Geisha Bundle for Genesis 2

Well, I’m disappointed that the Geisha Bundle today is a Mei Lin 6 specific bundle, though not particularly surprised seeing as she is the latest release. That aside, it does have some lovely content to tell you about, and only the make-up will be impossible to use without the new Mei Lin female figure.

The bundle contains the Peony Kimono (but not the additional textures by Sarsa, available separately for just a few dollars), the China Doll poses, the props and accessories, Geisha make-up options, and of course the traditional wig (Megumi Hair) which has been created by EmmaAndJordi. As always, the bundle is excellent value at around half the cost of buying the products individually. Add to this the 66% discount available for the next 2 days to PC+ members and you have yourself a bargain. The props are particularly eye-catching and the poses make nice use of the prop fans. Both the poses and make-up were created on the Mei Lin 6 base, I believe everything else will work flawlessly with your free Genesis 2 female base and can be used with other G2F characters.

Continuing the Asian theme, there is a cute Japanese streetwear-inspired outfit, the WaFoo Goth, which is by tentman. Although I haven’t paid much attention to this vendor before, this is a nicely-detailed and very different female outfit, short but not skimpy, and believable as a real-world fashion. It includes the sandals and has 2 material options. (I also discovered a lovely pair of low-heeled shoes in his store, something that otherwise is hard to find for Genesis female figures.) Also new today, Cake One has created 10 head morphs for creating custom Asian women in the 10 Faces of Asia product. This one needs to be used with Mei Lin for the pictured results.

Look out too for a new PC+ item (texture add-on by Jack for the Arcade di Janus architectural model) and a new Crazy Deal (bundling up products from the Mage Tower series, plus a female hair). As always, the Crazy Deal truly is a great deal if you don’t already own most of the products. If you’ve been around a year or more, you might find you picked these up last time.

See everything currently going on in the PC Anniversary Sale on the PC Anniversary event page in store.

Day 14 New Releases

*NOTE: The discount on the asterisked (*) products is a bonus discount that lasts for day of release and the following day only. Buy quick if you want these products at the best price and you’re in the PC+.

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC Price PC+ Price
DAZ3D DO: Mei Lin 6 Geisha Bundle $34.97 $20.98 $16.78*
Cake One 10 Faces of Asia $11.17 $11.17 $8.93*
tentman WaFoo Goth $10.47 $10.47 $8.37*
Mada, Sarsa DO: Peony Kimono for G2F $13.27 $7.96 $6.37*
Raziel, Silver Illusions for Dreamer Corset $6.97 $6.97 $5.57*
PandyGirl, Sarsa DO: Geisha Prop Collection $11.17 $6.70 $5.36*
EmmaAndJordi DO: Megumi Hair $10.47 $6.28 $5.02*
ForbiddenWhispers DO: Mei Lin 6 Geisha Make-ups $10.47 $6.28 $5.02*
Elliandra DO: China Doll Poses for Mei Lin 6 $10.47 $6.28 $5.02*
PC Team PC Anniversary Crazy Deal 5 $59.25 $2.99* $2.99*
Sarsa DO: Peony Kimono Textures $12.95 $5.44 $4.35*
Jack Tomalin PC: Portunus for Arcade di Janus $10.47 $1.40 $2.79*

Day 13 New Releases: Last Day for any Bonus PC+ Discounts on PA/DO Products

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC Price PC+ Price
The Management The Barlow House Ravenskull Court Exterior $20.97 $20.97 $16.77*
Elele Subtle Poses Bundle $17.47 $17.47 $13.97*
The Management The Barlow House Ravenskull Stair Hall $16.77 $16.77 $13.41*
ImagineX 60 Ultimate Dance Poses for M6 $7.67 $7.67 $6.13*
ImagineX 60 Ultimate Dance Poses for V6 $7.67 $7.67 $6.13*
ImagineX 30 Ultimate Couple Dance Poses for V6 and M6 $7.67 $7.67 $6.13*
PC Team PC Anniversary Crazy Deal 4 $59.25 $2.99* $2.99*
goldtassel PC: Gothic MoHawk for G2M $13.97 $1.40 $2.79*

Current Category Sales

    Started on Oct 28th:

  • $10 Off: applies to spend over $50.
    Started on Oct 27th:

  • DAZ Original Clothing and Accessories: 58% Off for PC members, 40% for everyone else.
    Started on Oct 26th:

  • Lilith Sale: 40% off 883 products if you own or buy Lilith 6.
    Started on Oct 22nd:

  • 99 cent Fairy Tale Sale: 175 magical PC products including clothing, buildings, props, poses and hair. (60% Off usual price for non-members.)
    Started on Oct 21st

  • Lilith 6 Back on Intro Pricing
  • Selection of V4/M4 80% discounted items Buy a PC sale new release and you can get 80% off any of the 323 V4/M4 sale items as long as you add them to your cart at the same time as making your PC purchase. We’re now on Category 4.

Quick Link to PC Sales: The 2014 Platinum Club Annual Sale page

Fast Grab and Free Stuff

Fast Grab: Did you see the new selection yesterday? They are still available today, no knowing quite how long they will stay though!

  • The Mad Chemistry Lab Bundle by ARTCollaborations, NeilV1: $13.48
  • The Mad Lab by ARTCollaborations, NeilV1: $11.99
  • Genesis Evolution Morph Bundle by DAZ3D: $9.89
  • The Executioner for Genesis by Age of Armour: $5.99
  • NGM for Genesis Female by Posermatic: $3.89

Weekly Freebie: We’re currently waiting for the new weekly free product to be posted.

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