Medusa Snake Hair in the PC Sale

RawArt has a Saturday treat in store for us all with the new Medusa’s Serpent Hair. Those snakes are all rigged, making this a complex and fun product that will bring mythology to life. There are a ton of included dials to make this simple to use. I can only imagine how much work went into making a product like this. Pick up RawArt’s matching expansion set for coordinating textures for both the snake hair and the Succubus Snake Tail previously released.

Imaginary_House follows up on the popular back fence product with Dirty Little Street, giving you a section of road, pavement (sidewalk) and boarded fence complete with graffiti. The oil drum, boxes and other litter are included.

Or go futuristic with the Sci-fi Slotted Dress for all your Genesis 2 women. Fun clubwear or future everyday clothing, you decide! There are four more sci-fi inspired texture options in the inexpensive add-on pack. Ravynne Outfit is a plunging gown for your dark ladies and comes complete with intricate jewels to dress your sorceress, witch or enchantress in style.

I’m snapping up Adal, a gorgeous pair of textures for yesterday’s Signi Viking dress. Also today sees a new Crazy Deal, which packages up all of Laurie’s wonderful work on the Fantasy Castle Keep. There are 10 products bundled up here, meaning you’ll pay under 30 cents for each one.

See all these deals on the 2014 PC Anniversary promotion page.

Day 11 New Releases

*NOTE: The discount on the asterisked (*) products is a bonus discount that lasts for day of release and the following day only. Buy quick if you want these products at the best price and you’re in the PC+.

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC Price PC+ Price
RawArt Medusa’s Serpent Hair $13.27 $13.27 $10.61*
WildDesigns Ravynne Outfit for G2F $13.27 $13.27 $10.61*
Imaginary_House Dirty Little Street $8.37 $8.37 $6.69*
RawArt Medusa’s Serpent Hair Expansion $6.97 $6.97 $5.57*
OziChick, Xena DO: Sci-fi Slotted Dress for G2F $11.87 $7.12 $5.70*
OziChick, Xena DO: Sci-fi Slotted Dress Textures $6.97 $4.18 $3.34*
LaurieS PC Anniversary Crazy Deal 3 – Castles $59.25 $2.99* $2.99*
Moyra PC: Adal (textures for Sighni dress) $7.67 $1.40 $1.67*

Day 10 New Releases: Last Day for any Bonus PC+ Discounts on PA/DO Products

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC Price PC+ Price
3D-GHDesign Mongolian Beauty – HD Faces and Morphs $12.57 $12.57 $10.05*
PC Team PC Anniversary Bundle 2 – Pirates $71.75 $9.95* $9.95*
Luthbellina LNA Basic Wear Mallorca Outfit $11.87 $11.87 $9.49*
V3Digitimes Amazing Skins for Mei Lin $11.87 $11.87 $9.49*
Virtual_World Min Seo $10.47 $10.47 $8.37*
RingoMonfort DP Mei Lin 6 Carrara Shaders $10.47 $10.47 $8.37*
Artemis3d Kalini for Mei Lin 6 $10.47 $10.47 $8.37*
Diane Enchant Expressions for Mei Lin 6 $10.47 $10.47 $8.37*
EmmaAndJordi Rising Sun Beauty Mix And Match Expressions For Mei Lin 6 $9.07 $9.07 $7.25*
Sedor BWC Tai Chi Poses for Mei Lin 6 / G2F $8.37 $8.37 $6.69*
Mada, Sarsa PC: Sighni Outfit for G2F $10.47 $1.40 $2.23*

Current Category Sales

Weekend Deal: Gift cards discounted by 8% with purchase, or by 4% if bought alone.

    Started on Oct 22nd:

  • 99 cent Fairy Tale Sale: 175 magical PC products including clothing, buildings, props, poses and hair. (60% Off usual price for non-members.)
    Started on Oct 21st

  • Lilith 6 Back on Intro Pricing
  • Selection of V4/M4 80% discounted items Buy a PC sale new release and you can get 80% off any of the 323 V4/M4 sale items as long as you add them to your cart at the same time as making your PC purchase. Today it is Category 4, so a new selection of items for you to choose from.

Quick Link to PC Sales: The 2014 Platinum Club Annual Sale page

Fast Grab and Free Stuff

Fast Grab:

  • Tattoo Parlor G2F and V6 Vol 1 by SimonWM: $5.09
  • The Wisteria Pool House by ForbiddenWhispers and FWDesign: $7.79
  • Summer Character and Hair by Valea: $5.99

Weekly Freebie: You can create special effects for sci-fi and fantasy renders with the Force Fields for Genesis 2 Females product — get it while it’s still free.

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