Learn Hexagon 2.5: Review and Tutorial Resources

Apple Model Made in HexHexagon 2.5 is a great piece of software, though not without niggles that can make it frustrating for some users. Its biggest selling point will be the compatibility (via a bridge) with DAZ Studio. If you want to make clothing or props for DS and Poser figures, it’s well worth a look.

Let’s start with the basics…

What can I do with Hexagon 2.5?

Hexagon will allow you to make 3D models. It’s most often used to make models for use in DAZ Studio and Poser, but as you can export your objects in the Wavefront .obj format you can use them in any software that accepts .obj.

What can I make?

Just about anything you can imagine! Skilled Hexagon users create everything … Continue reading

A is For Apple (An Easy 3D Model)

A Green Apple in a Hand (3D)Today’s post was inspired by an A to Z blogging challenge. I’m not taking the challenge but it did prompt me to have a go at a simple modelling project beginning with A.

And that, tradition has it, has to be an apple.

That suits me fine. An apple is a useful prop. It fits into just about any place and era, from a gleaming modern kitchen to a historic scene.

3D Apple in HexagonIt also happened to be quite a straightforward project in Hexagon 2.5. Starting from a sphere primitive, I was able to scale and taper it into an apple … Continue reading