Learn Hexagon 2.5: Review and Tutorial Resources

2017 Update: As you will see, this post is pretty old now. The good news is that Daz3D.com still has Hexagon 2.5 in store, and it is now FREE. If you have a Daz3D account, you can sign in and pick it up here: Hexagon 2.5

Apple Model Made in HexHexagon 2.5 is a great piece of software, though not without niggles that can make it frustrating for some users. Its biggest selling point will be the compatibility (via a bridge) with DAZ Studio. If you want to make clothing or props for DS and Poser figures, it’s well worth a look.

Let’s start with the basics…

What can I do with Hexagon 2.5?

Hexagon will allow you to make 3D models. It’s most often used to make models … Continue reading

A is For Apple (An Easy 3D Model)

A Green Apple in a Hand (3D)Today’s post was inspired by an A to Z blogging challenge. I’m not taking the challenge but it did prompt me to have a go at a simple modelling project beginning with A.

And that, tradition has it, has to be an apple.

That suits me fine. An apple is a useful prop. It fits into just about any place and era, from a gleaming modern kitchen to a historic scene.

3D Apple in HexagonIt also happened to be quite a straightforward project in Hexagon 2.5. Starting from a sphere primitive, I was able to scale and taper it into an apple … Continue reading