Meet Willow, Arguably the Cutest New Girl in Town :)

3d toon girlListen up, 3D fans, because I’ve got something exciting to share. While I just blogged about the gorgeous Aiko 6 who has now hit the DAZ3D store (you can find out what’s in her bundles and other launch products in my Aiko unbundled post), Aiko’s not the only digital sweetheart who’s new in town.

Hivewire 3D have an ace up their sleeve today. Willow is a brand new 3D Universe character who has all the toon cuteness we love from this talented artist. Plus she will work in both DAZ Studio and Poser, using the Dawn mesh as her base in each.

DAZ Studio users might wonder why they would want to use a Dawn-based character (in fact I wrote about what Dawn can bring to Studio in an earlier post), but the Dawn starter pack is absolutely free so if you like Willow, she won’t come with hidden costs.

Willow for Dawn

If you want to know how cute Willow is, you’ll have to go see for yourself. Here I’ll quickly run through what you get.

  • Price: Her introductory price is $19.96 but you will have HiveWire 3D reward points (if you are new to the site, you’ll get some on signing up) to take that down further.
  • Character: The Willow toon character preset along with joint-controlled morphs.
  • Hair: Dawn Bun Hair, a cute and modern hairstyle with a messy, side-swept fringe (bangs) at the front and a double bun at the back. I love the unusual red-gold (strawberry blonde?) shade.
  • Outfit: A sweet, sleeveless dress that’s pink and 100% girly with its bow waist; pink sneakers and pink underwear.
  • Poses: 8 custom standing poses to get you started.

As you can see from the picture, I barely paused to type this before hopping over to HiveWire 3D to buy Willow. Just a quick first render but I’m as happy to have her in my runtime as she looks to be there!

Also new from HiveWire 3D Today: Tuesday 17th

Willow’s not the only new release on HW3D. Joining her in store, DAZ Studio users can find:

  • A Girl and Her Horse Poses by Inspired 3D – Morris is a set of 10 poses for Dawn and Harry the HiveWire Horse, showing Dawn’s bond with her equine friend. Includes horseback and close-up poses.
  • Fantasy Oak Tree House by 3W Comics is a fun tree house with an opening door and turning weather vane. Richly painted accents turn an old oak into a fairytale dwelling. 3 lighting presets also give you day, night and candlelight options.
  • Alien World for Fantasy Oak Tree by Art_of_Mind is a DAZStudio-only add-on texture to give the tree house a silvery, mystical look and to transform the tree leaves to tendrils.
  • Also check out HiveWire 3D for Bryce products, including the new WSG Material Bundle (Vol 1) for Bryce by WhiskeySierra Graphics. It features an outstanding 140 different materials and sky options for Bryce.

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