The Weekend in 3D and Get Ready for the SBRM Bird Contest

It looks like this will be a single post for the weekend (update: no, I made a new post for Sunday) as there’s not much new happening so far on Saturday. Of course, those 2 fantastic Stonemason releases are still there to tempt you, and if you can afford both then you’ll get access to additional discounts via the Stonemason & Friends sale.

If that’s not something you want to splash your cash on right now, well guess what’s coming up? March Madness, that’s what. With February just around the corner, March will be hot on its heels, and with it the guarantee of a crazy month of new content and probably some kind of punch system with rewards and stacking discounts.

As for right now, if anything new gets added I’ll update this post (see January 25th post for this). … Continue reading

The SBRM Open Rendering Season Art Contest: Thank You

Bluetit by Indigo JansonThe world of 3D is full of people. In a reflection of our obsession with youth and beauty, there are perfect women and men at every turn, along with every other humanoid being you could imagine. However, one thing we don’t see enough of in this type of digital art is wildlife.

This is something that talented artist Ken Gilliland has been working hard to change. His SBRM Open Rendering Season contest is an annual event that involves creating a digital artwork using at least one 3d bird model from his extensive Songbird ReMix collection. Ken now offers his bird packs via Hivewire3D, and continues to release his detailed, poseable models on a regular basis — each one a tribute to the diversity of the bird life with which we share this Earth.

Last … Continue reading

Creating a Render for a DAZ3D Contest

Stages in 3D WorkflowIn April I decided to take part in the DAZ3D newbie challenge, which was kindly co-sponsored by Eva1. Eva is one of the professional shader creators, so the contest was to apply shaders to one or more surfaces in your render.

These newbie challenges are great because more experienced users are on hand to share advice. Even when the feedback is on someone else’s work, it’s often something everyone can learn from.

Obviously, I was delighted that my render was one of the winning entries (I did blink a few times to see my name in first place). However, it was the process of creating my final render step by step that was valuable, regardless of the judge’s decision.

I think I’ll enter more contests and challenges, even those where I don’t have a hope of … Continue reading