Demon Queen Lilith 6 Arrives

It’s release day for Lilith 6, and that woman is strutting into the store in stiletto heels, a twisted grin upon her lovely face. At a guess (let’s face it, it’s an easy conclusion to come to), I’d say this new 3d female character was inspired by Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent. Beautiful but with the potential to be oh-so-wicked.

Her figure is hourglass, her makeup options dramatic. Even facially there are similarities to Ms Jolie, though the curves are enhanced. She’s a siren, a vilainess, a Gothic queen. For the most part, her outfits take skimwear to a whole new level — some will find them sexy, some I’m sure would rather she had something at least halfway to normal in her Starter Bundle. You have to look to the Pro bundle for that, where you’ll find a very pretty Mada and Sarsa dress.

But she has a face and a figure that many will adore, and plays the role of a darker Olympia very well. As a bonus, even the base Lilith 6 figure comes with 16 poses included.

There’s a whole load of interesting content arriving in store with Lilith, and much of it is entirely independent of her — good news if you’d rather sit this figure release out. If you can’t resist Lilith, though, here’s what you’ll get:

Lilith 6 Starter Bundle

    The Lilith 6 Starter Bundle includes:

  • Base Figure with custom head and body shapes and skin materials, 5 makeup options, 4 eye colours and 16 poses
  • Meridiana — a lovely character by Silver and Countess, Meridiana has lots of fantasy makeup, dramatic iris presets, and even comes with a red-tinged succubus skin tone
  • Dark Heart for G2F — This succubus outfit by 4blueyes includes the horns prop for her head, along with a multi-piece outfit that has long boots, long gloves, and not much left to the imagination in-between!
  • Leris Outfit for G2F — Nikisatez adds a fantasy warrior outfit with high heels and a whole lot of cut-outs. Includes one jewelled and one sci-fi texture set.
  • Desideria Hair — EmmaAndJordi’s hairstyle is a loose-curled, long and feminine one that all your G2F figures can wear. A lovely look for modern girls as well as historical-fantasy.
  • Leisure Time for Lilith 6 — these pose, prop and morph set from 3D-GHDesign showcases Lilith sitting or lying down It comes with a couch with 6 material options, 22 poses, and bonus head and body shape presets for a softer look to Lilith.

Lilith 6 Pro Bundle

    Choose the Lilith Pro Bundle if you want the full package:

  • Base Figure with custom head and body shapes and skin materials, 5 makeup options, 4 eye colours and 16 poses
  • Characters: Meridiana (as above) PLUS Letizia for Lilith 6 — a gorgeous girl with Raiya’s trademark delicate realism, she has 5 makeup options.
  • Outfits: Dark Heart and Leris Outfit (as above) PLUS Lilim Outfit for G2F — Mada and Sarsa team up to create the ultimate villainess outfit with shoulder armour and cloven-foot boots; Mistress Lilith for G2F — a 5-piece outfit from 4blueyes with buckle straps and asymmetric leg coverings for a uniquely dark look; Francesca Dress for G2F — Sarsa and Mada have created a lovely outfit here that will look good on all your G2F girls.
  • Hair: Desideria Hair (as above) PLUS Char Hair for G2F — from goldtassel, a swept-back style that ends in a messy bun and includes a choice of 12 colours; Lustrous Hair — Valea brings us a long, loose and beautifully shiny hairstyle for shampoo-ad quality hair
  • Poses: Leisure Time (as above) PLUS Seductress Poses for Lilith 6 — Design Anvil’s pose set gives you 20 poses that cover standing, sitting and lying down.

More Unmissable Lilith6 Content

Bundles can be great value if you like most of their contents, but you can also put together your own Lilith package by selecting from the above and adding any of the below associated product releases, which are listed alongside the bundles on the new releases page:

  • Succubus Add-ons — This pack lets you add dragon wings, devil horns, a snake body or that classic demon’s tail to your Genesis 2 figures.
  • Blasphemers Court — Oskarsson introduces a new fantasy set where villains pass judgement while the innocent quake. An imaginative environment, full of fantastical detail.
  • i13 Squish Body Morphs — Collision morphs by ironman13 to add realism to your G2F based characters.
  • Divine Wings and Divine Wings Expansion Pack — midnight_stories lets you give Genesis and Genesis 2 characters a beautiful set of angel wings. Lots of movement and fit morphs make these easy to use, and they come with 14 texture options. Expand this versatility even further with the expansion pack, which has 10 new gorgeous material presets featuring gold and silver detailing.
  • Light Up the Dark DAZ Studio Lights — Sickleyield and Marshian team up to create these useful light presets for dark scenes, including night, sunset and stormy. Very atmspheric and a good solution for lighting those tricky scenes in a convincing way.
  • Spookframes — RajRaja’s 48 Photoshop brushes are an easy way to give your haunted and horror scenes impact. These creepy frames will set just the right spooky tone.
  • Hoops — a clever prop set from Marshian with special effects for scenes from sci-fi and all kinds of fantasy to disco!
  • Boudoir Photo Shoot Poses — Diane has created a set of 18 classic pin-up poses that can be used with all G2F characters.

You’ll also find texture add-on sets for these bundled outfits and hair:

  • Blood Queen for Mistress Lilith — 4 more textures with dark motifs by Sarsa
  • Maleficenta Add-on for Dark Heart — 4 additional Gothic textures by bucketload3d
  • Lilim Outfit Textures — Sarsa gives this outfit 4 detailed new looks
  • Francesca Dress Textures — the pretty dress has 4 lovely Sarsa texture options here
  • Vibrant Lustrous Colors — 70 more hair colours and blends by Silver for Valea’s Lustrous

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