Spring Cleaning Has Never Been More Fun! Up to 86% Off

Oh DAZ3D, how you brighten a Monday morning. A surprise ‘spring cleaning’ sale gives discounts of 60% (72% for Platinum Club members, and the sale includes non-PC products) on over 400 Genesis items. That’s not all… there’s an enormous 80% off Victoria4 and Michael4 stuff. For PC members, that’s an 86% discount (I’ve put it in red because it’s the biggest saving I’ve ever seen) — which means they are practically giving it away! (If you are not yet in the Platinum Club, today’s a good day to join.) There are almost 1000 products in the V4 section and 251 for M4.

Remember, things like hair and clothes for Genesis will work (for the most part) well on Genesis 2 (generation 6). Outfits with the exception of long skirts (ditto cloaks or other long, flowing things) for V4/M4 will auto-fit to Genesis with few problems.

If you own the Genesis Generation X2 and its add-on for Genesis2, Michael 4 for G2M by Slosh, or Victoria 4 for G2F by MallenLane, you have the ability to use V4 and/or M4 content on your Genesis 2 figures, including skin textures and clothing.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Monday 26th

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A selection of models with a 70% discount, often changing daily: Fast Grab.
Want to know the ins and outs of today’s sales, including promo images for products, your reward points tally (you’ll need to be logged-in) and any rules on what you can or can’t get? Take a look at Current Promotions.

There are 3 freebies today in the Freebie Flashback promotion that changes daily. They include more of Valandar’s handy props, the barn you’ll need to complete your rustic farm from KRAIG, and a beautifully-detailed art deco era bed from Jack Tomalin. Pick them up here.

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
1st 31st Monthly Freebie Robot Rem petipet Free for PC $16.95
21st 27th Weekly Freebie DAZ Water Pump and Grain Silo KRAIG Free $16.95
26th 26th Daily Freebie Deco Bed 1 Jack Tomalin Free $16.95
26th 26th Daily Freebie DAZ Barn KRAIG Free $14.95
26th 26th Daily Freebie Crowns for Genesis Valandar Free $6.95
26th 26th Category Sale 442 Genesis Items Various Various 60% (72% PC)
26th 26th Category Sale 971 Victoria4 Items Various Various 80% (86% PC)
26th 26th Category Sale 251 Michael4 Items Various Various 80% (86% PC)
26th 26th Fast Grab Genesis Anime Starter Bundle DAZ3D $14.99 $34.96
26th 26th Fast Grab Genesis Supersuit DAZ3D $10.49 $14.46
26th 26th Fast Grab Xandra for Genesis xenic101, Orion1167 $5.09 $11.86
26th 26th Fast Grab M5 Photographic Poses Muscleman $3.89 $9.06
22nd 26th Fast Grab Starla Hair Colors SWAM $3.89 $9.06

New Today on DAZ3D: Monday 26th

    Countdown 2 Summer promotion releases: (click for promotion page in store)
    Today’s new selection is all clothing, and all for Genesis 2 Female and the other G2 women and girls. You’ll save 51% on the regular price if you are in the Platinum Club, or 30% if you are not.

  • Strappy Party Dress by 3DLust and Strappy Party Dress Textures by Shox-Design. This naughty dress is strappy by name and strappy by nature. Get extra variety with the texture pack and the girls will be ready to paint the town red.
  • Sexy Skirt and Halter and its Textures by Xena. Add 11 latex looks to this barely-there outfit, or just stick with the black-and-red original. Either way, this is a revealing look.
  • Back to Business Outfit for G2F by Bobbie24 and Sarsa, and Back to Business Textures by Sarsa. I’m not sure which country’s women dress like this for work, but that aside it’s an interesting, multi-layered outfit. Short but detailed, and includes strappy heels. As always, Sarsa does a nice job on providing some alternative textures.

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