November Update from IndigoJanson

A river barge with props and a canal morph, by Indigo Janson and available only at Daz3D Hey everyone, well I’m still around, busy working on new projects for Daz3D. December will see at least one and hopefully two new releases from me via my IndigoJanson 3D store. I’d love to say more but I’m not allowed to let the cat out the bag ahead of time so will have to hold in my excitement.

Canal Country for TerraDome 3 released earlier this month. Wow, was that a project! Narrowboats look so simple, but it takes work to recreate that in a 3D mesh. I also learned some new tricks on texturing, without which this project probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day. It was kind of niche, so was going to have less general appeal … Continue reading

Learn to Make Your Own Unity5 Game

The Unity 5 game engine has one huge advantage for beginner game developers. It can be downloaded for free. If you start making a whole load of money (currently over $100K), you’ll need to pay of course. But make a little, even quite a lot, or make nothing from it and you can create games without any charge. All legal and covered in the EULA.

Is Unity 5 easy to learn? Well, that depends on your definition of easy. Like anything, you’ll need to work at it. There are some great tutorials out there that can help you get to grips with the basics, and then skill up further. Like any software, it has its quirks and is not something you can aim to master. Rather, go into it with the goal of learning what you need to know, a step at a time.

It’s likely you’ll need to do some coding along the way … Continue reading

March 2016 Update: Selling Via Daz3D, Creating a Portfolio, and Books to Read

I’m excited to share that I have my second product of 2016 releasing soon, as part of the 2016 March Madness sale event at Daz 3D. My earlier 3Delight and Iray knit shader pack squeaked into the new year on New Year’s Day and has been popular, so I’m glad people are finding it useful.

My newest product took me back to something I love doing: environments. Get ready for a new multi-part interior with lots of possibilities and an interesting drama theme.

It was fun to get back to creating rooms and props. Unfortunately it’s also now an over-subscribed genre at Daz, but I think that’s true of most categories there now. As someone who enjoys creating for this market too much to be swept aside, I can only continue to search for new ideas and present them in my own way.

I mention this because I know some readers have wondered about … Continue reading

My Journey So Far as a PA (Commercial 3D Content Creator)

The PA Sale 2015 is well under way, so I hope you are all picking up some great bargains! I have something coming up later in the sale which I hope will appeal to those of you enjoying Genesis 3.

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve now been a PA with Daz 3D for a whole 6 months! I felt I should write a post to mark the occasion. In many respects it’s an achievement I’m proud of. After all, I’ve been an active vendor since that time, continuing to create and publish new products and improving on my skills. It’s an amazing feeling too to know that people are using and enjoying those products.

Has it been time well spent? In terms of monetary return… not yet. I’ve put in way more work than I’ve earned back in dollars, even adjusting my expectations to be very modest. I know it’s tempting to be swayed by what … Continue reading

Why Attitude is the Key to Making Your 3D Vendor Breakthrough

It’s been a bit of a wait but I’m back with another post on increasing your chances of getting your 3D model into an online marketplace such as DAZ3D (or indeed Renderosity, Hivewire3D or any other broker… however my own experience is with DAZ3D).

Since I last posted, I’ve had a couple more products release and another one is currently in testing. We’ve also seen the launch of Genesis 3 and Victoria 7.

If you create figure-based products (clothing, poses, morphs, hair, etc.) you may be wondering at this stage whether to design for the shiny new Genesis 3 or for the broad base of buyers that continue to use Genesis 2? Either is likely to be worthwhile right now (Summer 2015), although as time goes on there will be more focus across the board on Genesis 3. If you can come up with something new and exciting for Genesis 2, the market is still there. If … Continue reading

Convincing a 3D Store to Sell Your Work: Presentation is Everything

Continuing a look at how to get yourself accepted as a seller in a 3D marketplace, let’s look at how decision makers can be convinced to buy or market your model. I’m writing from my own perspective as a brokered artist with DAZ 3D, but while the process may not be identical elsewhere, I should think the general advice would apply to other 3D marketplaces too.

OK, well let me ask you a question, and I’m assuming here you have actually bought 3D products. (Not true of everyone, but I think being a customer as well as a seller can only be of benefit to you.) The question is: what makes you buy a product?

The art, that’s what. The promotional renders. OK, you might go on to read the blurb and admire all those morphs or features, or get infected by the enthusiasm of others in the forums. But it starts with the promo art.

The … Continue reading

Pitching Your Content to a 3D Marketplace: Why Originality Matters

Some of you were interested in getting a few tips on how to become a PA (published artist) or vendor, to use a more general term, at DAZ 3D. This is of course the premier marketplace if selling to DAZ Studio (DS) users, and despite the snobbery against this accessible 3D software, it just gets better and better. DAZ 3D (the company/website) is not your only option, but if you are a Studio-only creator, or creating for both DAZ Studio and Poser, it will give you the biggest marketplace. Poser creators probably don’t need me to tell you to look at Renderosity, and there’s also Hivewire3D and Runtime DNA, all of which cater to users of both applications but with a strong leaning towards Poser.

Anyhow, here I’ll focus on DAZ 3D, since I became a DAZ PA earlier this year. Bear in mind I’m a new seller, so while I have newbie pitfalls and challenges fresh in … Continue reading

Sculpting the Matterhorn in 3D: A Blender Landscape Experiment

Matterhorn model by Indigo JansonIt sounds optimistic, I know. Sculpting a 3d version of the Matterhorn, Europe’s most iconic mountain, based on a few photos. Someone with more experience of 3d sculpting would probably have laughed and told me to make a wineglass instead. Since nobody did, I gave it a go.

I picked up the basics in working with terrains in Blender from David Ward’s excellent CG Cookie video series on Creating an Island Environment in Blender. Wanting to take if further, I figured I’d have a play around and make a mountain of my own. And when it comes to mountains, I’m probably not alone in thinking of the Matterhorn with its distinctive triangular profile.

Following the steps in the earlier part of the tutorial and pushing and pulling some vertices around for a while got me to … Continue reading

So You Want to Sell Your 3D Content?

Ever thought about becoming a 3D content creator? Maybe even professionally, selling your models via a site like DAZ3D, Hivewire 3D or Renderosity?

I know I have. Ever since I became involved with hobbyist 3D art, I’ve been drawn to the creating side of things. Firstly, I enjoy the challenge of getting stuck in and learning something new. Working with digital models appealed strongly to that part of me that wants to be creative but combine that with exploring new ways of doing things. And then of course it makes the budget go that much further if you can create some of what you need. Get good enough and you can go make exactly what you wanted, instead of hunting around and making do.

At the same time, I’m a firm believer in supporting my favourite artists as and when I can… and they certainly keep up an almost constant stream of temptation! It’s partly because I’ve come … Continue reading

Blender 3D Basics: A Friendly Helping Hand for Blender Beginners

Learning Blender3D from a bookCan you learn Blender from a book? Should you even try? Actually, yes. If it wasn’t for a book – Blender 3D Basics by Gordon C. Fisher, to be precise — I might never have crossed the line that divides Blender users and, well, everyone else.

It wasn’t my first attempt. I first tried Blender years ago. Apparently I’m in good company there, or so the statistics say. It turns out most of us have a couple of false starts. Put that down in most cases to the learning curve.

Yes, it starts out steep. As you try to haul yourself up by your fingernails, only to slide down again, you can be forgiven for thinking it’s an impossible feat. Happily, the terrain … Continue reading