Day 36: Relive the Terror of the Revolution or Fight Alien Monsters

What will you choose? Face Madame Guillotine in revolutionary France? Or go sci fi and risk tentacled alien beasts and giant, man-eating polyps? Either way, 3d characters seem destined to face a gruesome fate today.

The Singers of Chzor is a devious project from Sickleyield, who has now launched these terrible beings on the DAZ Studio world. There are four different styles of monster, each with 5 material options. Pose sets for each one and additional morphs and scaling presets allow you to create your kind of nightmare with ease. For even more B-movie style horror, get yourself the Eggs and Cocoons pack with props that can contain your captured human figures. The Writhing Monstrosities Poses pit man (or woman) against monster in combo pose sets, to give you a head start on creating scenes in which these ferocious beings attack your Genesis 2 characters. You can also get all 3 of these products as a bundle.

Step back in time for a history lesson with La Guillotine. This revolutionary method of execution is brought to us by Ansiko, who has also created an accompanying pose set for those horrible final moments when the guards and priest lead the convict to the executioner.

If after all this, you just want to get back to dressing up Vicky in some cute outfits, I won’t blame you. Luthbellina, Oskarsson and Frances Coffill take us from dressed down casual to ‘dressed to kill’ seductiveness with 3 very different outfits. Spare a moment too for Valandar’s Renegade Adventurer, a fantasy mercenary outfit for your Genesis 2 men.

All the new releases, related products and your rewards are of course on the PA Sale store page.

Day 36 New Releases in the PA Sale

Artist New Release 30% Price 40% Price PC+ / 50% Price
Sickleyield Singers of Chzor Bundle $21.67 $18.57 $15.48
Ansiko La Guillotine $15.37 $13.17 $10.98
Sickleyield Singers of Chzor $13.97 $11.97 $9.98
Luthbellina Basic Wear Ibiza Outfit $13.97 $11.97 $9.98
Valandar Renegade Adventurer $13.27 $11.37 $9.48
Frances Coffill TOA Divine $11.87 $10.17 $8.48
Ansiko La Guillotine Poses $11.17 $9.57 $7.98
Oskarsson Casual Streetwear for G2F $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
Sickleyield Writhing Monstrosities Poses for Singers of Chzor $3.37 $7.17 $5.98
Sickleyield Eggs and Coccoons for Singers of Chzor $3.37 $7.17 $5.98

Day 36 Artist Stores on Sale

  • Frances Coffill
  • Luthbellina
  • Oskarsson
  • Sickleyield
  • Valandar

Day 36 Related Products on Sale

*Your punch rewards could earn you an even bigger discount.
**Includes stacking 30% discount for PC/PC+ members.

Artist Product Maximum* Saving
DAZ3D Michael 6 Pro Bundle $81.22**
DAZ3D Creature Creator HD for G2M $25.97**
DAZ3D Creature Creator HD for G2F $25.97**
DAZ3D Creature Creator for G2M $19.47**
DAZ3D Creature Creator for G2F $19.47**
Predatron Plant Bundle One $17.48
Jepe, V3Digitimes Shiny SheetZ II G2F $14.98
JoLab1985 Bio Squad Dragonfly $7.97
JoLab1985 Bio Squad Blaster $7.97
Oskarsson NecroGothica HD $6.47
blondie9999 Rude Gestures and Poses for M6/V6 $7.48
Sarsa Truancy Outfit for G2M Textures $7.12**

Quick Link: Visit the 2014 Published Artist Sale at DAZ3D

Other Deals and Steals

Fast Grab: 3 new models join the familiar 5 today.

  • Cthulhu Rising by Luthbel: $10.49
  • Lady de Lioncourt Dress for G2F by Neftis3D: $5.39
  • Tattoo Parlor G2F and V6 Vol 1 by SimonWM: $5.09
  • The Wisteria Pool House by ForbiddenWhispers and FWDesign: $7.79
  • Summer Character and Hair by Valea: $5.99
  • Hardcore M4 by Bobbie25 and Uzilite: $5.99
  • Hence and Whence by Moyra: $2.99
  • Roses Garden: Pumpkin House by Rosetta: $2.99

Weekly Freebie: If you’re quick, you can still get ARTCollaborations’ The Living Room environment for those snug fireside scenes.

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