Deals for the Week 19th – 25th May

May 25th: Couple of things going on today. Firstly, ImagineX, Kayleyss and ablaze between them bring us some Amazing Interiors with an associated promotion on selected products and PA stores. There’s also a Predatron promotion, Reverent Remembrance, running alongside the release of his Monks Robes and Monks Hair (both for G2M).

May 23rd: Greet the weekend with some girlie releases that include Japanese girl Asami for G2F by Matari3D and the striking Niska for G2F who is a real-world beauty. Also pick up some Big Afro Hair and Fatale Noir poses.

May 21st: It’s all about superheroes and warriors today with a variety of fantasy releases. Don’t miss all those exciting looking shaders from Denki Gaka which can also be bought in one big Super Shaders – Super Bundle.

May 20th: Just Platinum Club Plus releases today, but these include the lovely Karina, an HD character for Olympia 6 by Fred Winkler Art and Sabby. There’s also a … Continue reading

Deals for the Week 12th – 18th May

May 18th: Catch 3 flash sales today, saving 60% on Sickleyield and 3D Universe’s stores and 50% on EmmaAndJordi.

Weekend May 16th-17th: After a quiet Saturday, Apocalyptic Horror Sale aside (not my thing), we have some beautiful products on Sunday ranging from the impressive The Dancer Poses for G2M by Navi, to hair, drapes, and female outfits. Haiku for Keiko 6 by Thorne is too adorable for words, and anything by Shifting Images will stop me in my tracks so her Brides and Punks textures have my full attention. Plus ironman13 has not one but 2 new pose packs out. Also catch the associated artist stores which don’t even require purchase of a new item.

May 15th: The working week (for most of us) ends with 12 new releases. The theme is ‘Dark and Desolate’ but this covers everything from Concrete Cache Shaders for DAZ Studio to Mourning Poses, Sci Fi Freight Containers, and a Derelict Locker Room. … Continue reading

Deals for the Week 5th – 11th May

May 11th: Start the new week with a dance and exercise outfit and a whole new take on the dance studio. Plus poses and textures, a ruffle bikini, and the youthful and lovely Mina character from Freja. 12 new items in Fast Grab too (see below). Also grab a flash sale if you can on Genesis 2 items. There are 405 to choose from.

Weekend 9th-10th: Saturday brought more training packs from Dreamlight, followed on Sunday by a range of female and fantasy items. I’m in the advanced stages of work on a new product so nothing else is distracting me from that right now, but swing by the store to catch up on what’s new from popular vendors such as RawArt, EmmaAndJordi, ironman13, Design-Anvil, and Fred Winkler and his collaborators. By the way, some of us are having trouble logging in to the forum this weekend… but it’s hard to share that when you can’t get into … Continue reading

Deals for the Week 28th April – 4th May

May 4th: Monday brings a plant and flower sale to brighten up the week ahead, plus Sedor is celebrating his store birthday with a sale. Pick up some great poses and other bargains.

Weekend 2nd-3rd: 11 new releases on Sunday range from fantastic Foxes by Alessandro AM (they do look amazing) to flirty clothing and anime poses. I guess Chika by Liquid Rust will be the perfect Elsa for those of you who like a fusion of toon and realistic, and who didn’t find what you wanted in Callie.

May 1st: May is off to a merry start with MeriMay! Aave Nainen brings us this ultra-versatile dress packed with her convincing draping morphs for more realism in 3D clothing. 3 different add-on sets complement the base dress product, which costs a bargain $3 for a limited time only, and you can also buy from Aave’s store at a 60% discount. Also check out the One Man Band, a … Continue reading

Deals for the Week 21st-27th April

April 27th: And we start the new week with… Cory 6! Yes, after a slow weekend, the new toon guy is finally here. He’s accompanied by a toon mermaid theme for Callie or any other Genesis 2 female figure. Cory also brings with him a new male Aviator outfit, a modern hairstyle for the guys, and 3 new characters created for his base. Muscleman’s Island Boy Poses look fun.

