PA Sale 2014: Week 2 Catch Up

Only one new release today (the Lilith 6 HD add-on), but that’s because it’s the week 2 catch up. Can you believe we are already at the halfway point? This sale is speeding past, but with 2 more weeks of daily new product launches and the rest of the DAZ store’s artists waiting their turn to go on sale there’s still a lot to look forward to.

As for today, it’s a great day to get multi-buy discounts on a wider selection of older items from your wishlist. You can get 50% off the stores of your favourite PAs if they were on sale during the last week. Unfortunately the maximum 50% discount doesn’t apply to new items except for those released yesterday and today’s Lilith 6 item.

There are however 45 PA stores to choose from, representing a wide range of genres and products. Whether it’s high quality 3d characters and morphs, large-scale environments or useful utilities, you’ll find something here. Many of the related products featured earlier in the week belonged to these stores, so this gives you a second chance to look for those too.

Once again, here’s a reminder of the punch system in case you are buying one of the Saturday releases. It’s not clear whether the Lilith 6 HD product is also eligible to earn. The 2014 PA Sale page is the place to get previews of the ‘punchable’ items this weekend or to check your rewards.

Punches earned this week Save on future PA sale releases Money off DAZ Originals Start Next Week with Extra Punches
5 – 9 10% $10 1
10 – 14 20% $20 2
14 30% $30 3

Day 13 Releases (Still Eligible for a Punch Today)

Artist New Release 30% Price 40% Price PC+ / 50% Price
The Management The Barlow House: Ravenskull Court $24.47 $20.97 $17.48
InaneGlory Dawn to Dusk 2 $16.07 $13.77 $11.48
Male-M3dia Manly for Gianni 6 $12.57 $10.77 $8.98
Lyoness Sabina $11.17 $9.57 $7.98
Predatron Stone Pines $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
DraagonStorm Save and Share for Skin Builder $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
Fisty Fabulous Stripes Shaders $9.07 $7.77 $6.48
Shox-Design Seductive Queen Textures $6.27 $5.37 $4.48

Day 13 Artist Stores on Sale

  • 3D Universe
  • Cake One
  • DraagonStorm
  • Faveral
  • Fisty
  • InaneGlory
  • Lyoness
  • Male-M3dia
  • midnight_stories
  • mighty_mestophales
  • Predatron
  • Raiya
  • Shox-Design
  • The Management

Day 12 Artist Stores Back on Sale

  • The DigiVault
  • EmmaAndJordi
  • IgnisSerpentus
  • Khory
  • Orestes Graphics

Day 11 Artist Stores Back on Sale

  • Flipmode
  • France Coffill
  • FWArt
  • HowieFarkes
  • InaneGlory
  • MindVision G.D.S.
  • Predatron
  • Sickleyield
  • SimonWM
  • Slosh
  • Winterbrose
  • Zigraphix

Day 10 Artist Stores Back on Sale

  • Dreamlight
  • HolbeinC
  • JoeQuick
  • Lyoness
  • SWAM

Day 9 Artist Stores Back on Sale

  • Aave Nainen
  • Oskarsson
  • OziChick
  • Larisha
  • PandyGirl
  • Sedor

Day 8 Artist Stores Back on Sale

  • BoneTech3D
  • Design Anvil
  • Dreamlight
  • -esha-
  • MartinJFrost
  • Muscleman
  • Pretty3D
  • Raiya

Quick Link: The 2014 Published Artist Sale at DAZ3D

Other Deals and Steals

Fast Grab has dropped a couple of products but you can still get:

  • Cthulhu Rising by Luthbel: $10.49
  • Lady de Lioncourt Dress for G2F by Neftis3D: $5.39
  • AssasSIN by Pretty3D: $8.09
  • Tattoo Parlor G2F/V6 Vol 1 by SimonWM: $5.09

Weekly Freebie: It’s still the Coffee Shop props from ARTCollaborations, just the thing if you need a snack while you choose your multi-buy PA items!

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