Victoria 8… and What Happened to Genesis 4?

As the gorgeous Victoria 8 is launched today at Daz3D, this quick post explains the leap from Genesis 3 to 8.

Understanding the Past: Vicky’s Family Tree

In my Who’s Who: Understanding the Genesis Line Up of 3D Figures post I added to my original 2014 post which had included an infographic. A lot of people found that diagram helpful, but sadly it went out of date very quickly!

Anyhow, the post above takes you up to Genesis 3, the series of figures whose names ended in a 7. This was a result of them being the seventh generation. Most people have heard of the iconic Victoria 4 and Michael 4, who themselves replaced earlier Victorias and Michaels. So each new generation continued that progression. We had V5, M5 and friends. Then came V6 and M6 and their generation 6 buddies. Most recently, we’ve seen a large family of 7 series 3D models joining Victoria and … Continue reading

Genesis3 Female Figures: Let Her Inspire You

It took a little more time to put together comparison renders of the Genesis 3 series of realistic female 3D models than it did the males (view Michael 7 and his brothers here). There are so many more of them! Rune 7 was added just a couple of days ago so at least I was able to include her.

The Realistic Female DAZ Original Models

Comparison of Generation7 3D Women

There are 12 female models here (possibly more if I’ve updated this post after publication), representing the realistic and semi-realistic spectrum of DAZ Original women and girls. You’ll see I’ve included Izabella 7, who is clearly a fantasy character. However, her figure and skin materials work well for real-world characters, and her ‘other-worldliness’ is from the neck up, so she’s a versatile figure who crosses … Continue reading

Choose Your Hero: The Genesis3 Men Compared

The other day I shared an outline comparison of the Genesis 3 male line-up from December 2015 to May 2016. Well, all except The Guy 7, since the focus was on realistic ready-to-use 3D males.

Today I’m sharing some portraits of the generation 7 males (so far). This time you can also compare their skin tones and materials, as the lighting is the same for each portrait and there is no postwork. I haven’t included the base male, since he doesn’t have Iray materials.

Comparison of Generation7 3D Men

One small point of difference: Gianni, Lee and Kimo were rendered using Iray in DAZ Studio Pro 4.9 (if you don’t have it, you can pick it up for free on the official Daz site). Michael and Leo were also rendered with Iray, but … Continue reading

The Genesis 3 (Realistic) Males

The Genesis 3 Men: Michael, Lee, Kimo, Gianni, Leo, and free base male

Here’s the promised graphic of the male figure morphs from Genesis 3, minus The Guy 7 who as a toon doesn’t fit well into this line-up. It was a bit of a squeeze to fit them all on and the text is tiny. If you struggle to read it, the figures are as follows: Genesis 3 Male (white outline), Michael 7 (blue), Lee 7 (red), Kimo 7 (orange), Gianni 7 (purple), Leo 7 (green).

Kimo 7 was released a couple of days before this was made, so no males since that release have been included. For an Iray render comparison of the Generation 7 men, see my newer post: Choose Your Hero: Genesis 3 Men Compared.

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Kimo 7: Breaking Out the Box

Kimo 7 from Daz 3DIt’s been a long time since I felt inspired to write a post for a new DAZ Original character… And that’s not a slur on previous characters. Several of them, Kalea 7 included, have been amazing.

Kimo 7, as the male half of this partnership, does the Polynesian beauty justice. With his Pacific Islander features and stockily muscular physique he breaks out of the bounds of conventional releases but still has plenty to offer to those who need a fantasy warrior or hero. No need for a band of clones to fight evil (or good) in your renders, Kimo’s darker skin and distinctive features are a reminder that a whole lot of people on this planet are not white magazine-cover models.

Making him even more versatile, Kimo has a collection of impressive add-on … Continue reading

Genesis 3 and Earlier 3D Human Figures

In my previous post I gave a quick run-down of the (non-technical) evolution of the Genesis line of 3D humans, as created and sold by Daz3D. These figures are models of humans, complete with photorealistic or toon skin materials, and fully rigged to pose in natural ways.

So, in my last post I explained the generation naming and numbering. At time of writing, we are somewhere near the middle (just a guess) of the production span of Genesis 3, which is the line of figures with a 7 after their names. This post was originally published after the release of Kalea 7 and a day before the launch of Kimo 7, but I’ve updated now for Rune and will add in other new figures as they release.

As a Daz vendor, I’m not able to give out any information that is not public knowledge, so I will only be mentioning released figures here.

For … Continue reading

Understanding Genesis Figures: The Line-Up of Human Models from DAZ 3D

A long, long time ago I created an infographic style guide as a Who’s Who of the DAZ 3D Genesis figures. It was first created some time after Daz made the switch from generation 4 (Victoria 4, Michael 4, etc.) to the unisex Genesis base. Genesis was the mesh on which all generation 5 figures were built.

Times change. Oh how they change! A few years on and we are another two generations further on, and seeing an ever-more rapid roll out of new figures. If I was confused as a new buyer and user of 3D human models from Daz, I can only imagine how befuddled any newcomers to this field feel these days.

To help you out, let’s get a few facts straight, starting with the most recent figures. I’m keeping it simple so this is a simple overview rather that a discussion of mesh or rigging changes.

Genesis 3
This is the 7th … Continue reading

Michael 7 is Here… And Genesis 3 Male is Free

Sorry folks, I’ve been out of touch for a while. While all the excitement of the Platinum Club sale was going on, many of us PAs (vendors at Daz3d) were going all out to get content ready for Michael 7. I have an outfit all ready for him which I hope people will have fun with. I’d love to share more but it’s a bit too soon for teasers. It probably won’t make it into the store before the end of this month, but early December is a possibility. I’m also working on what I hope will be my next release after that.

Enough about me! Everyone now has access to the new Genesis 3 Male, aka Eddie, who I think is looking really good. Remember, you can get this guy for free. Look for him under Genesis 3 Male Starter Essentials in your DIM (download manager). You’ll get a useful set of 10 poses, hair, and Basic … Continue reading

Arabella and her Gloriously Gothic Bundles

Well, I had no particular plans to shout about the arrival of Arabella, the latest Daz3D figure release for Genesis 3 (generation 7). I don’t have anything tied-in with her release. As it happened, my last outfit (Ernestine Outfit for Genesis 3) was accidentally tied in with Josie, who is a beautiful character but just like with my Milonga shoes and Bethany, the outfit just happened to have a Josie fit and wasn’t otherwise specific to her.

So while I love her slender figure, the prospect a generation 7 Vampire-Goth didn’t have me all that excited. However, I think Daz and the PAs have outdone themselves on Arabella 7 and her bundles. I don’t know if you are a fan of the Gothic look but with Halloween just around the corner those outfits are going to appeal to a lot of 3D artists. There’s also plenty of choice.

Queen of Shadow is a lovely if … Continue reading

Tuesday is Shoes-Day… Plus New Curvy Model Bethany 7

Genesis 3 Female ShoesHeadline news today is that the lovely Bethany 7 has joined the Genesis 3 family of female DAZ Original characters. She joins Victoria 7 and Eva 7, all of whom can be used on your Genesis 3 Female base (available free as part of the DAZ Studio Starter Essentials download that you get with your equally free copy of DAZ Studio).

I think Bethany looks gorgeous in her promotional renders, so congratulations to everyone involved in her release.

On a personal note, I’m delighted to announce the release today of my Milonga Shoes for Genesis 3 Female(s). These are not specifically for Bethany, but will fit her as well as her sister characters. The shoe design and name were inspired by the Tango. These are shoes you can … Continue reading