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For a limited time, you can save 55% on all non-new tutorials in the DAZ store. But did you also know that there are some free tutorial bundles there that come with some nice extra content such as clothing and sets? These are definitely worth picking up, especially if you are fairly new to 3d rendering, as they include an interactive lesson that will walk you through creating a scene using the free Genesis 2 starter essentials figures. Here are the contents of each:

  • Sci-Fi Warrior Bundle: Sci-fi scene interactive lesson with presets; Level 19 (versatile sci-fi set by Stonemason); Sci-Fi Siren outfit for G2F; Basic Hair, Sci-Fi Melee Weapons (4 futuristic weapon props)
  • Inside the Asylum Bundle: Horror scene interactive lesson with scene file and pose/expression preset; West Park (an asylum corridor by Jack Tomalin); Newport Outfit for Genesis 2 male (contemporary male clothing); Basic Hair
  • Day at the Beach Bundle: Pin-up style scene interactive lesson with presets for pose, lighting, shaping and environment; Beach Volleyball prop set with sand ground plane; String Bikini for V6; Charm Hair (an attractive, long female hairstyle)
  • Slaying the Dragon Bundle: Fantasy action scene interactive lesson with several pose, material, light and render presets; Dragon’s Tower (fantasy environment); Voyager M6 (fantasy male warrior outfit); Dagger Dreams (fantasy weapon set); Basic Hair; Fantasy Warrior Poses

You can pick these up in the tutorials section of the DAZ store. You’ll also see listed there the tutorials that have the 55% discount (ignore any with a green NEW banner in the corner — those aren’t eligible).

Paid-for tutorials can be a valuable resource, pulling together in one easy format the information you can only find in bits and pieces elsewhere. However… not all are equal. Some are video tutorials, some are PDF, and both can work well depending on your personal style of learning. For both types, the quantity and quality of information can be variable. With a PDF tutorial, take a good look at the promo images so that you can see how much information is on a page and whether you can see any sign of ‘padding’ with unnecessary content. (Again, this can be a personal thing, as what might be needed by a first-time 3d user could by now be second nature to you.) More expensive doesn’t always mean better, either.

Watch too for older tutorials where things have moved on. I bought some excellent tutorials on doing certain things in DAZ Studio, packed with the information I need. Sadly, I was busy learning other things and now that I want to use them I will have to struggle to interpret the instructions for the current version of Studio.

OK, on to other offers and new additions to the store today. As always, head to Fast Grab for some bargains — and today these are well worth a look! Also get this week’s Weekly Freebie that was released yesterday.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 27th

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
1st 31st Monthly Freebie UFO petipet Free for PC $16.95
26th 1st Sept Weekly Freebie Fantastic Chests KRAIG Free* $7.95
27th 27th Daily Freebie (yesterday’s model still showing) TBC Free $
27th 27th Flash Sale Entire Store Marforno Various 65%
27th 27th Flash Sale Entire Store Orestes Graphics Various 60%
27th 27th Category Sale Tutorials Various Various 55%
27th 27th Platinum Club PC+ Annual Membership DAZ3D $56 $14
27th 27th Fast Grab Invetero Jack Tomalin $10.49 $24.46
27th 27th Fast Grab Cthulhu Rising Luthbel $10.49 $24.46
27th 27th Fast Grab Mavka Bundle smay $5.69 $13.26
26th 27th Flash Sale Entire Store RingoMonfort Various 40%
21st Jul 31st Aug Category Sale 765 Victoria4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)
21st Jul 31st Aug Category Sale 243 Michael4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)

New Today on DAZ3D: Wednesday 27th

Today is the day of Platinum Club releases. It looks like there are only two today, with the 2 versions of the hair and its colours add-on counting as three of the usual four new additions.

  • NJA Ponytail Hair by goldtassel — there is a G2F and a V4 version of this messy ponytail with its side-swept fringe (bangs). 3 colours are included with the mesh. You’ll get another 12 if you get the add-on texture set.
  • Dokkalfar by Moyra — a darkly magical texture set for the Corvidae dress, with 4 different options. Designed with fantasy elves and other beings in mind, these textures are both rich and mysterious. Love the cobweb look lace!

On Sale All This Week on HiveWire 3D

This is your last day to save on environments, plants and props at Hivewire 3D before tomorrow we see discounts on a new category. This is part of the First Year Anniversary Celebrations, so help the team celebrate and see if you can pick up a deal or two!

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