8th Annual SBRM Audubon Birthday Sale

Yellow Rumped WarblerJust a quick post to let you know Ken Gilliland’s annual birthday sale, in benefit of Audubon, is now on over on Hivewire 3D.

I’ve mentioned the Songbird ReMix models a number of times here at IndigoJanson.com, including of course in my most recent post about the Open Rendering Season Contest 2014. These 3d bird models are a joy to work with and make bringing a touch of reality or even fantasy into your digital art that much easier. After all, birds are all around us, from sparrows on the streets of New York and the ducks on the village pond to the vibrant parrots and toucans glimpsed in far off places.

All of these and much, much more can be found in their … Continue reading

The SBRM Open Rendering Season Art Contest: Thank You

Bluetit by Indigo JansonThe world of 3D is full of people. In a reflection of our obsession with youth and beauty, there are perfect women and men at every turn, along with every other humanoid being you could imagine. However, one thing we don’t see enough of in this type of digital art is wildlife.

This is something that talented artist Ken Gilliland has been working hard to change. His SBRM Open Rendering Season contest is an annual event that involves creating a digital artwork using at least one 3d bird model from his extensive Songbird ReMix collection. Ken now offers his bird packs via Hivewire3D, and continues to release his detailed, poseable models on a regular basis — each one a tribute to the diversity of the bird life with which we share this Earth.

Last … Continue reading

Fun in Blender3D with Low-Poly Landscapes

Create your own low-poly landscapeIf you are a Blender beginner who knows the basics and now wants a project that will give you a sense of accomplishment, well this could be it. Low-poly is not only a hot trend right now, it also happens to be fun and relatively easy. Even for a Blender novice.

I’m proof of that. New to Blender at the start of the year and still learning the finer points of the software, I was still able to follow along a couple of good low-poly landscape tutorials and then to create a landscape of my own.

You can learn everything you need to know using this CGI Tuts+ tutorial from Karan Shah. This is a very clear and comprehensive written tutorial that takes you step by step, all the way from concept to finished … Continue reading

Congratulations Frozen!

Anna and Elsa with Snowflakes Vinyl Binders

I haven’t seen it yet (I’m eagerly awaiting the DVD) but animated film Frozen looks just gorgeous. As well it should with talents like Brittney Lee on its team.

And now it’s an Academy Award winner, scooping up the 2014 Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film.

As a big CGI fan (yesterday’s viewing was the enchanting Tangled), I’m adding my congratulations to Brittney, whose delightful blog I follow, and to all the rest of the Frozen team.

It makes me especially happy to see women such as Brittney, co-director Jennifer Lee and senior animator Becky Bresee making such an impact on animation. This is inspiring for those of us who have been made to feel that animation and CGI is a man’s domain. I’m sure it will encourage a whole new generation, confident to step forward and … Continue reading

Learning Blender: Beginner, Novice and Intermediate Video Tutorials

Glass and Cloth simulation with Blender3dDo you want to learn Blender to be able to model and render your own creations in one place, and maybe even animate your own films? Or do you want to create 3D models you can use in DAZ Studio or Poser, without spending a small fortune?

Whatever your reasons for downloading Blender, if you’re a beginner you want to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, many (most, I’m willing to bet) of us find our first experiences of Blender to be more like running through treacle. Getting good at Blender takes time. Yes, even if you are an IT professional, or have used other 3D software, or generally consider yourself a quick study.

The fact is, things are different in Blender. Experience elsewhere … Continue reading

How to Pose Your Digital Men for Portraits (Posing Tips: Part 3)

Posing 3D Guys for PortraitsIn part 2 of this How to Pose 3-D Figures series, we looked at creating some eye-catching poses for women, going beyond predictable head and shoulders shots.

Now we’re going to do the same for men. I know those poor male characters don’t get as much render time as female ones. But a lot of you go to the trouble of creating unique men – some with great back stories or real personality – who deserve to be shown off.

Let’s find out how to do just that.

What’s Different about Posing 3-D Men?

In the real world, you don’t tend to pose men in the same way as women for a photo shoot. Neither would you do that for … Continue reading

How to Pose Your Digital Women for Portraits (Posing Tips: Part 2)

Posing Tips Digital Female PortraitsIn part 1 of this how to pose series for 3-d characters, you set up a camera ready to create some great renders of your model.

In this part we’ll be changing the figure’s pose. Use Perspective view to move around for pose alterations. Keep camera movements for small tweaks like zooming in and out.

By the way, I’m using Genesis 2 Female, but any 3d figure is fine.

First, Some Good News…

Portrait posing guides for real people have to spend a lot of time on fixing flaws. I have them. You have them. Even professional models have features they are not crazy about. Photographers have to play them down … Continue reading

How to Pose your Digital Figures for Better Portrait Renders

Pose Digital Figures for PortraitsPosing 3-d models for portraits doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need patience and a willingness to experiment.

Of course, if time is short or you just hate posing your 3d figures, there are some pre-made pose sets that do all the work for you. Experience has taught me that you can’t do everything yourself and sometimes spending a few dollars can make life much easier.

That said, if you are reading this post you have already decided to have a go at this yourself. You might want to start from scratch, or maybe you do own some pose sets but want to fine-tune them to add some variety.

I hope by reading this series of posts you’ll pick up some ideas on different poses that tend to look good for male and female … Continue reading

Why You Need Genesis 2 Female and Male Starter Essentials

Beautiful and Free Models to PoseLast week I explained how you can get a gorgeous male model and beautiful female model to work for you for free! Your every wish… their command. You don’t have to pay them or even feed them.

No, they are not Barbie and Ken, but 3-dimensional digital models. Their names aren’t all that catchy, I’ll be honest. They go by Genesis Female 2 and Genesis Male 2.

I suppose you could call them starter versions of the highly-popular 3D couple Victoria 6 and Michael 6. You’d have to pay to get Vicky and Mike in your digital content library, though. You get the head-turning couple featured on this page for free. (As I explained in the earlier post, you get the software you need to use … Continue reading

Custom 2D Images for Your Blog for Free with 3D Models

Make your blog post images more interesting with 3d contentAs a blogger, you know how important an eye-catching image can be. When it comes to social media, they are even more essential.

Let’s face it, busy people won’t have time to read your post summary. Those same people will happily pin, like or retweet an image that catches their eye. I bet you’ve even been there yourself, skimming through a content stream, skipping text but unable to resist the pictures.

Some of my readers are photographers, and pretty amazing ones at that. They always have the perfect photo for every post. But a photoblog is a different kind of animal, where the image inspires the words.

What if you need it to be the other way around? What if you write about marketing, fitness, or some other field where … Continue reading