Getting Started with 3D Art Software

Making 3D Art by Indigo JansonWhen you’ve been doing something for a year or two, it’s easy to forget how confusing you once found it. For that reason, you might think it would be better if newer users wrote ‘getting started’ guides. At least then there would be no assumed knowledge or missed steps.

The problem with that, of course, is that us raw beginners are stumbling around in the dark. Occasionally we trip over the right solution, but we don’t always understand why, or know the most efficient way of reaching it.

3 weeks from scratch and I am still at that ‘stumbling around in the dark’ stage. Fortunately, experienced artists are generous in their knowledge-sharing, so if you are willing to collect pieces of the puzzle from here, there and everywhere you can … Continue reading

We’re in the Studio

Dancers at Barre (close) by Indigo JansonDon’t mistake the quiet around here for laziness. Oh no. The soulful pose the other day by Valentina and Dan was nothing but a snatched moment while waiting for a place at the barre. These two are here to work!

I’ve been working too. I created my first item from scratch: a ballet barre. It’s no feat of engineering, but it was needed and it does the job.

Following this, I felt the walls and floor of what I was calling my dance studio weren’t deserving of the name without a mirror. Now, a mirror is not an easy thing to create, and no I didn’t have any handy mirrored surfaces behind the scenes. I hate to say it but we’re back to physics and such … Continue reading

Meet My Models

Couple Portrait by Indigo JansonHow cool is this? I have my own models just waiting to pose for me any time I ask!

Let me introduce you. Meet Valentina and Dan, a couple of young dancers who are keen to make their 3D debut. If all goes well, we’ll be seeing a lot more of this pair of models in the weeks to come.

If you are wondering whether this adorable duo was made or bought, well it’s partly one and partly the other. I would love to create a model from scratch but if you are going for realism it makes sense to work with professional skin textures. They are created by taking high definition photos of real life models and then stitching them together in a body ‘map’ that can wrap round a … Continue reading

A Week in 3D

Week 1 Render by Indigo JansonI downloaded my 3D software a week ago today and want to report back on my progress so far. It has been a week of cramming my head with brain-aching information, combined with trial-and-error experimentation. I have been frequently lost, just as frequently frustrated, but also filled with excitement about what these software tools can produce.

I remembered though that many of you will be as much in the dark about this stuff as I was just over a week ago. So here’s a quick bit of background to 3D modelling (or ‘modeling’ in US English).

What is 3D?

OK, what we’re talking about is working with digital 3D models. Obviously, your monitor’s screen is a 2D plane. However, you can move around the figure or scene in 3 directions, viewing … Continue reading

New Year, New Directions

First 3D Model Render by Indigo JansonHeading in a new direction is always exciting. The road unfurls before us, full of opportunities just waiting for us to seize them.

Taking a new path doesn’t mean abandoning what went before, though. Everything builds on everything. As I have learnt new things in this first week of 2013 and look forward to learning many more, I see this. What I learn in photography has a positive impact on my art. Similarly, one online activity paves the way for another.

This week I fell in love with 3D digital art. And how! I have been immersed in an exciting new world.

But I find that I have taken a circular route back to an old love. A few years ago I was taking my first steps with … Continue reading