It’s Day 1 of the Annual Platinum Club Sale!

I love the Platinum Club annual sale! Oh, I know it comes hot on the heels of that spend-a-thon that is the PA sale. But it’s so much fun and in the past has been a sale where you can get a lot by spending a little. I can’t wait to see what Jack, Laurie and Jen have lined up for us this year.

Now, I know the discounts this month are going to look complicated at first glance. Fortunately, once you unravel them, you will see that they are generous and add up to fantastic savings.

Having stood on both sides recently, I’m not going to comment on the PC / PC+ divide except to say the team have gone to efforts to reward both so hopefully we’ll all get to join in the celebration without anyone feeling left out. (At a glance, it looks like PC+ members will still pay more for PC new releases, but will get a little bonus discount on a few other products instead. Like I say, the team have definitely spent time trying to keep this fair, even if you find you are on the wrong side of the fence for a particular saving.)

You can see all the days new releases and special sales on the 2014 PC Anniversary Sale event page in the DAZ3D Store.

The 2014 PC Sale Discounts Made Easy

Who’s Eligible Category Your Extra Discount Add to Base Discount Equals Total Discount Lasts For
PC (Old Style) Members New PC Releases 30% Fixed price $1.99 You pay $1.40 2 days only?
PC (Old Style) Members New PA releases N/A 30% 30% Introductory Period
PC and PC+ Members DAZ Originals extra 10% off 30% 40% Sale month
PC and PC+ Members New DAZ Originals extra 40% off 30% 58% Introductory Period
PC+ Members New PC Releases bonus 20% discount 30% 44% 2 days only
PC+ Members New PA releases bonus 20% discount 30% 44% 2 days only
PC+ Members New DAZ Originals bonus 20% discount 58% 65% 2 days only

NOTE: I had accidentally merged the DAZ Originals and the new DAZ Original releases — this has now been corrected. Sorry for any confusion if you were an early bird.

Watch out for even bigger discounts in time-limited category sales. I’ve listed the current ones further down.

Day 1 of PC Sale: The Freebies

On Day 1 of the sale, the Platinum Club Mega Pack starts the party with a bang. This is $129.95 worth of PC items bundled together and given away for free to club members. Not a member but want these models? Why not join the PC and take part in this and the rest of the month of fun?

There are 25 products included. Yes, they are old ones, but bear in mind that a good model from several years ago is still a good model now. I know you are probably already heading off to grab the pack, but in case any future web searches bring someone to this post and they are curious about the 2014 PC sale Mega Pack, I’ll list the contents here.

Free Today:
Yes, as if that wasn’t enough, there’s an additional freebie. Sedor’s Little Devil Poses for Victoria 6 might have been created with Halloween in mind, but of course many of us can use an Evil Queen style character all year round. The pack has 20 poses and includes a Devil trident too. I’ve been impressed by Sedor’s pose work before and this is a generous contribution to the sale — thanks Sedor!

Day 1 New Releases

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC Price PC+ Price
Phantasmagorical Scenes SteamPunk – Streets $16.07 $16.07 $12.85*
SWAM Adaja Hair for G2F and V4 $13.27 $13.27 $10.61*
SWAM Adaja Hair Colors $7.67 $7.67 $6.13*
Shox-Design J Girl Textures $6.97 $6.97 $5.57*
DarkStarBurning DO: Nomad Wanderer for G2F $10.47 $6.28 $5.02*
DarkStarBurning DO: Nomad Wanderer Textures $6.97 $4.18 $3.34*
FWArt, Fisty PC: FWF Janna (for V6) $10.47 $1.99 $2.79
Sedor PC: Little Devil Poses for V6 $10.47 Free Free

* This price applies for the day of release and the following day only.

Category Sales

99 cent Spooky Sale: 108 ‘spooky’, horror and Halloween PC items at 99 cents. (60% Off usual price for non-members.)

Creature Creator Sale: 14 Creature Creator packs with 70% discount (50% if not in Platinum Club). Includes products for Genesis 2 Male, Genesis 2 Female, Genesis, Victoria 4.2 and Michael 4.

Bonus PA Sale Bundles and Lilith 6 HD Add-ON: Back on sale at 58% discount (30% if not in Platinum Club).

Quick Link to PC Sales: The 2014 Platinum Club Annual Sale page

Platinum Club Mega Pack — 25 Product for Free

  1. Treasures of Egypt
  2. Treasures of Egypt 2
  3. Classical Pool
  4. Deco Redux
  5. Deco Club
  6. Deco Club Exterior
  7. A Grand Entrance
  8. A Mediterranean Balcony
  9. The Courtyard
  10. Villa Venus: ENTRANCE
  11. Villa Venus: BALCONY
  12. Villa Venus: POOL
  13. The Kings Chamber
  14. The Kings Chamber Expansion Pack 1
  15. The Paragon
  16. The Paragon – Exterior
  17. Guinevere’s Bower
  18. Skyrider
  19. Skyrider Colors
  20. Martian War Machine
  21. Garden Accessories
  22. Bride’s Gold
  23. Throne of the Wolfking
  24. Tribal Props
  25. Tribal Village Huts

Other Deals and Steals

Fast Grab: It’s the usual five here today. All good models, even if they’ve been hanging out here a while.

  • Cthulhu Rising by Luthbel: $10.49
  • Lady de Lioncourt Dress for G2F by Neftis3D: $5.39
  • Tattoo Parlor G2F and V6 Vol 1 by SimonWM: $5.09
  • The Wisteria Pool House by ForbiddenWhispers and FWDesign: $7.79
  • Summer Character and Hair by Valea: $5.99

Weekly Freebie: There’s a useful Rolling On cart and props pack available this week, by that talented duo ArtCollaborations.

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