Strike a Pose: Dance and Subtle Poses for Your 3D Characters

Need some good poses? This is a good day for it, with two different DAZ PAs between them offering a large number of pose options. Elele’s Subtle Poses Bundle combines the Subtle Poses for M5, V5, Couple Poses and V6 products. Each of the four has between 15 and 25 full body poses, plus the mirrored version of these poses and a range of hand poses. These are realistic, everyday poses that will be the starting point for many of your renders. ImagineX has gone for energetic poses with 3 new Ultimate Dance Poses packs. Each has 60 frozen-action dancing poses, with one pack for V6, one for M6, and one for them together. The Couple ones look like a lot of fun!

I can’t figure out why The Barlow House Ravenskull Court has such a long name (was there some dispute over which one to pick?) but that quibble aside, this is a wonderfully atmospheric enviornment series. The Exterior product gives you a creepy Gothic building with glass dome, making it an ideal haunted house. It has 14 parts and also includes the sky dome. The Stair Hall add-on brings a staircase and upper landing section to the mix, along with a damaged hallway that has vine and broken floor detail. With 17 parts, this is not simply a set of stairs but a whole extension!

There’s a new Crazy Deal for the PC Anniversary today with a good selection of products in it, from shaders to HDR lightdome/environment sets. I own half of these already but it’s a nice variety for a very low price. Today’s PC item is the colours for yesterday’s Gothic MoHawk hair. This is one hairstyle where you can be as daring as you want.

See all the deals on the DAZ3D PC Anniversary page.

Day 13 New Releases

*NOTE: The discount on the asterisked (*) products is a bonus discount that lasts for day of release and the following day only. Buy quick if you want these products at the best price and you’re in the PC+.

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC Price PC+ Price
The Management The Barlow House Ravenskull Court Exterior $20.97 $20.97 $16.77*
Elele Subtle Poses Bundle $17.47 $17.47 $13.97*
The Management The Barlow House Ravenskull Stair Hall $16.77 $16.77 $13.41*
ImagineX 60 Ultimate Dance Poses for M6 $7.67 $7.67 $6.13*
ImagineX 60 Ultimate Dance Poses for V6 $7.67 $7.67 $6.13*
ImagineX 30 Ultimate Couple Dance Poses for V6 and M6 $7.67 $7.67 $6.13*
PC Team PC Anniversary Crazy Deal 4 $59.25 $2.99* $2.99*
goldtassel PC: Gothic MoHawk for G2M $13.97 $1.40 $2.79*

Day 12 New Releases: Last Day for any Bonus PC+ Discounts on PA/DO Products

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC Price PC+ Price
Dreamlight CG Live Footage Mastery $67.87 $67.87 $54.29*
Dreamlight 3D Forest Master $67.87 $67.87 $54.29*
Predatron and Diane Dream It, Plan It, Make It $34.97 $34.97 $27.97*
Yura Soldier for G2M $13.97 $13.97 $11.17*
FirstBastion Emulated FishEye Lens for DAZ Studio $8.37 $8.37 $8.37
deviney Ron’s Ink $7.67 $7.67 $6.13*
LaurieS PC Anniversary Crazy Deal 3 – Castles $59.25 $2.99* $2.99*
goldtassel PC: Gothic MoHawk for G2M $13.97 $1.40 $2.79*

Current Category Sales

    Started on Oct 27th:

  • DAZ Original Clothing and Accessories: 58% Off for PC members, 40% for everyone else.
    Started on Oct 26th:

  • Lilith Sale: 40% off 883 products if you own or buy Lilith 6.
    Started on Oct 22nd:

  • 99 cent Fairy Tale Sale: 175 magical PC products including clothing, buildings, props, poses and hair. (60% Off usual price for non-members.)
    Started on Oct 21st

  • Lilith 6 Back on Intro Pricing
  • Selection of V4/M4 80% discounted items Buy a PC sale new release and you can get 80% off any of the 323 V4/M4 sale items as long as you add them to your cart at the same time as making your PC purchase. We’re now on Category 4.

Quick Link to PC Sales: The 2014 Platinum Club Annual Sale page

Fast Grab and Free Stuff

Fast Grab: These have finally updated….

  • The Mad Chemistry Lab Bundle by ARTCollaborations, NeilV1: $13.48
  • The Mad Lab by ARTCollaborations, NeilV1: $11.99
  • Genesis Evolution Morph Bundle by DAZ3D: $9.89
  • The Executioner for Genesis by Age of Armour: $5.99
  • NGM for Genesis Female by Posermatic: $3.89

Weekly Freebie: Get the Force Fields for Genesis 2 Females, the weekly freebie will change over to a new one very soon.

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2 Responses to Strike a Pose: Dance and Subtle Poses for Your 3D Characters

  1. Les Henderson says:

    Just staying in touch to let you know I review your site daily to ensure I haven’t missed out on something.

    My name is Les and I’m a Dazaholic.

    Seriously, I now have over700 items and I’ve yet to even run the program or stage a single scene. I just can’t resist a deal so I spend more time shopping than I have to use the stuff.

    Please shut down your great site and arrange to block Daz from my browser.

    • Indigo says:

      It has a way of getting hold of you, doesn’t it? On the positive side, so much is given away for free or nearly free… you’ve just got to be ready to grab it when you find it. Which is pretty much why I ended up doing these daily deals summaries, since I was searching for those bargains myself.

      Of course, if you haven’t rendered anything yet you are missing out on half the fun. Get yourself to the forums and join in some render challenges (I like RRRR where it’s just about having fun and being creative with random items!) or the newbie challenges (dare I mention that there is gift store credit to be won?).

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