Platinum Plus Beta Ends and New PC Items Today

Hello 3D fans and friends of DAZ, it’s the last day of July! If you joined the PC+ beta for Platinum Club and didn’t enjoy it, the good news is that you are now back in the regular PC. Changes are on the horizon, though. While I predicted earlier that many of us will be picking up as many $1.99 bargains as we can, there is now an announcement on the DAZ homepage (you’ll get a green banner if you log in) which makes this unnecessary. Why? Well the $1.99 items previously released aren’t going anywhere. On the other hand, going forward there will be some changes, but you’ll still have an option to opt-in for now. You’ll automatically be opted in when (if) you renew your membership. It all seems fair, and has been well explained in the FAQ, so head directly there if you have any worries or want to know more.

PC products this week have just arrived in store too. I’ll list them further down.

This is a catch-up day all round in the store, with the sale on Asian-themed releases, the Luthbelli motorbike and the Teacup Fairy Bundle plus yesterday’s other exciting releases all being given the little extra promotion they deserve. Makes sense, but I do wonder where the new Shifting_Images dress with it’s hoped-for July release date has gone to?

Quick Links
Fight your way over to Fast Grab if you like beefy, historical warriors and gladiators. I also recommend you take a look at The Royal Court bundle which is great value and full of useful props too.
The Freebies Page has this week’s Table Tennis set from ARTCollab which can be yours for free.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 31st

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
2nd 31st Monthly Freebie Jolly Boat Jack Tomalin Free for PC $16.95
29th 5th August Weekly Freebie Table Tennis ARTCollab Free* $8.95
31st 31st Fast Grab Pretorian for Genesis Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49 $17.46
31st 31st Fast Grab Legion for Genesis Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49 $17.46
31st 31st Fast Grab Heracles for Genesis Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49 $17.46
31st 31st Fast Grab Percy for Genesis Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49 $17.46
31st 31st V4/M4 Discounts with New Release Purchase Various V4/M4 Products Surreality Various 80%
29th 31st Fast Grab The Royal Court Bundle ART Collaborations, NeilV1 $14.99 $34.96
29th 31st Fast Grab Sexy Stinger Mystique- $3.59 $8.36
28th 31st Flash Sale Entire Store MindVision G.D.S. Various 50%
23rd 31st Artist Sale Entire Store RingoMonfort Various 50%
?? 31st Artist Sale Entire Store PhilW Various 50%
21st 31st Category Sale 765 Victoria4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)
21st 31st Category Sale 243 Michael4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)
17th 31st Fast Grab Behemoth Skins DAZ 3D $3.29 $7.66
17th 31st Fast Grab Skullcrusher Ogre Poses DAZ 3D $2.99 $6.96
17th 31st Fast Grab Wicked Undead Fiend Morphs DAZ 3D $2.39 $5.56
22nd 31st PC+ PA Thank You Entire Stores All PC+ PAs Various 30% for PC+

NOTE: I’ve included the PC+ PA 30% discount above as it’s still live at time of writing. If you are in Europe or further east, you might still catch this and its stacking discounts. Expect it to disappear at some point today.

New Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 31st

Nothing today, except of course the PC items which will be listed below just as soon as they hit the store.

New To Platinum Club This Week: July 31st – August 6th

  • Oriental Tranquility Awakening by Jack Tomalin. Perfectly themed for the Asian releases, this is a beautiful texture add-on for what looks like a very lovely model. I don’t own the original but I’ll soon put that to rights. I’ve noticed Jack often adds ivy to his models and there’s an ivy prop (actually, 14 of them!) here, but it’s a lovely rusty autumnal (or dead?) shade, as is the wood detail.
  • Hagbard and Signe by Moyra. A beautiful his-and-hers texture set for the Shieldmaiden and Viking outfits. They each get two extra looks rich with detail.
  • Viking Hair for Genesis and G2F by goldtassel. Oh I like it when there’s a fit for both Genesis generations. This style is gathered back loosely and features a braid with chain detail.
  • Colors for Viking Female Hair by goldtassel. Extra choices are always good, and here you get 9 of them — with 9 textures for the chain too.
  • UFO by petipet. I think this is the August freebie. Up to petipet’s usual high standard, it even has 11 movable parts, along with 12 passenger seats, pilot pose and 3 outer surface textures.

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