March 2016 Update: Selling Via Daz3D, Creating a Portfolio, and Books to Read

I’m excited to share that I have my second product of 2016 releasing soon, as part of the 2016 March Madness sale event at Daz 3D. My earlier 3Delight and Iray knit shader pack squeaked into the new year on New Year’s Day and has been popular, so I’m glad people are finding it useful.

My newest product took me back to something I love doing: environments. Get ready for a new multi-part interior with lots of possibilities and an interesting drama theme.

It was fun to get back to creating rooms and props. Unfortunately it’s also now an over-subscribed genre at Daz, but I think that’s true of most categories there now. As someone who enjoys creating for this market too much to be swept aside, I can only continue to search for new ideas and present them in my own way.

I mention this because I know some readers have wondered about … Continue reading

Blender 3D Basics: A Friendly Helping Hand for Blender Beginners

Learning Blender3D from a bookCan you learn Blender from a book? Should you even try? Actually, yes. If it wasn’t for a book – Blender 3D Basics by Gordon C. Fisher, to be precise — I might never have crossed the line that divides Blender users and, well, everyone else.

It wasn’t my first attempt. I first tried Blender years ago. Apparently I’m in good company there, or so the statistics say. It turns out most of us have a couple of false starts. Put that down in most cases to the learning curve.

Yes, it starts out steep. As you try to haul yourself up by your fingernails, only to slide down again, you can be forgiven for thinking it’s an impossible feat. Happily, the terrain … Continue reading

30 Books About Somebody’s Daughter

happy smile girl portrait Postcard
Like many of you, I’m a real book addict. Now the Kindle summer sale is on, I’ve been spending even more time than usual looking for good reads. If I’m not on Amazon or other book sites, I’m scanning the bookshelves out in the real world.

The long and short of it is that I pay a lot of attention to books. As a result, I’ve become fascinated with trends in book titles and cover art.

Lately, one trend that I can’t seem to escape is that of novels written about Somebody’s daughter. Replace ‘somebody’ with a profession of your choice. At first I was irritated each time I came across (insert groan) another one. I don’t know, it just seemed unimaginative, a too-easy option for an otherwise capable writer. Some of them prize-winning or best-selling authors. It smacked of jumping on the bandwagon, … Continue reading

Inspiring Me Today: Catherine Anderson’s ‘The Creative Photographer’

What do you do with your photos once you’ve put them on your computer? Other than a little editing and tweaking the top few? With digital photography we’ve so much freedom to keep on shooting, but — if you’re anything like me — at the end of the day that leaves you with hundreds of unedited files.

Inspiring me today is someone who has all the creative photo ideas a photographer could wish for. Catherine Anderson is the author of a book called The Creative Photographer (Pixiq), where (just as the title suggests) her creativity comes together with her skill as a photographer. The resulting projects not only share the things of beauty that Catherine makes but inspires other photographers to do so too.

There are many excellent photography guides out there. I own a few. But The Creative Photographer manages … Continue reading

Celebrating Introverts!

It's Your Turn to be Quiet Slogan ShirtThe web can be a great place for introverts to connect and to share thoughts and ideas. Even among all the social media noise, there’s a place for those of us who like time to think through what we say. At the moment the internet still revolves around the written word, which suits us people who might have a hard time getting a message out beyond a trusted few.

Of course, just about the only thing we can say for sure about introverts is we’re a diverse group. Some are ‘quiet’ by nature, some want to speak up but dislike or fear talking to groups, and some I’ve come across have mastered public speaking but still need some downtime to recharge. However, people with introverted personalities are often creative and interesting people to know.

As far as Western cultures go (and I’m looking at … Continue reading