An Adorable Rural Scene by Spit

Spit Daz3D Scene with Humble Homestead, Chunky Knit

Some of you already know the artist and Daz enthusiast who goes by the name of ‘Spit’. If you don’t, I believe she has started a new Art Studio thread in the Daz3d forums, so go along and enjoy the lovely whimsical art she will be sharing there.

She was kind enough to share an image with me that featured my new Chunky Knit Sweater Outfit and in the background the Humble Homestead and its hill environment. The finished piece had such a charming storybook look that I couldn’t resist adding a frame and uploading it here.

I too own the Daz Horse 2 but have done very little with it. While it’s a lovely model, it’s not the easiest to work with and create something convincing from… well not … Continue reading

Filter Forge: Old Book Illustrator

I’ve been busy elsewhere lately and missed a comment from John Jones that had been sitting a while waiting for a reply (sorry about that, John). John’s question was about a Filter Forge filter used in my YouTube video showcasing some of the different possibilities. Here it is again if you missed it:

Anyhow, although I’ve replied to that comment I thought it more likely John and anyone else who is interested would catch a new post.

The filter in question was the first one. My notes have it as ‘Old Book’, which means it is Old Book Illustrator by Gene S Morgan. I don’t have a note of which preset I started from, or what modifications I made, but many of the presets are heavy on the ink effect so I either went with one that had lighter ink to begin with or I dialled back the Outline Detail to a low value. Playing around … Continue reading

My Journey So Far as a PA (Commercial 3D Content Creator)

The PA Sale 2015 is well under way, so I hope you are all picking up some great bargains! I have something coming up later in the sale which I hope will appeal to those of you enjoying Genesis 3.

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve now been a PA with Daz 3D for a whole 6 months! I felt I should write a post to mark the occasion. In many respects it’s an achievement I’m proud of. After all, I’ve been an active vendor since that time, continuing to create and publish new products and improving on my skills. It’s an amazing feeling too to know that people are using and enjoying those products.

Has it been time well spent? In terms of monetary return… not yet. I’ve put in way more work than I’ve earned back in dollars, even adjusting my expectations to be very modest. I know it’s tempting to be swayed by what … Continue reading

Using Older 3D Content on New Genesis 3 (V7 and Friends)

So you have your gorgeous new Genesis 3 Female characters Vicky 7, Bethany 7, Eva 7, and their sisters. Now you’d like to use some of that vast library of clothing, characters and other stuff you love on them, right?

While there’s some great new outfits coming out for them (and expect some new treats in the upcoming PA Sale… starting soon), there’s no need to let the old and not-so-old content for Genesis 2 Female characters, Genesis, and Victoria 4 gather dust. Here’s a quick look at some of the recently-released utilities that can breathe new life into things you bought for generation 6 (Genesis 2) and earlier.

Auto-Fit Genesis 2 Female — Free and Included in DAZ Studio

Now, what you need to know here is that your free Genesis 3 Female base and the characters built on her (e.g. Victoria 7) can wear Genesis 2 Female clothing right out the box. DAZ Studio includes an … Continue reading

Tuesday is Shoes-Day… Plus New Curvy Model Bethany 7

Genesis 3 Female ShoesHeadline news today is that the lovely Bethany 7 has joined the Genesis 3 family of female DAZ Original characters. She joins Victoria 7 and Eva 7, all of whom can be used on your Genesis 3 Female base (available free as part of the DAZ Studio Starter Essentials download that you get with your equally free copy of DAZ Studio).

I think Bethany looks gorgeous in her promotional renders, so congratulations to everyone involved in her release.

On a personal note, I’m delighted to announce the release today of my Milonga Shoes for Genesis 3 Female(s). These are not specifically for Bethany, but will fit her as well as her sister characters. The shoe design and name were inspired by the Tango. These are shoes you can … Continue reading

Why Attitude is the Key to Making Your 3D Vendor Breakthrough

It’s been a bit of a wait but I’m back with another post on increasing your chances of getting your 3D model into an online marketplace such as DAZ3D (or indeed Renderosity, Hivewire3D or any other broker… however my own experience is with DAZ3D).

Since I last posted, I’ve had a couple more products release and another one is currently in testing. We’ve also seen the launch of Genesis 3 and Victoria 7.

If you create figure-based products (clothing, poses, morphs, hair, etc.) you may be wondering at this stage whether to design for the shiny new Genesis 3 or for the broad base of buyers that continue to use Genesis 2? Either is likely to be worthwhile right now (Summer 2015), although as time goes on there will be more focus across the board on Genesis 3. If you can come up with something new and exciting for Genesis 2, the market is still there. If … Continue reading

Convincing a 3D Store to Sell Your Work: Presentation is Everything

Continuing a look at how to get yourself accepted as a seller in a 3D marketplace, let’s look at how decision makers can be convinced to buy or market your model. I’m writing from my own perspective as a brokered artist with DAZ 3D, but while the process may not be identical elsewhere, I should think the general advice would apply to other 3D marketplaces too.

OK, well let me ask you a question, and I’m assuming here you have actually bought 3D products. (Not true of everyone, but I think being a customer as well as a seller can only be of benefit to you.) The question is: what makes you buy a product?

The art, that’s what. The promotional renders. OK, you might go on to read the blurb and admire all those morphs or features, or get infected by the enthusiasm of others in the forums. But it starts with the promo art.

The … Continue reading

Pitching Your Content to a 3D Marketplace: Why Originality Matters

Some of you were interested in getting a few tips on how to become a PA (published artist) or vendor, to use a more general term, at DAZ 3D. This is of course the premier marketplace if selling to DAZ Studio (DS) users, and despite the snobbery against this accessible 3D software, it just gets better and better. DAZ 3D (the company/website) is not your only option, but if you are a Studio-only creator, or creating for both DAZ Studio and Poser, it will give you the biggest marketplace. Poser creators probably don’t need me to tell you to look at Renderosity, and there’s also Hivewire3D and Runtime DNA, all of which cater to users of both applications but with a strong leaning towards Poser.

Anyhow, here I’ll focus on DAZ 3D, since I became a DAZ PA earlier this year. Bear in mind I’m a new seller, so while I have newbie pitfalls and challenges fresh in … Continue reading

Filter Forge: Give Your Creativity a Boost

filterforge_reviewIf you’re a photographer or digital artist and you haven’t yet tried Filter Forge, you’re missing out on a whole lot of fun. But don’t feel like you’ve been left behind. With even more improvements lined up for the Filter Forge 5.0 release, this creative toolbox just gets better and better, making this the perfect time to jump on board.

What is Filter Forge and What Software is Required for Use?

Filter Forge is described in by the creators as an advanced Photoshop plugin allowing you to build your own filters. Now, I know many of you do use and love Photoshop, but if you don’t, stay with me here. I’m about to share a secret that’s a little too well-kept for my liking: you don’t need Photoshop to use Filter Forge. It can be … Continue reading

Dawn: Why DAZ Studio Users Should Give Her a Second Look

Meet Dawn for DAZ StudioIf you are a DAZ Studio user (to be specific, 4.5 and above), I have a question to ask you. Have you met Dawn?

If your answer is anything but “who?” you no doubt have an opinion about this new alternative to your regular Genesis and Generation 4 figures. Forum visitors will have seen some pretty heated discussion about her pros and cons, and on a more positive note there have been some eye-catching renders of her creeping into the DAZ Gallery, as well as other places where people share 3D art.

I wonder if, like me, you were curious enough to download Dawn from Hivewire3D*? While most of us feel we’ve already invested heavily in Genesis and then had to do so over again with Genesis 2, happily there’s no financial … Continue reading