Not So Secret Savings This Weekend

After a quiet Friday, back to a bumper Saturday brimming over with new releases! It’s billed as the Top Secret Weekend but thankfully the savings are easy enough to find. You get an increasing discount of the standard 30% off one new release, 40% off two, or 50% off 3 or more. Plus you can get a nice 10% discount on any value of gift card if your total order comes to $30 or more. Oh and you can add all 3 featured freebies to your cart with any new release. Pretty sweet deal if you can see something you’d like today.

You’ll also be entitled to claim 80% off selected V4 and M4 items from Muscleman and Silver. (Sunday update: this has changed to Thorne.) Meanwhile, the DAZ Original generation 4 sale continues through the weekend. Dreamlight’s sale is still on but down to 50% savings now, and he is joined by The DigiVault, also offering all non-new items in his store at half price.

There are 12 new releases, which I’ll look at in more detail below. They include a female character, hair, boots, shaders, lamps, clothing textures and a helicopter. A good, varied selection… though I’m still holding out for the new Shifting_Images dress myself so am trying not to be tempted.

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Nothing new in Fast Grab, but if you haven’t stopped by there in a while you should take a look at the ogres and zombies lurking there, along with a pair of heels and some historical armour.
Your weekly free 3d model awaits you on the Freebies Page. If you buy a new release, don’t forget about the bonus freebies.

On Sale This Weekend on DAZ3D: July 26th-27th

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
2nd 31st Monthly Freebie Jolly Boat Jack Tomalin Free for PC $16.95
23rd 29th Weekly Freebie Alien Invasion! Valandar Free* $8.95
27th 27th V4/M4 Discounts with New Release Purchase Various V4/M4 Products Thorne Various 80%
26th 26th V4/M4 Discounts with New Release Purchase Various V4/M4 Products Silver, Muscleman Various 80%
25th 27th Artist Sale Entire Store Dreamlight Various 50% (65% PC+)
23rd 26th Artist Sale Entire Store RingoMonfort Various 50%
?? 26th Artist Sale Entire Store PhilW Various 50%
22nd 27th PC+ PA Thank You Entire Stores All PC+ PAs Various 30% for PC+
21st Limited Time Category Sale 765 Victoria4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)
21st Limited Time Category Sale 243 Michael4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)
19th 27th Fast Grab Age of Warriors Celt 1 Betomelo $7.49 $17.46
19th 27th Fast Grab Age of Warriors Celt 2 Betomelo $7.49 $17.46
17th 27th Fast Grab DAZ Monstrosities: Undead Fiend DAZ 3D $7.49 $17.46
17th 27th Fast Grab DAZ Monstrosities: Skullcrusher Ogre DAZ 3D $5.99 $13.96
17th 27th Fast Grab DAZ Monstrosities: Infernal Behemoth DAZ 3D $5.99 $13.96
17th 27th Fast Grab Space Age Behemoth Outfit Oskarsoon $3.89 $9.06
17th 27th Fast Grab Behemoth Skins DAZ 3D $3.29 $7.66
17th 27th Fast Grab Skullcrusher Ogre Poses DAZ 3D $2.99 $6.96
17th 27th Fast Grab Wicked Skullcrusher Ogre Morphs DAZ 3D $2.39 $5.56
17th 27th Fast Grab Wicked Undead Fiend Morphs DAZ 3D $2.39 $5.56
14th 27th Fast Grab Rope Sandals 2 dx30 $2.39 $5.56

New This Weekend on DAZ3D: July 26th-27th

    Remember, these are on a multi-buy so your discount will increase to 40% per item if you buy two of the new releases, and to 50% if you buy 3 or more. You’ll also get the 3 freebies if you buy one or more of the below items. You’ll find them on the promotions page.

  • Lights and Lamps 2 – Floor Lamps by InaneGlory. This artist creates innovative lighting solutions, so this lights and lamps pack was a natural evolution. There are 13 separate props in all, of which 6 can be morphed for more variety, and the other 7 can be posed. However, it’s with the addition of 16 lamp shade options and an amazing 68 shader presets that this pack justifies its price. The product works perfect in LuxRender as well as DAZ Studio.
  • Rotor Heads Gdds76 Helicopter by DarkMatter. A detailed ‘copter model that can be a flying ambulance, police patrol chopper, glamorous business transport, and more. Fun and versatile.
  • LY Presley by Lyoness. A girl who will work on your free Genesis 2 Female base and on the free Genesis base too — nice going Lyoness! Slim and pretty, with plenty of makeup options and some nail art too. While her skin looks like blemish-free perfection, she does have nice natural eyebrows.
  • Lovy Hair for G2F and V4 by SWAM. An updo with big curls on top and pretty ringlet curls framing the face. 10 natural shades, plus a hair band with 10 pretty textures.
  • Mischievous for G2F by Trendy Renders. Classic skimpwear but it has a pretty lacy top option and side bows, so could be nice for a summer party or clubwear.
  • Tropical Plants Pack 2 by DesignAnvil and Gendragon3D. A pack of 20 plant props, all looking realistic and full of organic variation and detail. Very tempting.
  • OOT for The Victorian Gown for G2F by outoftouch. A texture add-on for the stunning Victorian Gown (which will be mine). Beautiful detail on these rich fabric options. Choose from blue and green, a silver grey, the rather Gothic black and deep red, brown and gold, or the earthen shades option that has a pretty floral top.
  • Beyond Bedding by Khory. This comes as 2 separate packs, one for DS and one for Poser, so you only need pay for the ones you prefer to use. There are a large number of shader presets included, spanning latex, satin, cotton and lace. They were designed for use with Jepe’s ShinySheetz. It looks like it’s possible to use them on other products too, as Khory mentions outfits, so that’s ideal for those of us who prefer to create our own fabrics and drapes or restyle existing ones.
  • Hongyu’s Binkin 2 for V6 by Hongyu. This string bikini has realistic wrinkles and 33 movement morphs. There are 36 texture options too.
  • Over Knee Lace-up Boots 3 for G2F by dx30. Stiletto heeled boots with metal rivet detailing and sexy lace up back. You get 12 colour options for the leather.
  • OOT Styles for Dark Sisterhood by outoftouch. That fantasy elf-meets-ninja outfit gets 5 rich new looks.

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