Day 40: Southern Belle and Creepy Hollow

In a strange coincidence, I was thinking I needed a Scarlett O’Hara dress… and look what’s in the store today, on day 40 of the DAZ PA Sale (ending very soon, I should add): Southern Belle for G2F by WildDesigns. This pretty crinoline dress includes Scarlett’s picnic dress and hat from the famous movie Gone With the Wind, along with 3 other material options. The outfit comes with a dainty parasol and jewels too, for the perfect Antebellum look. 8 poses will get you started with those coy and flirtatious postures.

Also of special interest today to G2F fans, Cris Palomino has launched a mix-and-match head and body morph set in It Takes Character. Cris does beautiful character work and these morphs will make it easy to get ethnic variety and different looks from your free Genesis 2 female base. The body shapes range from slender to a variety of hourglass looks. Your resulting characters will all be attractive and youthful, but each with a distinctive look that you can use as a staring point for more mature or less idealist appearances.

Lilith 6 owners can today extend the popular Amazing Skins material set to your new female character, and PandyGirl has a new outfit with a turtleneck tanktop if she needs new threads.

The Halloween thrill-seekers, meanwhile, can head on down to Creepy Hollow, a new environment from Bluebird 3d. Spooky lights can be added in the additional light-preset pack. Finally, a Killer Hockey Mask adds an extra touch of menace.

You can catch these final PA sale bargains, yesterday’s new releases and associated product and store sales all at the PA Sale Week 6 promotions page.

Day 40 New Releases in the PA Sale

Artist New Release 30% Price 40% Price PC+ / 50% Price
Bluebird 3d Phantom Ride $20.97 $17.97 $14.98
WildDesigns Southern Belle for G2F $15.37 $13.17 $10.98
V3Digitimes Amazing Skins for Lilith 6 $11.87 $10.17 $8.48
Bluebird 3d Creepy Hollow Lights $11.87 $10.17 $8.48
Cris Palomino It Takes Character $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
PandyGirl Imagine This: Turtleneck Tank and Skirt $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
OziChick Casual for Imagine This: Turtleneck Tank and Skirt $7.67 $6.57 $5.48
NFXstudios Killer Hockey Mask $6.97 $5.97 $4.98

Day 39 New Releases Still on Sale Today

Artist New Release 30% Price 40% Price PC+ / 50% Price
DzFire Phantom Ride $17.47 $14.97 $12.48
Mattymanx Model Me This 2 Poses for G2F $13.27 $11.37 $9.48
Artemis3d Dolores for V4 and G2F $11.87 $10.17 $8.48
RawArt Dead Walker – Mr Happy HD $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
-esha- Rowan Tree Megapack $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
Wanderoo Rock Model Pack $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
art-feld Chic Dress for G2F $9.07 $7.77 $6.48
Nikisatez Peep-Toe Boots for G2F $9.07 $7.77 $6.48
-esha- Stylish for Baroness Jewels $6.27 $5.37 $4.48

Day 40 Artist Stores on Sale

  • Bluebird 3d
  • Cris Palomino
  • NFX Studios
  • OziChick
  • PandyGirl
  • V3Digitimes
  • WildDesigns

Day 39 Artist Stores Still on Sale Today

  • Artemis3d
  • art-feld
  • DzFire
  • -Esha-
  • Frances Coffill
  • Mattymanx
  • Neftis3D
  • Nikisatez
  • RawArt
  • Sickleyield
  • Simon WM
  • Slosh
  • Zigraphix

Day 40 Related Products on Sale

*Your punch rewards could earn you an even bigger discount.
**Includes stacking 30% discount for PC/PC+ members.

Artist Product Maximum* Saving
DAZ3D Michael 6 Pro Bundle $81.22**
DAZ3D Creature Creator HD for G2M $25.97**
DAZ3D Creature Creator HD for G2F $25.97**
Juice3d Solar System Super Bundle $24.98
DAZ3D Creature Creator for G2M $19.47**
DAZ3D Creature Creator for G2F $19.47**
Predatron Plant Bundle One $17.48
Jepe, V3Digitimes Shiny SheetZ II G2F $14.98
Juice3d Earth & Moon Super Bundle $12.48
blondie9999 Rude Gestures and Poses for M6/V6 $7.48
RajRaja Spookframes $7.48
Sarsa Truancy Outfit for G2M Textures $7.12**

Quick Link: Visit the 2014 Published Artist Sale at DAZ3D

Other Deals and Steals

Fast Grab: A sorceress, a spider and a skimpy bat wing costume… any idea what time of year this is?

  • Cthulhu Rising by Luthbel: $10.49
  • Lady de Lioncourt Dress for G2F by Neftis3D: $5.39
  • Tattoo Parlor G2F and V6 Vol 1 by SimonWM: $5.09
  • The Wisteria Pool House by ForbiddenWhispers and FWDesign: $7.79
  • Summer Character and Hair by Valea: $5.99
  • Arkana by Lesthat and Val3dart: $7.49
  • Giant Fantasy Spider by Predatron: $6.59
  • Summer Night by 4blueyes: $5.39

Weekly Freebie: Renderwelten’s Ivy Swing is a nice garden prop that can by yours this week. You get 6 different texture options for it, 3 pillow variations, and 4 ivy material options. Best of all, it’s free.

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