Day 42: Really, Truly the Final New Releases of the PA Sale 2014

Well, DAZ3D pulled an extra day of PA Sale 2014 releases out of the hat. That means if there’s to be a catch-up for the week, or for the whole month, it won’t be until tomorrow. Instead you get 15 different new products to choose from — all eligible for a punch if you need to max out your reward card.

Orestes Graphics is the headline artist of the day, with a 3 part environment that you can also buy in a bundle, and 3 new tree, bush and leaf prop sets too. The Oak Hill Cemetery Bundle is of course timed perfectly for Halloween and Day of the Dead. It includes the Old Mausoleum, a detailed exterior and interior set that can be used on its own for spooky renders. You can extend the grounds with Estate Grounds, a modular prop set with gates, walls and flagstone ground tiles. Now you just need the Weathered Gravestones and you can complete your custom graveyard.

We now have quite a few vendors creating trees, bushes and plants. While that means there’s a lot of similar stuff competing for your attention, it also lets you decide whose style and level of detail (usually to be balanced against polygon count) best suits your needs. Even though I didn’t think I needed a new bushy shrub product, for instance, on a closer look those by Orestes Graphics are very nice indeed with good variety and some lovely leaf colours.

Nabila for V6 is a welcome ethnic addition, and she does look like an African character rather than a woman with a suntan. I almost skipped right over The Hunters for G2F today, as just looked like fantasy skimpwear. And yes, it is, but as usual marketing seem to have chosen the render with the most exposed flesh for the main promo. Take a closer look at the pelt garments in this pack, which has not just the ‘fur bikini’ but a draping cloak, bandeau top, and knee-length ‘loincloth’ style skirt. There’s also a choice of fur pelt or cloth material options, making this quite a versatile set of clothing for fantasy and pre-historic characters.

Remember to use up week 5 rewards today and to check tomorrow on the PA Sale Promotion page for your final rewards.

Day 42 New Releases in the PA Sale

Artist New Release 30% Price 40% Price PC+ / 50% Price
Orestes Graphics Oak Hill Cemetery Bundle $48.97 $41.97 $34.98
BoneTech3D Halloween Pro Animation Bundle 2014 $20.97 $17.97 $14.98
Orestes Graphics Old Mausoleum $17.47 $14.97 $12.48
Orestes Graphics Estate Grounds $17.47 $14.97 $12.48
Orestes Graphics Weathered Gravestones $17.47 $14.97 $12.48
Orestes Graphics Orestes Trees Vol 1 $17.47 $14.97 $12.48
MartinJFrost The Hunters for G2F $16.77 $14.37 $11.98
Forbidden Whispers, Enchanted Pixie, 3anson Nabila for V6 $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
TrendyRenders In Vogue for G2F $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
Orestes Graphics Orestes Bushes Vol 1 $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
BoneTech3D Bonus Wizard Combat Bones Animation Pack $10.47 $8.97 $7.48
Karth, Shox-Design Frosty Dress for G2F $10.47 $8.97 $5.23
Orestes Graphics Orestes Fallilng Leaves $6.97 $5.97 $4.98
RajRaja Texture Resource – Bricks $2.10 $1.80 $1.05
RajRaja Texture Resource – Dirty Old Walls $2.10 $1.80 $1.05

Day 41 New Releases Still on Sale Today

These seem a little mixed-up in store right now, with some older items showing instead of some from yesterday. These below are the actual products from yesterday.

Artist New Release 30% Price 40% Price PC+ / 50% Price
Uzilite Liquid Halo Remix $19.57 $16.77 $13.98
midnight_stories The Temple of Xion $16.07 $13.77 $11.48
Valandar The Necromancer $12.57 $10.77 $8.98
Trendy Renders In The Know for G2F $12.57 $10.77 $8.98
Lyoness LY Evie $11.87 $10.17 $8.48
EmmaAndJordi Sersee Hair $11.87 $10.17 $8.48
Sickleyield Tied Up! 2 for Genesis 2 $9.77 $8.37 $6.98
Bobbie25, Sarsa Sweater Dress and Boots for G2F $9.77 $8.37 $6.98
LayLo 3D Superhero Monokini for G2F $9.77 $8.37 $6.98
Xena, Sarsa Window to the Soul Dress for G2F $11.87 $10.17 $5.93
Zeddicuss Z My Muse $6.97 $5.97 $4.98
Sarsa Sweater Dress Textures $2.10 $1.80 $1.05
Sarsa Window to the Soul Dress Textures $2.10 $1.80 $1.05

Day 42 Artist Stores on Sale

  • BoneTech3D
  • Enchanted Pixie
  • MartinJFrost
  • Neftis3D
  • Orestes Graphics

Day 41 Artist Stores Still on Sale Today

  • DarkMatter
  • EmmaAndJordi
  • Lyoness
  • midnight_stories
  • Sickleyield
  • Trendy Renders
  • Uzilite
  • Valandar

Day 42 Related Products on Sale

*Your punch rewards could earn you an even bigger discount.
**Includes stacking 30% discount for PC/PC+ members.

Artist Product Maximum* Saving
DAZ3D Michael 6 Pro Bundle $81.22**
Juice3d Solar System Super Bundle $24.98
Predatron Plant Bundle One $17.48
Jepe, V3Digitimes Shiny SheetZ II G2F $14.98
IgnisSerpentus Battle Cat $12.98
Juice3d Earth & Moon Super Bundle $12.48
EArkham ZWorld Lightboard Signs $10.98
Alessandro_AM The Moose $7.48
blondie9999 Rude Gestures and Poses for M6/V6 $7.48
Sarsa Truancy Outfit for G2M Textures $7.12**
Sarsa Horror Nurse $7.12**
Alessandro_AM Warthog $6.48

Quick Link: Visit the 2014 Published Artist Sale at DAZ3D

Other Deals and Steals

Fast Grab: A dragon, a historic firearm, or a fantasy tower… which will you choose?

  • Cthulhu Rising by Luthbel: $10.49
  • Lady de Lioncourt Dress for G2F by Neftis3D: $5.39
  • Tattoo Parlor G2F and V6 Vol 1 by SimonWM: $5.09
  • The Wisteria Pool House by ForbiddenWhispers and FWDesign: $7.79
  • Summer Character and Hair by Valea: $5.99
  • Mestophales Dragon by mighty_mestophales: $8.99
  • NeverTime by The AntFarm: $3.89
  • Flintlock by Merlin: $3.29

Weekly Freebie: Still available free-of-charge, the Ivy Swing will give your characters somewhere to relax outdoors. Get it quick before it changes to next week’s model.

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