New Releases: From Wet Body Shells to Fabric Design

Here’s another chance to buy a brand new release and save in 3 different ways. First, you will get $5 credit to spend on a $30+ transaction during the PA Sale…. which I predict will begin Monday. You’ll also be eligible to save 8% on gift cards, which could come in handy. Finally, if you are tempted to make any last minute buys from the V4/M4 sale (ends Sunday) then you will enjoy the $10 off those.

There are 10 new products to choose from, again with some nice variety. There’s everything from 2 pretty female characters to a slinky outfit and some useful sitting poses. With all the associated savings, it would even be worth buying the cheapest item (locker room lights or either of the dress textures) just to save.

Many of us also have access to a Friends of Victoria sale (log-in to see this one, and look for a blue banner at the top of your screen). This gives Victoria6 owners a 50% discount on a range of V6 related products. There are 139 to choose from. Click on the blue banner to get the coupon code, and remember to add this in at check-out for discounts to apply.

Vicky6 is free to good homes right now, so if all you have is the free Genesis 2 female why not stop by and get Victoria too? You’ll then be able to mix-and-match their head and body shapes in different proportions, adding some welcome variety. With V6 you’ll also get a whole new skin material set (Belle) and the ability to use any other V6 UV-based skin textures in the store.

Finally, this is of course the end of the month, so be sure to use any monthly PC vouchers this weekend.

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Fast Grab, is finally living up to its name, and for once Friday’s additions didn’t stay around for the weekend. Saturday saw a complete V5 character and a hair set there from Valea, plus the Stephanie 5 Pro bundle and Animate2. Sunday has a bumper crop with everything from the Genesis Supersuit and 3DUniverse’s Sadie and Sam to those fantastic HDR Pro sets and smay’s Zombie.
The Weekly Freebie is a crates and boxes prop set. I see last week’s swords still available too. Sorry, despite the banner there have been no new Summer of Freebie products since Tuesday.

On Sale This Weekend on DAZ3D: August 30th-31st

Start End Deal Model Vendor Price USD You Save
1st 31st Monthly Freebie UFO petipet Free for PC $16.95
26th 1st Sept Weekly Freebie Fantastic Chests KRAIG Free* $7.95
31st 31st Fast Grab Victoria 4 Pro Suite DAZ3D $59.99 $139.96
31st 31st Fast Grab Genesis Supersuit DAZ3D $10.49 $24.46
31st 31st Fast Grab Sadie and Sam for Genesis 3D Universe $9.59 $21.66
31st 31st Fast Grab HDR Pro Sets Urban Recreation Dimension Theory $8.99 $20.96
31st 31st Fast Grab Edens Flame Outfit Ignis Serpentus $7.79 $18.16
31st 31st Fast Grab Nigel for M5 Forbidden Whispers, JSGraphics, Male-M3dia $5.09 $11.86
31st 31st Fast Grab Desertlands Pak for WorldBase XT Magix 101 $3.89 $9.06
31st 31st Fast Grab Forest Superior Andrey Pestryakov $3.59 $8.36
31st 31st Fast Grab Zombie (Genesis / M4) smay $2.40 $5.59
29th 31st Character Offer Victoria6 DAZ3D Free $39.95
29th 31st Artist Sale Entire Store Blondie9999 Various 45%
30th 30th Fast Grab Stephanie 5 Pro Bundle DAZ3D $37.49 $87.46
30th 30th Fast Grab aniMate2 GoFigure $17.99 $41.96
30th 30th Fast Grab Summer Character and Hair maclean $5.99 $13.96
27th 31st Fast Grab Cthulhu Rising Luthbel $10.49 $24.46
26th 31st ‘Daily’ Freebie Sculpting Tools (Tuesday’s model) Valandar Free $8.95
21st Jul 31st Aug Category Sale 765 Victoria4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)
21st Jul 31st Aug Category Sale 243 Michael4 Items DAZ3D Various 80% (86% PC)

New This Weekend on DAZ3D: August 30th-31st

    Plenty of choice today and remember, buy a new release and you get:

    1. a $5 credit on the PA Sale ($30 minimum spend)
    2. a $10 credit on the V4/M4 sale
    3. an 8% dicount on gift cards
  • Wet Body Geometry Shells by SimonWM. For a wet look on any Genesis 2 figure, or indeed any other human character, just apply this clever product. It has a whole library of wet looks that can easily be layered. Sweat, tears, rain or messy drinker, it’s all possible.
  • Nilima for Lilith 6 by ForbiddenWhispers and Enchanted Pixie. A dark-skinned beauty with exotic makeup and 4 realistic face morphs, the attractive but believable Nilima brings something different to your female character library. 10 beautiful eye colours are included.
  • EJ Perla by EmmaAndJordi. One of this duo’s ethereal beauties, this character is for use with G2F. She has an impressive ocean-inspired body paint option, along with elf ears and the prettiest nail polish I’ve seen on a character. A true pearl from the ocean.
  • Bejeweled Bundle: Belly Chains And Hand And Foot Jewelry by EmmaAndJordi. Pretty much what the title says, these jewels also come packed with material options for almost endless variety. Perfect for fantasy maidens everywhere.
  • Fabric Design Kit: East by Khory. This product is a merchant resource, so you can use it to create fabrics for commercial use as well as your own fun. 25 seamless designs with 20 metallic overlays.
  • Smokin’ Hot Mini by WildDesigns. A dress, earrings and navel ring combo, for your Genesis 2 girl to go clubbing. 3 sparkly options (black, white, and red) included. Add Seduce for Smokin’ Hot Mini by Artemis3d for 6 new lacy looks, or go for NYC Couture Smokin’ Hot Mini by 3DSublimeProductions for 6 disco and club textures.
  • Premium Sitting Poses by MindVision G.D.S. 12 useful poses that include table and chair props, with extra texture options too. I like how natural these look. They will work with no adjustment with G2F but you can adapt them for other characters.
  • Locker Room Lights by Bluebird 3D. Bring some light to your locker room! You’ll get a day and a night set. Designed to work with The Locker Room by the same artist.

On Sale All This Week on HiveWire 3D

Is it already the 4th weekend of the Hivewire3D First Anniversary Sale? Take this chance to save on Resources, Poses, Animations and Vehicles.

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