PC Treats This Week, Plus Even More Spring Cleaning Discounts

Countdown 2 Summer continues today — you’ll find details of new treats further down this post. Remember to check the Freebie Flashback section too! And I hope you’re making the most of these huge sales on Vicky4 and Mike4’s characters, clothes and everything else DAZ has kindly thrown in. After all, who doesn’t love 80% off?

Be careful though with those characters who also state V5 — I bought a couple myself so I could use them with Genesis 2 Female characters, who can use the V5 UV set. However… it’s the shape that’s for V5 and the discounted characters use a V4 skin UV set. This isn’t actually made clear anywhere, after all it wasn’t an issue at the time these morph and texture sets were released. Maybe it’s best to assume that if it’s deeply discounted, it probably won’t work with G2F (if you don’t have MallenLane’s V4 clone). On the bright side, the two Raiya characters I bought have lovely skin materials that apply like a dream to Genesis. I use both generations so they will still see some good use.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 29th

Quick Links
Fast Grab is the go-to page for regular 70% off deals.
The Current Promotions page is where you can keep an eye on your punch (reward point) tally, rewards earned, and get the necessary information on refund exclusions and related discounts.
Every day you’ll find at least 1 digital model giveaway in Freebie Flashback. This is in addition to the usual weekly and Platinum Club freebies.

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
1st 31st Monthly Freebie Robot Rem petipet Free for PC $16.95
28th 3rd June Weekly Freebie Flails of Power Valandar Free $6.95
29th 29th Daily Freebie Outdoor Fun Tossing Games ARTCollab Free $8.95
29th 29th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items -esha- Various 80%
29th 29th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items Orestes Graphics Various 80%
29th 29th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items IgnisSerpentus Various 80%
28th 29th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items Raiya Various 80%
28th 29th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items RawArt Various 80%
28th 29th Artist Sale Entire Store Mighty Mestophales Various 40%
26th 28th Category Sale 971 Victoria4 Items Various Various 80% (86% PC)
26th 28th Category Sale 251 Michael4 Items Various Various 80% (86% PC)
27th 29th Fast Grab Pure Hair Punk DAZ3D $2.69 $10.46
22nd 29th Fast Grab Starla Hair Colors SWAM $3.89 $9.06

New Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 29th

    Countdown 2 Summer promotion releases: (click for promotion page in store)

  • Studio Light PRO DS4.6 by Dreamlight. Lighting solutions artist Dreamlight makes it simple to get a professionally lit scene. One look at the promos and I was sold…
  • Dark Skin Merchant Resource Kit (V6) by ForbiddenWhispers and JSGraphics. There has always been a lack of choice in dark skins, but worry no more because now you can create your own! As this is a merchant resource, as long as you sufficiently alter the base skin and make a unique character, you are also able to sell your finished creation.
  • Roman Doric Forum Starter Bundle by KRAIG. Two classic Roman buildings bundled in one product. Now you can recreate history your way!
  • Genesis Musicians Brass Players for V5 and M5 by Don Albert. A huge number of poses accompany the brass instrument props in this pack — including horseback ones! From marching bands to military reenactment, it’s all possible.
  • Jewel for G2F by 3DCelebrity. A new character which you can use on your G2F base figure (she’s free) and the other female characters in the Genesis 2 family.
  • Safyrana Hair by outoftouch. This is an ethereal looking hairstyle that would work well on Giselle and other fantasy girls. It has a pretty flower wreath. Fits generations 6 and 4 — but not 5 (Genesis).
  • Sadie Dress by Kaleya and WildDesigns. This is a partnership to watch — I love the look of their latest creation! A very creative ruffled dress with corset for Genesis 2 girls.
  • Dragon 3 Wing Membrane Expansion by RedHoodoo. A geo-grafted add-on for your DAZ Dragon 3 to increase realism and give you more options.

New to Platinum Club: Thursday 29th

The PC new additions appeared late in my time-zone yesterday, so I’ve added them today instead.

  • Wanderer by Sarsa is a texture add-on that will work with your Adventurer Outfit, whether for Genesis or Genesis 2 Male.
  • Awesome Fantasy Eyes by ForbiddenWhispers give you exotic and exciting effects for your Genesis 2 characters’ eyes. Lists V6 as a required product.
  • Rama Drums Add-On by Ravnheart brings glam new looks to the recent drum set release.
  • West Park Administration Level is classic Jack Tomalin work allowing you to extend West Park with this new set.
  • Summer Pleats by Moyra is my favourite release this week. Gorgeous texture work for that little Neat Pleats outfit. The skirt in the original clothing model is tiny, but that aside this is a fun outfit that now has many beautiful options. I love it!

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