New This Weekend: Genesis2 Goes Sci-Fi

A quick post to give you a summary of the deals and new releases this sunny weekend. Two more vendors joined the great Spring Cleaning sale on Victoria and Michael 4 characters, clothing and hair. You can now find Silver and Muscleman products included.

In the Countdown2Summer promotion, we see new releases with a sci-fi twist (a nice change from the usual weekend ‘skimpwear’ — you know, those clingy, barely-there outfits for female characters).

While I’m normally DAZ3D’s biggest fan, I think it’s a real shame they haven’t fixed the Gia 6 promotion to weed out the products that just happened to have ‘gia’ somewhere in the name, and shouldn’t be there. However, if you own Gia, in theory everything in that selection should attract an extra discount for you.

On the other hand, picking up Vicky 4 and Mike 4 products at 80% off remains one of the best deals ever, especially if you can get them to work well with Genesis and G2F/G2M.

On Sale This Weekend on DAZ3D: Sat 31st May – Sun 1st June

Quick Links
The Fast Grab usually stay the same all weekend, but if you’ve arrived here on a different date then this link will show you the current Fast Grab offers — snap them up for 30% of their usual selling price.
The Countdown2Summer promotion continues into June. You can see what’s new and what you’ve earned on the Current Promotions page.
The Freebie Flashback page is for the freebie giveaway. ‘Free’ doesn’t mean inferior, this is all great stuff and well worth picking up. This section changes daily.

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
1st 31st Monthly Freebie Robot Rem petipet Free for PC $16.95
28th 3rd June Weekly Freebie Flails of Power Valandar Free $6.95
31st 31st Daily Freebie Moon Lander 2 petipet Free $16.95
1st 1st Daily Freebie DVDs and Stand Valandar Free $16.95
1st 1st Artist Sale M4/V4 Items Thorne Various 80%
31st 1st June Artist Sale M4/V4 Items Silver Various 80%
31st 1st June Artist Sale M4/V4 Items Muscleman Various 80%
30th 1st June Character Discount Gia6 Pro Bundle DAZ3D $74.97 / $52.48 PC 50% (58% PC)
30th 1st June Category Sale Gia Related Items Various Various 50%
30th 1st June Artist Sale M4/V4 Items FWArt Various 80%
30th 1st June Artist Sale M4/V4 Items Virtual_World Various 80%
29th 1st June Artist Sale M4/V4 Items -esha- Various 80%
29th 1st June Artist Sale M4/V4 Items Orestes Graphics Various 80%
29th 1st June Artist Sale M4/V4 Items IgnisSerpentus Various 80%
28th 1st June Artist Sale M4/V4 Items Raiya Various 80%
28th 1st June Artist Sale M4/V4 Items RawArt Various 80%
26th 1st June Category Sale 971 Victoria4 Items Various Various 80% (86% PC)
26th 1st June Category Sale 251 Michael4 Items Various Various 80% (86% PC)
30th 1st June Fast Grab Tavern Keeper Bobbie25 $7.49 $17.46
30th 1st June Fast Grab Tavern Maid Bobbie25 $7.49 $17.46
30th 1st June Fast Grab Paradise Bird Hair DAZ3D $7.49 $17.46
30th 1st June Fast Grab Clothing Cleavage Modifier Xena $5.99 $13.96
30th 1st June Fast Grab Genesis Tavern Maid Textures Sarsa $4.49 $10.46
30th 1st June Fast Grab Bartender for Tavern Keeper Sarsa $3.89 $9.06
27th 1st June Fast Grab Pure Hair Punk DAZ3D $2.69 $10.46
22nd 1st June Fast Grab Starla Hair Colors SWAM $3.89 $9.06

New This Weekend on DAZ3D: Sat 31st May – Sun 1st June

    Countdown 2 Summer promotion releases: (click for promotion page in store)


  • XTech Bundle for Genesis 2 Females by ElorOnceDark. This sci-fi bundle includes a full sci-fi outfit with accessories and a weapon, plus the dreadlocked ponytail hair. Or buy separately if you just want the hair (it’s worth buying the bundle if you want the outfit, as it’s only a dollar more even at full price).
  • CyberXTech Bundle by Arien gives the above outfit and hair some eye-catching new looks. Again, there’s also the choice of hair textures or clothing textures only.
  • IR-XTech Poses by ElorOnceDark and InfinityRain. To complement your new XTech outfit, these are action poses for sci-fi women.
  • LoREZ 14MU Worker Bundle by Predatron. If it’s by Predatron, you know it will be good, and this will be a welcome addition to his LoREZ range of low-resolution 3D assets. You get not just an outfit (which alone looks impressive) but the entire low-rez figures, one male and one female, plus poses. Or you can just get the female figure in her outfit as a separate, lower-cost item.
  • 14 MU Outpost by Predatron. A complete set: rocky landscape, sky backgrounds, light sets, and 3 full sci-fi buildings. Great texture work comes as standard with Predatron products too, making this a must-have for sci-fi artists.
  • 14MU Buildings Bundle by Predatron. Giving you good value in this pairing of the above new Outpost model with the already released 14MU Link Chamber.
  • Bounty Character for Giselle6 by Morris. I love this girl’s feline looks. She has both a shape and a new texture for you to use with Giselle6, plus some amazing make-up options. Oh and you get a light preset, a pose, and a whole new texture for the XTech outfit too. Good things come in small packages!
  • Premium Portrait Poses II by MindVision G.D.S. Because portrait poses will always come in handy. These 12 poses are for G2F characters.


  • Everyday Moves by Posermocap. A premium collection of aniblocks and animations. Real motion capture brings your characters to life. These work with both Genesis and the two Genesis 2 genders.
  • The Swamp by midnight_stories. Whether you want a swamp by day or by night, this environment creates the ideal setting for your scenes. A choice of preload scenes and lots of props and textures let you get just the look you need.
  • Renesmel Hair by EmmaAndJordi. A cute, mid-length hairstyle with a soft and convincing hairband. I like the slightly uneven look to this, which makes it more realistic. You also of course get colour options for the hair and the band.
  • Spicy Jumpsuit for G2F by Nikisatez. One for those of you who like revealing outfits… This creative jumpsuit shows plenty of flesh.
  • Casual Romper for G2F by Slosh. A one-piece shorts and top outfit, but the accessories make it that little bit special. Includes sandals, beads, bangles and 4 texture choices.
  • GNBD Honey Vol 1 by Giko. Something a bit different. These dripping honey models are in .obj format if you want to use them in DAZ Studio, and can also be used in ZBrush and Poser. Add your own textures — don’t limit yourself to honey either.
  • Sensual Pose Collection by ironman13. Poses for Victoria 6… the name says it all.

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