PA Sale 2014: Mid-Month Catch-Up

This is it, the big event we’ve all been waiting for. Today is the mid-month catch-up, with half price on all PA items except those marked new. Normal multi-buy rules apply, so you need to buy 3 things in one purchase to get 50% if you are not a PC+ member. That’s not much of a hardship with so much to choose from though! According to DAZ, there are over 12,000 products included. I’m not going to count them all.

There are hundreds of PA stores to choose from, some huge and some with just one or two items. You’ll be familiar with many names but there are others who don’t go on sale at any other time of year. So this is your time to get those “I want it but wish it had a discount” items.

If there’s just too much to choose from, here are some ideas of where to look for the biggest discounts, the hottest deals and the newest eligible releases.

Biggest Artist Stores Current Eligible Product Count Most Expensive Product: Full Price Newest Eligible Product
3DUniverse 263 Toon Generations, On the Farm and At the Zoo Bundles: $99.95 Eclypse for G2F
Bobbie25 293 Classic Bundle for Genesis: $119.95 Sherwood Hunter Outfit for G2M
Dreamlight 167 3D Magician 15-in-1 Bundle: $496.95 Lightwave 4 Beginners
ForbiddenWhispers 218 Gel Master Pack for Carrara: $39.95 Chroft Apartment Open Plan Living
goldtassel 189 The Kids 4 Pro Bundle: $99.95 Miwa Anime Hair for G2F
Jack Tomalin 161 Haunt Starter Bundle: $84.95 Rural Chateau Bundle
Predatron 248 Commercial Game Developer License: $1400.00 Genista Hispanica
RawArt 203 Commercial Game Developer License: $1400.00 Komodo Dreki – The Komodo Dragon HD
Sarsa 688 Super-Physicality Bundle: $289.95 Dark Sisterhood for G2F
SWAM 187 Glamorous Riva Bundle: $72.95 Kiriko Hair for G2F and V4
The AntFarm 200 Sci Fi Sets and Vehicles Bundle: $42.95 Genesis 2 Raven
Thorne 177 The Kids 4 Pro Bundle: $99.95 Gianni 6 Face Morph Resource Kit

Don’t neglect the small stores either. As in the real word, this can be where the treasures can be found!

Of course, which ones you will want to look at will depend on your own artistic style and taste. However, some quality vendors who are rarely or never on sale at other times of year include:

  • Mairy (hair)
  • Nerd3D (environments and utilities)
  • noggin (creatures)
  • sugatak (Japanese architecture)
  • Phoenix1966 (photo-realistic characters: generation 4 and Genesis)

I’ll continue to comb through the store today and add to the list if I come across other unmissable vendors, but you might also have some luck using the in-store filters and seeing what combs up.

Here’s the list of all current DAZ artists and how many products each has in today’s big sale.

Happy hunting!

Other Deals and Steals

Fast Grab hasn’t changed today (unsurprisingly, with everything else that’s going on) so the selection remains:

  • Cthulhu Rising by Luthbel: $10.49
  • Lady de Lioncourt Dress for G2F by Neftis3D: $5.39
  • AssasSIN by Pretty3D: $8.09
  • Tattoo Parlor G2F/V6 Vol 1 by SimonWM: $5.09

Weekly Freebie: Coffee Shop by ARTCollaborations is available for just one more day — get yours while it’s still hot!

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