April 24th: Friday brings new promotions and 3 new releases. If you’re tempted to buy, you can get Lilith 6 at 70% off. Also enjoy an anniversary sale from Dumor3D with up to 65% off savings and catch 60% off animal and creature themed bundles (Giselle, the Minotaur and Reptilian are all there too).

April 23rd: It’s Thursday, and just 2 new releases today in the form of Naval Uniforms for G2M (and a zombie version). Buy these for savings on PA Slosh’s store.

April 22nd: Wednesday sees 4 … Continue reading

March Madness Replay and Other Discounts

Monday is set to be a quiet day with no new releases, but cost-conscious customers can get a good deal on last month’s releases, which are all back at 50% off for one day only. This means another chance to get Monique 6 or Darius 6 for half price (before any other discounts for PC+ members) too.

If this is a quiet week I may return to weekly summary posts rather than write the same thing everyday. There’s a clear pattern at the moment with the themed sales, with one new one each day that lasts for 4 days (though do watch out for any true flash sales as those can be gone in hours… and tend to have good discounts). Tuesday has for a very long time now been freebie changeover day, and Wednesday has been Platinum Club Plus release day for a good while … Continue reading

Weekend Deals at DAZ 3D

Just a quick summary post of all the sales going on this weekend. I’m not a sci-fi fan but if you are in the market for a sci-fi bodysuit it looks like you’re in luck. Something nice there for Bryce users too with a new release from David Brinnen and Horo.

The Mei Lin and Lee 6 pro bundles are now in Fast Grab and selling like hot cakes so don’t miss out if you had your eye on them.

There are also some fantastic bargains to be had in the Genesis sale. I’ve now welcomed Hiro 5 and the Young Teens 5 to my character library, so my Genesis family is as complete as it’s going to get unless I suddenly discover a need to add Freak 5… can’t see it happening somehow.

I can understand why a new user might just jump straight to the newer figures of generation 6 with all these Fast Grab … Continue reading

Humble Homestead: A Rural 3D Environment

360 Degree Countryside Environment for 3DIt’s a funny feeling seeing a product launched, often long after the weeks of work that went into it. It’s best described a small glow of pride mixed with a fierce hope that customers will like it and find it a fun and useful addition to their libraries.

I designed my Humble Homestead in the Hills 3D environment to be a versatile set for renders and animations, while solving that problem of having a gaping void in the background. The mesh hills, which are won’t add much to the render time at all, create an illusion of much larger hills for a far off background. That’s why I decided it was important to have in the hills as part of the title. Even though the hills are a backdrop, they are what … Continue reading

Fighting Spirit with Fantastic Fantasy Releases on Thursday

OK, I’m biased about today’s releases as I have one there (Humble Homestead in the Hills), but I’m proud to be in such great company today. I’ll publish a separate post about my product, so as not to make this ‘me, me, me’ and distract from the other great releases.

If you want to Bring the Fight on, and I’m more than happy for a brawl at my cottage door by the way, then see what else is in store today. E-Arkham has some realistic looking Medieval cannons you won’t want to mess with in Muelsfell Warmachine Cannons, and I love the skull motif this artist has included on the cannon balls. Meanwhile, the always impressive RawArt lets loose a Hob Troll, who could just be even deadlier than the cannons. I love the character Rawn brings to each and every creature he creates.

For more modern combat, Design-Anvil equips … Continue reading

Treat Yourself for Less than 3 Dollars: PC+ Releases

Wednesday means new Platinum Club releases, and today none of them will set you back more than $2.79. What else could you buy with that? Not a whole lot that would be this much fun!

So what will that spare $3 dollars get you? If you own BRC Tranquility by Jack Tomalin, you’ll be able to grab the BRC Fortitude texture expansion for it for a new, more detailed look along with foliage props. Or how about a set of Battle Blades from respected environment and prop artist Merlin Studios? If you only have a couple of dollars and change, the Nord Spring texture set by Moyra is a beauty. The dress textures only need the lovely Sighni Outfit, but if you also own Medieval Fantasy Accessories for G2F you’ll get matching textures for the shoes.

There are also a couple of pose sets, again at a cost of under $3 apiece. FeralFey makes battle scenes easy … Continue reading