Lovely Lilith and a Free Cooked Breakfast

In the ‘3 Days of Lilith’, this is the final day of related releases. Even if you didn’t treat yourself to Lilith 6, you might find something for your other Genesis 2 female characters. For example, Sickleyield has a handy clothing smoother, while there are 3 new pose sets, a new G2F outfit, a hair that will fit your Genesis 2 women, and a pair of fairy wings.

Watch out later today in case any more Flashback Favorites show up. There were 3 The AntFarm products on at 60% discount late yesterday, but it’s easy to miss them if you are outside of North America.

Looking for today’s freebie in the Summer of Freebies? It’s the Diner Food 1 by blondie9999, helping you to complete your Diner Food collection, with bacon, fried eggs, toast and more. In fact all you need to tuck into a man-sized cooked breakfast. Along with another diner food set (number 3 — still available), the plates and cutlery (silverware) you need to serve this up on were released as an earlier freebie, so I hope you caught that one.

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If you missed the flash sales on The AntFarm, here’s a chance to get even more products from this imaginative creator, this time at 70% off. Fast Grab has CitizenX and various creepy KillZones environments listed.
Freebies Page is the place to find the regular weekly freebie and any other longer-term free 3d models. This isn’t affected by the Summer of Freebies, which you can access via the banner on the store homepage.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Friday 22nd

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
1st 31st Monthly Freebie UFO petipet Free for PC $16.95
20th 25th Weekly Freebie Short Swords Valandar Free* $5.95
22nd 22nd Daily Freebie Diner Food 1 blondie9999 Free $9.95
22nd 22nd Fast Grab CitizenX The AntFarm $3.89 $9.06
22nd 22nd Fast Grab KillZones The Bath The AntFarm $3.29 $7.66
22nd 22nd Fast Grab KillZones The Pipe The AntFarm $2.99 $6.96
22nd 22nd Fast Grab KillZones The Alley Way The AntFarm $2.99 $6.96
22nd 22nd Fast Grab KillZones The Apartment The AntFarm $2.69 $6.26
18th 22nd Fast Grab EJ Drago HD for Gianni6 Emma and Jordi $4.79 $11.16
18th 22nd Fast Grab EJ Estrella Emma and Jordi $4.79 $11.16
13th 22nd Freebie Fantasy Camp II Nathy Free $14.95
6th 22nd Freebie Toon Fighter Hornet Valandar Free $9.95
6th 22nd Freebie Robot Rem petipet Free $16.95
6th 22nd Freebie Alien Module Nathy Free $12.95
6th 22nd Freebie Slime Beast Valandar Free $7.95
6th 22nd Freebie Rock Demon midnight stories Free $11.95
6th 22nd Freebie Big Time Tools Valandar Free $10.95
6th 22nd Freebie Cinco de Lime-o DAZ3D Free $2.99
6th 22nd Freebie Tech Staves Valandar Free $11.95
6th 22nd Freebie Diner Food 3 blondie9999 Free $14.95
6th 22nd Freebie Boots for Genesis Ravenhair Free $16.95
6th 22nd Freebie Air Bike petipet Free $16.95
6th 22nd Freebie Unicycle Bob petipet Free $16.95
6th 22nd Freebie Steam Truck Red Bizon petipet Free $16.95
6th 22nd Fast Grab Age of Warriors: Celt 1 Betomelo $7.49 $17.46
6th 22nd Fast Grab Age of Warriors: Celt 2 Betomelo $7.49 $17.46
31st 22nd Aug Fast Grab Heracles for Genesis Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49 $17.46
31st 22nd Aug Fast Grab Percy for Genesis Lesthat, Val3dart $7.49 $17.46
29th July 22nd Aug Fast Grab Sexy Stinger Mystique- $3.59 $8.36
21st Jul 22nd Aug Category Sale 765 Victoria4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)
21st Jul 22nd Aug Category Sale 243 Michael4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)

New Today on DAZ3D: Friday 22nd

    Some of these new releases will need Lilith6, but others can be used with any Genesis 2 Female character, and even adapted for your custom creations using the G2F base mesh:

  • Draak Outfit for G2F by Nikisatez. This fantasy outfit has an organic look that blends right in to forest settings. It includes the horns for her head and has fits for all the popular G2F characters.
  • Rhia for Lilith 6 by Forbidden Whispers. This girl has a Celtic complexion with red brows and a multitude of freckles on her pale skin. Lots of makeup and eye colours included.
  • Ava HD for Lilith 6 by Raiya. Another delicate, fair-skinned beauty for the Lilith base, Ava is high definition and includes fantasy makeup and eyes, ranging from a demon pupil opition to snake tongue lip paint.
  • Cyra Hair for G2F by Nikisatez. A deliberately messy style for your rock chick or just creating a bed-head look. It has 10 different shades and custom fits for the G2F family of characters.
  • Feral Fey Wings by Forbidden Whispers and Feral Fey. Triax-rigged wings mean different wing sections can be moved independently, for more versatility and naturalism. Lots of colours and texture options give you a host of possibilities. Use them with Faery Fae Poses by Feral Fey to get even more from them — 20 poses are included for the wings, alongside 20 fairy flight and resting poses.
  • Seductive Queen by tentman. Another demon outfit inspired by Lilith, this one can be worn by other G2F characters too and has 2 texture options.
  • DP Lilith 6 Carrara Shaders by RingoMonfort. As usual, RingoMonfort is here to help you get the very best from your newest DAZ Original character in Carrara with these 21 shaders.
  • Clothing Smoothers for Genesis 2 Female(s) by Sickleyield. This will be a life-safer if you use Genesis 2 female characters. Sort all those wardrobe issues easily with these clever morphs that fix the centre line creasing and blockiness that can happen with skirts.
  • BWC 1001 Nights Poses for G2F and Lilith 6 by Sedor. Seductive and graceful dance poses for your desert goddess. 17 full poses are accompanied by 14 partial poses.
  • Sweet and Wicked Mix And Match Expressions For Lilith 6 by EmmaAndJordi. This talented husband-and-wife team always make the most adorable expressions. Give Lilith a sweet smile and bags of personality, bringing her to vivid life.
  • Baccillum Poses for Lilith 6 by Dark-Elf. A prop and pose set that includes a quarterstaff (the ‘baccillum’) and short staves, with 12 poses for each.

On Sale All This Week on HiveWire 3D

Remember, the Hivewire 3D sale is on! This week in the Anniversary Sale you can save more on environments, including plants and nature.

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