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There are 11 new products in store today. Buy any of them and you’ll get 20% off Lee 6. I’ve now seen a preview and I think he’s worth it, but of course it also depends whether any of the new releases appeal to you. After all, some of us want more male content but don’t necessarily need more of the female outfits and accessories. Maybe a selection of male products would have been a better match for a Lee discount?

However, it is what it is, so head on over to the current promotions page and take a look at what’s new. As usual, I’ll give a quick summary of all the new releases below the sales table, but can tell you that there’s a new character (she’s lovely), hair, a couple of very different dress options along with textures for the contemporary one, jewellery (jewelry), nails and eyes. So you do have quite a bit of choice.

Something else that’s new… Fast Grab has finally changed! The rope sandals are hanging around (and they are quite the bargain at $2.39) but are now isolated in a sea of monster products. Hmmm, an orge in high-heeled sandals, there’s a thought!

The PC+ artist ‘thank you’ discounts are also being changed daily, but quite late in the day. Currently included (but this is subject to change without notice) are: 3DLust, E-Arkham, InaneGlory, Kibarreto, Sedor and Thorne.

Quick Links
Monster lovers, stop by Fast Grab today for some bone-crushing deals on fiends, ogres and behemoths. There are 8 monster-related products there in all.
The Freebies Page is the place to get your weekly free model plus the monthly PC model and any other free bits and pieces that are available.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 17th

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
2nd 31st Monthly Freebie Jolly Boat Jack Tomalin Free for PC $16.95
15th 21st Weekly Freebie Industrial Compressor Nightshift3D Free* $9.95
17th 17th Artist Store Discount With purchase of new release Magix101 Various 60% (70% PC+)
17th 17th Fast Grab DAZ Monstrosities: Undead Fiend DAZ 3D $7.49 $17.46
17th 17th Fast Grab DAZ Monstrosities: Skullcrusher Ogre DAZ 3D $5.99 $13.96
17th 17th Fast Grab DAZ Monstrosities: Infernal Behemoth DAZ 3D $5.99 $13.96
17th 17th Fast Grab Space Age Behemoth Outfit Oskarsoon $3.89 $9.06
17th 17th Fast Grab Behemoth Skins DAZ 3D $3.29 $7.66
17th 17th Fast Grab Skullcrusher Ogre Poses DAZ 3D $2.99 $6.96
17th 17th Fast Grab Wicked Skullcrusher Ogre Morphs DAZ 3D $2.39 $5.56
17th 17th Fast Grab Wicked Undead Fiend Morphs DAZ 3D $2.39 $5.56
16th 17th Artist Store Sale Entire Store FeralFey Various 40%-60%
16th Limited Time PC+ PA Thank You Entire Stores 6 PAs Various 40% (50% for PC+)
14th 17th Fast Grab Rope Sandals 2 dx30 $2.39 $5.56
15th 17th Artist Store Sale Entire Store Nightshift3D Various 50%

New Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 17th

  • Toni for G2F and V4 by gypsyangel. This looks like a beautiful character (very nice face that’s not ‘cookie cutter’), and she supports 2 generations. Lots of freckles give her a unique look, but if you want even more she comes with fantasy eye makeup options and some gorgeous eye colours. She also has an optional tattoo and some nail art choices.
  • Evil Queen Set for G2F by Neftis3D. The promo description might be short but the images do the talking, and this is one head-turner of a dress. Did I say dress? Well that’s not all, how about snake coiled horns on an artfully arranged hairstlye and those impressive black feather wings? Looks to me like it’s all included!
  • Shiloh Fantasy Outift by EmmaAndJordi. This ceremonial fantasy armour is very skimpy but cleverly made with so much attention to detail. It comes absolutely packed with fits and adjustment morphs, and each different item has at least 8 impressive material options, plus a whole set of poses too.
  • Kelsie Hair for G2F and V4, and Kelsie Hair Colors, by SWAM. A long, layered hairstyle with side part, which makes a nice contemporary style. The base model will give you all kinds of styling options and 5 natural hair shades. 30 more colour choices can be yours with the add on pack, including two-tone options. Personally, I’d prefer a Genesis-fit to a V4 one, but have mostly been successful using G2F hair on Genesis.
  • Arleya Dress for G2F by Nikisatez and Arleya Dress textures by OziChick. A simple shift dress for everyday elegance. On the short side, but I like those stylish texture blocks in OziChick’s add-on pack. You get a good 60s look from the base material options too.
  • Jewelry Box – Dhyana Collection by PandyGirl. Necklace, earrings and ring, each with 2 or 3 styling options and a whole variety of metal and gem material choices, making this a versatile set. V4 users can enjoy this collection too as it contains V4 fits.
  • Extended Nails for Genesis – Square by bringho. I’m not into nails and nail art, but if you are then this will be a must-buy with all of its fun options. Those extra-long nails are creepy but wouldn’t they be great on the evil queen!
  • Touched Manga Eyes for G2F by Renderwelten. Manga fans step this way. These eyes look mesmorizing! There are 46 textures in all, including colours, reflections and sclera (white of the eye) options.
  • i13 Best Friends by ironman13. A pose set for a pair of V6 characters, to recreate a variety of friendly and fun moments. I was pleasantly surprised by these poses, which are imaginative and full of life. Explore the options and you’ll find that most of them do look like genuine friendship rather than that more suggestive main promo pose.

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