Weekend Fun with 3D Warrior Girl Gia6

It’s about time Gia 6 got some attention. After her moment of glory back when she was released last year, she’s had to step into the shadows while luscious Olympia, wide-eyed Teen Josie, sassy Stephanie and dainty Giselle all burst onto the scene. But the one 3d girl you wouldn’t win a fight with (no, not even you) is on sale this weekend. Her Pro Bundle can be yours with a 40% discount (more for PC members) and there will be related products going on sale for half price too.

Just one freebie today, but it’s one that you’ll find yourself using over and over if you do contemporary renders. Yes, it’s the Modern Bed 2 which is the neat version. Look out for Modern Bed 1 if you are the messy type who leaves the covers rumpled… maybe it will be a future giveaway in this promotion?

Even more artists have been added to the Victoria 4 and Michael 4 sale. Be sure to stock up — prices have never been so good!

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Friday 30th

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Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
1st 31st Monthly Freebie Robot Rem petipet Free for PC $16.95
28th 3rd June Weekly Freebie Flails of Power Valandar Free $6.95
30th 30th Daily Freebie Modern Bed 2 Jack Tomalin Free $16.95
30th 1st June Character Discount Gia6 Pro Bundle DAZ3D $74.97 / $52.48 PC 50% (58% PC)
30th 1st June Category Sale Gia Related Items Various Various 50%
30th 30th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items FWArt Various 80%
30th 30th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items Virtual_World Various 80%
29th 30th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items -esha- Various 80%
29th 30th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items Orestes Graphics Various 80%
29th 30th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items IgnisSerpentus Various 80%
28th 30th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items Raiya Various 80%
28th 30th Artist Sale M4/V4 Items RawArt Various 80%
26th 30th Category Sale 971 Victoria4 Items Various Various 80% (86% PC)
26th 30th Category Sale 251 Michael4 Items Various Various 80% (86% PC)
30th 1st June Fast Grab Tavern Keeper Bobbie25 $7.49 $17.46
30th 1st June Fast Grab Tavern Maid Bobbie25 $7.49 $17.46
30th 1st June Fast Grab Paradise Bird Hair DAZ3D $7.49 $17.46
30th 1st June Fast Grab Clothing Cleavage Modifier Xena $5.99 $13.96
30th 1st June Fast Grab Genesis Tavern Maid Textures Sarsa $4.49 $10.46
30th 1st June Fast Grab Bartender for Tavern Keeper Sarsa $3.89 $9.06
27th 30th Fast Grab Pure Hair Punk DAZ3D $2.69 $10.46
22nd 30th Fast Grab Starla Hair Colors SWAM $3.89 $9.06

New Today on DAZ3D: Friday 30th

    Countdown 2 Summer promotion releases: (click for promotion page in store)

  • REAL Hairy by M3. Adds realistic body hair where you want it on Genesis 2 Male. This will be jumping into carts today, I predict.
  • Zachariah for Genesis 2 Male by Amaranth and Shox-Design. Are you ready to go Steampunk? Here’s your starter pack: an outfit, hat, googles and other accessories with 5 different, richly-detailed looks!
  • Fairy Queen Dynamic Royal Dress by SimonWM and OptiTex. One for the animation enthusiasts and professionals. It includes special rigs to work with all the recent additions to the Genesis 2 Female family.
  • Jenny Hair for G2F and V4 by SWAM. Here’s a modern hairstyle that will add some variety to your contemporary scenes. Lots of morphs and 5 shades. Get another 20 colours with the Jenny Hair Color texture pack.
  • Sexy Girl Dress for G2F by Cute3D and Sexy Girl Dress Textures by Shox-Design. Packed with morph adjustments, this dress should be a perfect fit for Genesis 2 girls in all their shapes and sizes. It also comes with a variety of textures for plenty of choice, but I recommend you take a look at the 6 detailed add-on textures for some head-turning styles.
  • Svengar for Gianni6 by Saiyaness. Svengar features impressive character work to transform Gianni into a realistic-looking action hero whose face tells a story.
  • Poses and Clothing Textures for Eclypse by Design Anvil. She’s such a cutie, and now Eclypse just got even more adorable. Some very nice texture work paired with sassy poses. Who can resist this toon girl now?

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