Aiko 6 is Here! Buy a Bundle or Make Your Own?

Let’s give Aiko6 a warm welcome! This popular girl has been going strong for 4 generations now, but with a new look each time. It’s a fine balancing act for DAZ3D to come up with something fresh and exciting without alienating Aiko’s legions of fans from previous generations. Have they pulled it off this time? I think so, but take a look at lovely Aiko 6 and make up your own mind.

One thing’s for certain: this long-legged beauty is a real doll! Her Asian-inspired features are strongly highlighted with her makeup, making her a little less sweet and giving the impression that this girl has plenty of fight in her.

If you’ve been collecting punches from the Countdown2Summer promotion, you’ll know you get a discount on Aiko and her bundles. Platinum Club members also get the extra PC discount. Even with no reward points or PC membership, you can still pick her up today with a 30% discount.

As usual, you have the choice between just the base figure, or a good value Aiko 6 Starter Bundle to give you some hair, clothing and poses. And of course there is the Aiko Pro Bundle if you want the most for your money. Not sure which to choose? Well, why don’t we take a closer look to find out what’s in each?

Aiko 6 Starter Bundle

  • Base Figure with 6 body and head shapes, plus 6 eye colour and 8 makeup options
  • Riven — a classic Silver and Countess character with sultry looks and optional Asian-inspired tattoos.
  • Bow Skirt — adding a touch of Lolita fashion, this sleeveless dress with a large bow also features a cute net overlayer on the skirt. Lots of material options and loads of fits for all the female shapes. It’s maximum cuteness from Cute3D!
  • Essina Outfit — here’s the fantasy warrior outfit with high-heeled boots and teeny-tiny top, which we’d all expect with an Aiko release. Rich in detail, both in Xena’s modelling and Sarsa’s texturing.
  • Janna Hair — a lovely hairstyle from SWAM, bridging the gap between realism and fantasy perfectly. I can see this being very versatile for all your Genesis 2 female characters, not just Aiko. Especially with those 25 different colour options — impressive!
  • Asian Prop Set — Bobbie25 and Sarsa have again teamed up to bring you those oriental lanterns and katana swords without which an Eastern render would not be complete!
  • Essential Aiko Poses — blondie9999 brings us 16 poses for Aiko, with the emphasis on showing off her fun and upbeat personality as she waves, chats and walks.

Aiko 6 Pro Bundle

  • Base Figure with 6 body and head shapes, plus 6 eye colour and 8 makeup options
  • Characters: Riven (as above) PLUS FW Lin — an Asian beauty by FWArt (you’ll need Aiko for the shape but can use the skin materials on any G2F character); Lotus — from Silver and Countess, a sweet character who can go from bare-faced beauty to enchanting floral fantasy makeup (again, you need A6 for the shaping but the textures will work on G2F)
  • Outfits: Bow Skirt and Essina Outfit (as above) PLUS Cyria — a latex-look sci-fi outfit with fastener details, glasses and boots by LadyRhi; Capricornia — long sleeves and shoulder detail meet a very skimpy top, teamed with full leggings and flat boots and from Bobbie25 and Sarsa
  • Hair: Janna Hair (as above) PLUS Miwa Anime Hair — fun pig-tailed hairstyle in realistic and fantasy colours by goldtassel; Hikari Hair — a sleek, anime-inspired hairstyle by Valea
  • Poses: Essential Aiko Poses (as above) PLUS Capsces Aiko 6 Poses — 25 fun-packed poses in the pin-up style; Sweet Girl Poses — 19 poses of an Aiko who’s still poised but a little more demure and shy, by Diane

More Head-Turning New Stuff for Aiko6

Even better, Aiko brings with her some unbundled goodies which can be found on the new releases page:

  • Monsterina Bundle by Silver and DemonicaEvilius is the most fun outfit to hit the store — crazy fuzzy monster hood, fun outfit and fantasy makeup turn your new Aiko into an adorable monster! You can also buy the Rawr! outfit and the Monsterina character separately. Grrr for Rawr! gives you additional textures for the outfit in 4 fun colours, from Artemis3d.
  • Lotus Flower by ForbiddenWhispers and FWDesign is a mythical character designed for Aiko 6 and features an unusual head dress, alongside a whole range of dramatic and realistic makeup options. An enchanting and very different character, this one, with the closest I’ve seen to genuine Geisha makup options too.
  • Lyric Hair brings AprilYSH styling to Aiko with a ringlet style hair prop that features an optional veil and flower. Full of movement and colour options.
  • Aiko6 Battle Girl character by Chinchbug combines an android character with poses. Creepy but clever, take a look at the promos to see the full range of what this one offers.
  • Fab Faces for Aiko 6 by 3DCelebrity is the ultimate way to get many distinctive looks for your Aiko with just a click — there are 30 in all
  • BWC Look at Me is a Sedor pose collection that gives you 15 more sassy options for Aiko
  • Bow Skirt Textures from Shox-Design gives you extra mileage from that starter bundle dress, with 6 flirty textures
  • Essina Outfit Textures by Sarsa will give you 4 fantastic new looks for Aiko’s outfit by Xena
  • Capricornia Textures by Sarsa do the same for Bobbie25’s outfit
  • Vibrant Hikari Colors by Silver is the way to get 70 stunning looks from one hairstyle
  • OverKnee Stretch Boots by dx30 will show off Aiko’s endless legs, and fit other G2F girls too

With multi-buy savings on the above unbundled releases, you can get up to 50% off each! You’ll need to buy 3 or more for that saving, but even if you just buy 2 you can save 40% (up from the introductory 30%) so you’ll still win. You also get 40% off other items in the participating artists’ stores.

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