Day 4 of the PA Sale: New FWArt / Fisty Female Character

Today Britany is the new G2F girl in store. This character, who was created by FWArt and Fisty, is for Victoria 6. Along with the usual makeup and eye colour options, you’ll also get a dress with Britany — a nice addition! It has 3 eye-catching textures and also was designed for easy customisation with your own seamless tiles (e.g. The Fabricator-based sets or similar packs). You can also get today the Devotion add-on pack for this dress, with 8 more textures created by ShanasSoulmate. A great way to get a second punch if you are buying Britany.

Nikisatez also has a new dress launching today. The Clarice Dress is a short one, but cute and flirty. Even better, there is a morph to lengthen it (something I always appreciate). It has 4 material options, and the floral one is especially nice. For an extra punch, pair it with OziChick’s 6 extra textures, which create a skirt-and-top look by using different coordinating prints on the skirt and upper parts of the dress.

Oh and Predatron adds to our plant libraries with Nettles (a grass patch is also included). Although at first glance that’s not as exciting as girls in floaty skirts, I love Pred’s plants for adding realism to all kinds of scenes.

Let’s just have a quick look at the punch/reward system again and then on to today’s bargains! Punches earned this week will be rewarded with discount codes next week. Keep track of your punches and see previews of all new items on the PA Sale store page (make sure you are logged in for your own punch total to show).

Punches earned this week Save on future PA sale releases Money off DAZ Originals Start Next Week with Extra Punches
5 – 9 10% $10 1
10 – 14 20% $20 2
14 30% $30 3

Day 3 New Releases in the PA Sale

If you buy one, you’ll get the 30% discount. However, buy two and the 40% column shows the price you will pay for each. Buy 3 or more and the 50% column shows the prices you’ll be charged (and also, since it’s half of the total, how much you will save!). PC+ members can of course just look at the 50% column for any purchase.

Artist New Release 30% Price 40% Price PC+ / 50% Price
FWArt, Fisty Britany HD Character and Dress $13.97 $11.97 $9.98
Nikisatez Clarice Dress for G2F $11.87 $10.17 $8.48
Predatron Common Nettles $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
3DSublimeProductions, WildDesigns Fashion Chunky Jewelry II $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
OziChick Textures for Clarice Dress $8.37 $7.17 $5.98
lunchlady Haut Monde for G2F (Poses) $7.67 $6.57 $5.48
Winterbrose Pics, You’re Perfect (tutorial) $6.97 $5.97 $4.98
Winterbrose Beginner’s Guide: Posing Models $6.97 $5.97 $4.98
ShanasSoulmate Devotion for FWF Britany $6.97 $5.97 $4.98

Day 3 Releases (Still Eligible for a Punch Today)

Artist New Release 30% Price 40% Price PC+ / 50% Price
The AntFarm School’s Out $13.97 $11.97 $9.98
SWAM Doll Hair for G2F and V4 $13.27 $11.37 $9.48
Mattymanx Model Me This Poses for G2F $13.27 $11.37 $9.48
Raiya Gothic Doll for Aiko6 $11.17 $9.57 $7.98
FWArt, Sabby Tiffany (for V6) $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
SWAM Doll Hair Colors $7.67 $6.57 $5.48
The AntFarm School’s Out Forever $6.97 $5.97 $4.98

Day 4 Artist Stores on Sale

  • Lunchlady
  • Nikisatez
  • OziChick
  • Predatron
  • ShanasSoulmate
  • WildDesigns
  • Winterbrose

Day 3 Artist Stores Still on Sale (Final Day)

  • FWArt
  • Mattymanx
  • Raiya
  • SWAM
  • The Antfarm

Day 4 Related Products on Sale

You’ll see different prices in-store, according to whether you are in the original Platinum Club, the newer PC+, or a non-member. It’s worth signing up for Platinum Club + if you expect to buy a lot this month (or even just a few pricier things) as you’ll soon save back the membership and will get extra money-off vouchers too.

Here I show the maximum discount of 50% for non DAZ-Originals, and 50% + 30% (one stacks on the other, so no it’s not a full 80%) for PC+ members on DAZ Original items — those are the ones with an asterisk (*). I’ve shown PC/PC+ pricing (**) for Jack Tomalin’s Moonshine Diner range.

Artist Product Maximum Saving
Stonemason Sci Fi Crew Quarters $18.48
DAZ3D Genesis 2 Female Morphs Bundle $11.53*
Elele Immortal Elegance Bundle $9.98
Jack Tomalin / PC Moonshine’s Diner $14.96**
Jack Tomalin / PC Moonshine’s Diner Interior I $12.96**
Jack Tomalin / PC Moonshine’s Diner Interior II $12.96**
Jack Tomalin / PC Moonshine’s Diner Interior III $12.96**
Predatron Genista Hispanica $7.48
Predatron Alder Trees $7.48
Predatron Silver Birch Trees $6.48
ShanasSoulmate Discipline for After School $4.48
smay Add-On for Zombie (poses, props, splashes) $2.98

Quick Link: The 2014 Published Artist Sale at DAZ3D

Other Deals and Steals

Fast Grab 70% limited-time discounts on:

  • Cthulhu Rising by Luthbel
  • Lady de Lioncourt Dress for G2F by Neftis3D
  • Tempest V4, Majoliqua V4 and Isolde 2 all by gypsyangel

Weekly Freebie: Welding Cart by Nightshift3D free to PC/PC+, free with purchase for everyone else.

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