Mad About the Boy: Male Swimming Trunks, Sportswear, and Fantasy Morphs

The eagerly-awaited Genesis 2 Male Creature Creator is headlining today. You’ve had a long wait for this one, but it looks pretty amazing if you are into monster, animal and alien morphs, especially with the high-definition versions. Or turn him into the perfect faerie or elf boy as a companion for Giselle. This pack is a DAZ Original, so you can get it at 51% discount if you are in the Platinum Club.

Actually, we’re hearing it for the boys today in more way than one. Sickleyield and Mec4D have both brought out figure-revealing outfits for our Genesis 2 men. Nice to see the males get their turn, it sure makes a change from all the skimpy female outfits. Along with the huge bundle of sci-fi weapons and the free industrial compressor, nobody could accuse the store of being a girlie place today.

You can also catch a half price deal on one of the PC+ beta PAs. The banner had gone this morning but the deals were available for a while. Now they have changed to a new (smaller) selection of PAs, shown below. Nightshift3D is also having a 50% sale today — a separate promotion but one that is great news for sci-fi fans.

PC+ Artists this week: EmmaAndJordi, FirstBastion, Ironman13, Mec4D, Renderwelten, Sickleyield.
New PC+ Artists in 50% Sale: 3Djoji, AprilYSH, Arien, Demonica Evilius, IgnisSerpentus, Slosh.

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Only some sandals so far in Fast Grab today, joining the M5 products, but footwear is always useful, right?
Today is changeover day for the weekly giveaway, so head to the Freebies Page and pick up your Industrial Compressor.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 15th

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
2nd 31st Monthly Freebie Jolly Boat Jack Tomalin Free for PC $16.95
15th 21st Weekly Freebie Industrial Compressor Nightshift3D Free* $9.95
15th 15th Artist Store Sale Entire Store Nightshift3D Various 50%
14th Limited Time PC+ PA Thank You Entire Stores 6 PAs Various 40% (50% for PC+)
10th Limited Time Top 30 Promotion Top 30 Products Various Various 30% or more
14th 15th Fast Grab Rope Sandals 2 dx30 $2.69 $6.26
11th 15th Artist Store Sale Entire Store Neftis3D Various 50%
24th June 15th July Fast Grab Michael 5 Pro Suite DAZ3D $59.99 $139.96
24th June 15th July Fast Grab Michael 5 Pro Bundle DAZ3D $37.49 $87.46
24th June 15th July Fast Grab Manly Men M5 DAZ3D $6.89 $16.06
24th June 15th July Fast Grab Aiden for M5 DAZ3D $5.99 $13.96
24th June 15th July Fast Grab James for M5 DAZ3D $5.99 $13.96

Here’s a question: what’s the difference between an ‘artist store sale’ and an ‘artist catalog sale’? Since I don’t have a clue, and don’t like the spelling ‘catalog’ (it looks cut off to me, used as I am to ‘catalogue’), I’ll keep things consistent and call them all store sales. Unless of course I find out about a significant difference.

New Today on DAZ3D: Tuesday 15th

    Listen up, there’s a promotion attached to the new Creature Creator stuff for G2M. Buy it and you can get an extra 10% off today’s other new releases. There’s also 30%-60% off selected Genesis 2 male characters and bundles, and 45% off G2M clothing and poses. See all the details on this promotion on the current promotions page.

  • Creature Creator for G2M by DAZ 3D. This is the main pack, giving you a huge number of head and body morphs in standard resolution. Create all manner of monsters (e.g. zombie), humanoid-animals (e.g. bat, lion, gorilla) and fantasy creatures (e.g. faerie, warlock, goblin). Fur, scales and zombie skin materials mean you’ll have the textures to complete the transformation.
  • Creature Creator HD for G2M by DAZ 3D. Not much point trying to explain this here, head to the product page where you can see side-by-side images of the difference this pack will make.
  • Creature Creator Add-ons for G2M by DAZ 3D. This is where you get the fun tails, horns and other accessories. Want a cloven hoof, paw, or cat ears? Step this way! How about a unicorn horn or demon tail? Hours of fun lie ahead.
    How about those other new releases? Remember, you’ll save 10% more if you buy them along with your new creature morphs above.

  • Sci-Fi Weapons Bundle by Nightshit3D. Get this enormous pack of 40 different sci-fi guns, blades and projectiles and your characters will never be stuck in a fight scene again! Surely a must-have for any sci-fi artist. I can’t even begin to tell you about the variety here, it’s another one of those ‘go see for yourselves’ products.
  • Clothing Smoother for Genesis 2 Creature Creators by Sickleyield. When there’s an innovative and helpful product that hits the store, it’s a fair bet you’ll see the Sickleyield name on it. Once you start to play with clothed creature morphed figures, you’ll understand why this add-on is a godsend. That cling-wrapped look takes away the realism (even if fantasy-realism), but the clothing smoother will let you bring it right back.
  • SY Swimwear for G2M by Sickleyield. I read yesterday that as female swimwear goes retro and more covering, male swimwear is becoming more revealing. It’s a trend that’s reflected in the 3d world too (though I know we’ll never separate some of you from that string bikini). Sickleyield is letting the guys keep their options open, though, with 4 different looks from skin-tight and eye-catching laces to a more relaxed look and of course those classic longer shorts. Anyone who works with G2M will find a use for these, I should think.
  • Weightlifting Suit for G2M by Mec4D. More in a range that puts the focus on everyday realism and versatility in male clothing. The 11 colour options are only the beginning, as the material zones let you customize this to your heart’s content.
  • Wrestler Suit for G2M by Mec4D. Another realistic outfit with 11 colour options to get you started and a convincing sports fabric texture.
  • Signs of Protest by FirstBastion. The natural follow up to those handy crowd control barriers, here we have the protestors with their signs (choose from 18 material options or add your own) and around 24 poses. Now you can fill your city streets with some unrest… once you’ve decided what’s behind it all!

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