End of Summer Deals: From Face Scars to Mountain Walks

10 new product releases today, proving that even this close to the start of the annual PA sale you can still find something new. It’s a varied selection so there’s a good chance there will be something to catch your eye, from a FirstBastion environment to Predatron nature props and the face scars by smay. Although I don’t see the banner now in the store, there was also a promotion where you’d get a money off voucher for the PA sale ($5 off $30+ spend) with anything bought up until Sunday.

There’s also a new promotion with today’s releases, giving you a $10 credit to use on V4 and M4 sale items with any new release bought.

You will also get $10 off the featured artists’ stores IF you buy at least one new release AND your total spend on other products in that one purchase is over $20. (So be sure to note that the cost of new releases doesn’t count towards the $20.) The artists included are:

  • DzFire
  • Doctor Jellybean
  • Enchanted Pixie
  • FirstBastion
  • ForbiddenWhispers
  • Muscleman
  • Predatron
  • smay
  • Trendy Renders

There’s a 3Dream and Mairy Hair (always popular) in Fast Grab, along with a cute Thorne character and a Genesis morph bundle (essential if you use Generation 5 figures) — all at 70% off.

The Weekly Freebie is a set of crates sized from trinket box to treasure trunk. The Summer of Freebies promotion has its own page but seems to have fizzled out now as Tuesday’s model is still showing.

On Sale Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 28th

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
1st 31st Monthly Freebie UFO petipet Free for PC $16.95
26th 1st Sept Weekly Freebie Fantastic Chests KRAIG Free* $7.95
28th 28th Daily Freebie (Tuesday’s model still showing) TBC Free $
28th 28th Fast Grab Genesis Evolution Morph Bundle DAZ3D $9.89 $23.06
28th 28th Fast Grab Scotlyn for V4 Thorne $3.59 $8.36
28th 28th Fast Grab Marja Hair 3Dream, Mairy $3.89 $9.06
27th 27th Fast Grab Cthulhu Rising Luthbel $10.49 $24.46
26th 27th Flash Sale Entire Store RingoMonfort Various 40%
21st Jul 31st Aug Category Sale 765 Victoria4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)
21st Jul 31st Aug Category Sale 243 Michael4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)

New Today on DAZ3D: Thursday 28th

  • Ridge Walk Mountains by FirstBastion. This is a 360 degree environment with sky box and light presets, and 13 fog cameras. Take your characters to high up places for action-packed scenes racing across a precarious rope bridge, or lonely walks with only the eagles (or dragons?) for company. Impressive work.
  • Japanese Corridor and Bedrooms Environment by ForbiddenWhispers and FWDesign. I love this Japanese set, with its airy, minimalist look. A futon bed, oriental wall art, tatami mat flooring and a whole variety of material options for the rooms and furnishings.
  • Single Home Office by Digital Lite Design, Doctor Jellybean, Wee Dangerous John. A set that’s packed with props, to give you the full home office experience. Business and pleasure are combined in a relaxing but productive home study environment. Great detail in this, I especially like the mugs of coffee and tea!
  • LoREZ Classic Weapons by Predatron. There are an amazing 146 weapon props in this pack, all lo-resolution enough to use in your scenes and even games (make sure you buy Predatron’s game licence if looking for 3d game assets). Shields, swords, axes, crossbows and a host of other sharp, pointy things are included, along with racks to store them on if not being shown in active use.
  • Hypnotic for G2F by Trendy Renders. A corset and leggings set for the G2F girls. Includes custom fits for characters, plus some extra morphs and 6 textures each for the corset and the leggings.
  • Cherry Trees by Predatron. Cherry trees are among the prettiest of all… just think of the sakura festivals in Japan, or even your local park when the pink blossoms form a magical canopy overhead. Predatron brings us year-round cherry trees in 24 props that include blossom, fruit, foliage-only, and Autumn foliage.
  • Zayla for Giselle 6 by 3anson and Enchanted Pixie. A cute little pixie girl with youthful features, a slender form and a variety of makeup options. She’s a charming character for fairy and fantasy scenes, but would also be perfect as a teen.
  • Face Scars Decals for Genesis 2 by smay. A set of 11 scars that can easily be applied to your Genesis 2 character’s face in different combinations. Go watch the promo video to find out all about this clever product.
  • The Mad Flyer by DzFire. A sci-fi vehicle that has a wonderful, scrapyard look. Hard to describe but if post-apocalyptic (or crazed genius) is your thing, you’ve got to see it! You also get a ‘before’ texture for a Police recon aircraft, along with the rusty ‘after’ texture.
  • My Cherie Poses for G2F by Muscleman. These 25 poses include sitting, kneeling and standing. The least expensive option today if you want to participate in the associated promotion.
  • On Sale All This Week on HiveWire 3D

    Welcome to week 4 of the Hivewire 3D First Anniversary Sale. This week you can save up to half price (30% discount plus reward points) on Animations and Poses, Vehicles, and Resources. You’ll find those handy Lyrra Developers Kits in the resources section, which is good news if you missed them at the start of the sale.

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