Lee 6 is Here! Will he be your Kung Fu Hero or Pop Star Crush?

Well hello Lee! This new guy for Genesis 2 Male has arrived in the DAZ store and does he look good! There’s a flurry of new content along with him which also has some very attractive products to tempt us. As usual, though, we have some tough decisions to make.

Is it better to go for the base Lee 6 character which gives you the new Lee morph plus his custom UV with skin materials, 4 eye colour options and 16 poses? If you do, you can then ‘cherry pick’ the things that appeal to you most from the Lee-related new releases, making a mix-and-match bundle of your own.

Then again, there’s big savings to be had if you grab a bundle… and we’ll take a look here at what you’ll get in each of those. I think many will find the bundles hard to resist with the extra discounts going around. At the moment, the 20% discount for buying a recent new release and the 20% for owning Aiko6 (or add her to your cart with Lee for the same saving) seem to be stacking. The Lee6 starter bundle will get you 2 gorgeous extra characters, 2 outfits, hair and poses. With the Pro Bundle for Lee6 you can add to all that a further 2 characters, 2 outfits, 2 more hairstyles, additional poses, and martial arts weapons props.

Lee 6 Starter Bundle

  • Base Figure with custom head and body shapes and skin materials, 4 eye colours (Lee uses his own new UV set)
  • Yasuo for Lee 6 — a character by Silver and Countess, Yasuo combines an attractive face with muscular strength. You can use his skin materials on G2M too.
  • Malakai for Lee 6 — movie star looks and fantasy options make gypsyangel’s new creation a perfect character for any scenario. 8 eye colours and some unusual full face makeup make him different, but he’s gorgeous just as he is too. You do need Lee 6 UV maps to use this one.
  • Kung Fu HD for G2M — from Fisty, that must-have kung-fu outfit with 2 silk texture options. Includes those classic shoes, and the outfit looks like it fits the kung fu poses beautifully with wrinkles and draping. There are plenty of morphs to tweak it for the perfect look.
  • Serpentine Monk Outift for G2M — Bobbie25 and Sarsa bring us an alternative warrior outfit which includes long oriental-style top, loose pants, armlets and anklets.
  • Kung Fu Hair for G2M — thanks to goldtassel, you can complete the kung-fu look, or just use this modern, forward-swept hairstyle to make any Genesis 2 male look trendy.
  • Monk Moves for Lee 6 — Val3dart has the moves for Lee, and they look good! Classic martial arts poses full of action and grace. Nice work!

Lee 6 Pro Bundle

  • Base Figure with custom head and body shapes and skin materials, 4 eye colours, custom UV
  • Characters: Yasuo and Malakai (as above) PLUS FW Ja-Long HD — a character from FWArt with the beauty of a top model and a stunning tattoo option that will create Asian motifs on his chest, arms and back; Kasper for Lee 6 — a gorgeous Raiya creation, Kasper gives Lee a more Western look to add variety.
  • Outfits: Kung Fu HD and Serpentine Monk Outfit (as above) PLUS Yakuza Outift for G2M — talented team Mada and Sarsa give Lee and the other G2M guys some street style with this casual 5-part outfit; Jade Renegade Outift for G2M — an Eastern warrior outfit form Sarsa and Xena, with very appealing strap, buckle and boot details, plus bonus weapon.
  • Hair: Kung Fu Hair (as above) PLUS North Hair — an AprilYSH style that supports many different DAZ Original shapes, you’ll wish you could run your fingers through this one; Kami Hair — a sleek hairstyle from the talented Valea
  • Poses: Monk Moves (as above) PLUS Lee 6 Sword Poses — 20 caught-in-action sword poses that include stylish leaping and lunging
  • Props: Martial Arts Weapons 2 — a selection of lethal weapons for your ninja or martial artist, by prop artist Valandar.

More Unmissable Lee 6 Content

Prefer to create your own bundle? Or just want more? Make sure you take a look at the new releases page where you’ll find some extra special product launches alongside the Lee bundles:

  • Chinese Traditional Outfit for G2M by Mec4D. Impressive historical realism, with incredible attention to detail. Beard (with many different style options) and hair are included, along with all elements of that beautiful outfit.
  • Chinese Traditional Outfit for G2M by Mec4D. Yes, she does it again. Outfit, spear and 14 poses make this one amazing pack. His robe flows beautifully through those moves.
  • Master Chen HD by RawArt. A masterpiece from Rawn, this martial arts master brings experience and wisdom to the mix. Master Chen is not so young or trim but his scars tell a story of deadly skills. Use with or without HD morphs as you prefer.
  • Malevolent Lee 6 by Sickleyield. A set of clever morphs to give Lee the taller, more slender physique of a villain.. or someone tall and slender (it’s rather an attractive look, too good to keep for baddies). 4 head morphs add some facial variety too. You get the sandals, loincloth and adornments too.
  • Huo Long Mix and Match Expressions by EmmaAndJordi. Mixing the warrior with just plain cute! I hope the creators won’t take offence if I say these expressions are adorable. I have to have them, simple as that!
  • Fabe Face for Lee 6 by 3DCelebrity. 30 face morphs that let you transform Lee’s base head morph in a convincing way. A great addition to your Lee figure/bundle that really extends the possibilities.
  • Wicked Seoul by Xena. A realistic, casual 4-piece outfit for hitting the streets. No shoes, but you do get those fantastic shades and I love the way the jacket layers over the t-shirt (or wear one without the other for more looks). Lots of morphs too.
  • Wicked Ikemen for Lee 6 by Xena. Body morph plus 8 head morphs for a variety of K-Pop and J-Pop looks. These guys are real cuties.

You’ll also find texture add-on sets for all those outfits in the bundles:

  • ShoXoloR for North Hair by Shox-Design. An incredible 100 colours, or mix and match the 400 different MATs.
  • Serpentine Monk Outfit Textures by Sarsa. 4 stylish new textures.
  • Jack Renegade Textures by Sarsa. I love the work Sarsa has done here — 4 gorgeous texture options bring this outfit to life.
  • Yakuza Outfit Textures by Sarsa. More Sarsa magic. 4 textures that are cool and fresh. Lee will look good no matter where he goes.
  • Red Dragon for Kung Fu Outfit by ShanasSoulmate. Bringing vibrant variety to this outfit with 6 colour combinations plus a ‘bloodied and torn’ look.

Get 3 freebies along with your order if you purchase any 3 of the above (includes Lee and his bundles).

I’m very impressed with this new male release for Genesis 2. Fantastic work on all sides, with vendors upping their game and giving it their best. Show them some support if you can. I have a feeling you won’t regret it.

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