Xiao Mei and the Cheongsam Dress

Happy Monday! And it begins with good news: that cheongsam dress by Fisty that attracted so much anticipation, only to be held back by DAZ, has now been released in a bundle of its own. Clearly the team knew a good seller when they saw one, and bundled it with other attractive products such as the very lovely Xiao Mei character. The result is a must-have collection: the Xiao Mei bundle. If you bought Lee 6 or are buying him in the same purchase, you can get this gorgeous bundle for as little as $13.71 (PC member price).

That’s not all you get in the bundle, either. There’s a set of Asian props with lovely texture options, and a cute and useful hairstyle by Valea. I think the hair is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a while. You can also get all of these as separate products, and there are some further Lee-related releases too. Not to forget some more G2F swimwear from MindVision G.D.S. Swimwear is not exactly something the Genesis 2 women are short on, but it’s an eye-catching design from a good artist. Even better, he/she is having a 50% off store sale right now too (no other purchase necessary). It’s a ‘flash sale’, so it could and probably will be over quickly, though sometimes they go on longer than anyone expects.

The new releases also have a related promotion of their own: 45% off over 200 products, all of them for Genesis 2 Female and the generation 6 girls. PC+ members, your extra discount currently stacks, at least on the artists I tried this with. Victoria 6 is also currently in the selection for free, which I assume is deliberate, so pick her up today if you don’t yet have her.

Quick Links
Fast Grab has 70% off products. The selection hasn’t changed in a while, maybe this week there will be something new to replace the current monsters.
The Freebies Page has this week’s giveaway: Alien Invasion! by Valandar.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Monday 28th

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
2nd 31st Monthly Freebie Jolly Boat Jack Tomalin Free for PC $16.95
23rd 29th Weekly Freebie Alien Invasion! Valandar Free* $8.95
28th 28th Flash Sale Entire Store MindVision G.D.S. Various 50%
28th 28th V4/M4 Discounts with New Release Purchase Various V4/M4 Products Mada Various 80%
28th 28th V4/M4 Discounts with New Release Purchase Various V4/M4 Products Lyoness Various 80%
23rd 28th Artist Sale Entire Store RingoMonfort Various 50%
?? 28th Artist Sale Entire Store PhilW Various 50%
22nd 28th PC+ PA Thank You Entire Stores All PC+ PAs Various 30% for PC+
21st Limited Time Category Sale 765 Victoria4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)
21st Limited Time Category Sale 243 Michael4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)
19th 28th Fast Grab Age of Warriors Celt 1 Betomelo $7.49 $17.46
19th 28th Fast Grab Age of Warriors Celt 2 Betomelo $7.49 $17.46
17th 28th Fast Grab DAZ Monstrosities: Undead Fiend DAZ 3D $7.49 $17.46
17th 28th Fast Grab DAZ Monstrosities: Skullcrusher Ogre DAZ 3D $5.99 $13.96
17th 28th Fast Grab DAZ Monstrosities: Infernal Behemoth DAZ 3D $5.99 $13.96
17th 28th Fast Grab Space Age Behemoth Outfit Oskarsoon $3.89 $9.06
17th 28th Fast Grab Behemoth Skins DAZ 3D $3.29 $7.66
17th 28th Fast Grab Skullcrusher Ogre Poses DAZ 3D $2.99 $6.96
17th 28th Fast Grab Wicked Skullcrusher Ogre Morphs DAZ 3D $2.39 $5.56
17th 28th Fast Grab Wicked Undead Fiend Morphs DAZ 3D $2.39 $5.56
14th 28th Fast Grab Rope Sandals 2 dx30 $2.39 $5.56

New Today on DAZ3D: Monday 28th

    Buy any of these new releases and get 45% (plus PC+ discount) off related G2F items. There are over 200 of them, more details on the promotions page.

  • Xiao Mei Bundle. Amazing value, this includes:
    • FWSA Xiao Mei by FWArt and Sabby. A lovely Chinese character with delicate skin and a variety of makeup options ranging from pretty flower face decorations to glamorous shiny lipstick.
    • Xiao Mei’s Finery HD for Aiko6 and G2F by Fisty. A stunning silky dress and shoe set. The dress is the Chinese ‘cheongsam’ style. 6 different material options for the dress are included, with coordinating textures for the shoes.
    • Short Ponytail by Valea. Very cute and natural style with 18 colour options ranging from natural to fantasy.
    • Asian Lady’s Accessories by KRAIG. Parasols, fans, and that coolie hat. The heat will be no match for Xiao Mei’s fresh beauty now. Lots of pretty texture options too — 9 each for the fan and parasol, 5 for the hat.
  • Yin Yang for Xiao Mei Clothes by ShanasSoulmate. For even more variety, this pack has 8 more gorgeous textures for the dress everyone wants. Each one is distinct and entirely different from the others in the pack, meaning you get not just 8 variations but 8 very different looks from one dress. However, the Asian theme is kept throughout.
  • Swimwear II for G2F by MindVision G.D.S. This bikini has 20 material options and some unusual strap detailing that makes it look very ‘real world’.
  • DA Nunchuck Pose Set for Lee 6 by Design Anvil. 20 martial arts poses so that your Lee can pay homage to his namesake.
  • Wild Hunter by tentman. A javelin master doesn’t need to wear much to be lethal, at least not according to this outfit. Belt, pants and armlet are accompanied by the javelin props.
  • Wild Hunter Textures by Shox-Design. Get 5 more looks to add to the 2 that come with the above outfit and props. Nice detailing on the javelins as well as on the outfit.

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