 25th

  • Wildenlander HD for Genesis 2 Males by Luthbel. Amazing detail on this multi-piece warrior outfit.
  • Sci-Fi Industrial Colony by Dexsoft-Games. A set of 5 buildings with lighting and camera presets.
  • Outlaw of the Ring Outfit for Genesis 2 Females by tentman. Wrestling costume, which includes an eye patch (also great for your pirates!)
  • NightHeart for Genesis 2 Females by 3DLust and NightHeart Outfit Textures by -esha-. Clubwear with additional texture options.
  • Boudoir Heels by Nikisatez, with 15 colour choices.

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