Deals for the Week 19th – 25th May

May 25th: Couple of things going on today. Firstly, ImagineX, Kayleyss and ablaze between them bring us some Amazing Interiors with an associated promotion on selected products and PA stores. There’s also a Predatron promotion, Reverent Remembrance, running alongside the release of his Monks Robes and Monks Hair (both for G2M).

May 23rd: Greet the weekend with some girlie releases that include Japanese girl Asami for G2F by Matari3D and the striking Niska for G2F who is a real-world beauty. Also pick up some Big Afro Hair and Fatale Noir poses.

May 21st: It’s all about superheroes and warriors today with a variety of fantasy releases. Don’t miss all those exciting looking shaders from Denki Gaka which can also be bought in one big Super Shaders – Super Bundle.

May 20th: Just Platinum Club Plus releases today, but these include the lovely Karina, an HD character for Olympia 6 by Fred Winkler Art and Sabby. There’s also a … Continue reading

Deals for the Week 21st-27th April

April 27th: And we start the new week with… Cory 6! Yes, after a slow weekend, the new toon guy is finally here. He’s accompanied by a toon mermaid theme for Callie or any other Genesis 2 female figure. Cory also brings with him a new male Aviator outfit, a modern hairstyle for the guys, and 3 new characters created for his base. Muscleman’s Island Boy Poses look fun.

April 24th: Friday brings new promotions and 3 new releases. If you’re tempted to buy, you can get Lilith 6 at 70% off. Also enjoy an anniversary sale from Dumor3D with up to 65% off savings and catch 60% off animal and creature themed bundles (Giselle, the Minotaur and Reptilian are all there too).

April 23rd: It’s Thursday, and just 2 new releases today in the form of Naval Uniforms for G2M (and a zombie version). Buy these for savings on PA Slosh’s store.

April 22nd: Wednesday sees 4 … Continue reading

Darius, Monique, and March Madness! (Day 1)

March Madness 2015 has started early! And here to welcome it, we have Darius and Monique, a long-awaited pair of dark-skinned DAZ Original figures to bring a little more variety of ethnicity to the DAZ family.

Both Monique 6 and Darius 6 have the option of a starter bundle for a selection of content, or a value-packed pro bundle if you can stretch to that. You can of course also just buy the base figures individually.

Monique 6 and Darius 6 Base Figures

Artist New Release Introductory Price PC+ Price DAZ Originals DO: Monique 6 $31.47 $22.03 DAZ Originals DO: Darius 6 $31.47 $22.03

With this product you get the base figure and base texture. Monique has 5 makeup options and both characters have a selection of eye colours, plus a choice of skin settings. Base figures don’t include any pictured clothing or hair, but you can … Continue reading

Fun Anime Girl Keiko 6 Makes Her Debut

Look who’s here! Keiko 6, that’s who. First impressions? To me she comes across as a cuter, bigger-eyed Aiko, who in generation 6 (the G2F based figures) is all about feline eyes and endless legs. I see her being a really fun character with a lot to offer for the anime/manga fans especially. The influence of this genre comes through clearly in the Keiko 6 Pro Bundle as well as the expanded Keiko 6 Mega Manga Bundle.

I’m not sure how much I’d use Keiko in my own work. The look is appealing, but I have a custom character that fills this need already. However, she’ll be a welcome addition for Hitomi fans (generation 5), as well as those who liked the look of the original Aiko and weren’t so happy about her evolution in a more realistic direction and then the new look … Continue reading

Reptilian 6: Welcome the Lizard People

Are you ready for an adventure? Think you can take on the Lizard people? Better hope so, because the newest (and unexpected) DAZ Original figure release is Reptilian 6 HD for G2M. Again, this will be either a “love it!” or “don’t need it” release. If you are in the former category, you’ll be glad to know there’s a Reptilian 6 HD Bundle with the usual DAZ Original discounting, to give you a starter pack that includes Lizard Poses by Muscleman, Basic Poses for Reptilian 6 by blondie9999, the Tribal Warrior for G2M outfit from Nikisatez, and the Totem Outfit for G2M by Mada.

You can also boost your content with the Reptilian 6 HD Premiere Add-On Bundle, which includes Sarsa’s pack of additional textures, the Lizard Shaman costume from Arien and Umblefugly, and poses from Capsces Digital Ink.

No interest in reptile humanoids, but still on the look out for some great explorer gear? Then check … Continue reading

The Minotaur 6: A 3D Myth in the Making

Ever wanted your very own Minotaur? If the answer’s no, you might just change your mind when you meet Minotaur 6. This is the latest in the DAZ Original stable of characters for Genesis 2. Interestingly, Minotaur seems to have been paired with Lilith 6, which when you think about it does make sense — being both mythological. Besides, a beast needs a beauty, or so the tales would have it.

Just about all the content hitting the store today has been created to enhance this new beast of a figure. I’ll list it all below and leave you to make up your own mind, since time is short and there’s a whole lot to explore. Also, I think either you’ll be crazy about this new guy and what he can add to your fantasy digital artwork, or it will be the wrong genre and you’ll move on with barely a glance.

Happily, you’re not out … Continue reading

Belle and Brodie: Young Teens For Genesis 2

Who was missing from the Genesis 2 family? The Young Teens, that’s who! Well, the wait is over and Belle and Brodie are here, so I hope you have some funds left in your 3d buying account!

This cute pair will liven things up and have already taken over the DAZ store homepage, where you can view all that’s new. Though to be honest it’s not so much the figures as all the great new outfits that have caught my eye.

Casual, contemporary gear that looks like you could actually wear it… now that’s what we’re talking about, DAZ. I even like the short skirt outfits today, maybe because of the vendors creating them. You’ll have your own favourites, but I think Autumn Chill (WildDesigns) and Ladybug Outfit (Ryverthorn) are cute as anything. Day at the Mall (Nikisatez) and Memories of Summer (4blueyes) show that two artists who have gone for sexy … Continue reading

Demon Queen Lilith 6 Arrives

It’s release day for Lilith 6, and that woman is strutting into the store in stiletto heels, a twisted grin upon her lovely face. At a guess (let’s face it, it’s an easy conclusion to come to), I’d say this new 3d female character was inspired by Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent. Beautiful but with the potential to be oh-so-wicked.

Her figure is hourglass, her makeup options dramatic. Even facially there are similarities to Ms Jolie, though the curves are enhanced. She’s a siren, a vilainess, a Gothic queen. For the most part, her outfits take skimwear to a whole new level — some will find them sexy, some I’m sure would rather she had something at least halfway to normal in her Starter Bundle. You have to look to the Pro bundle for that, where you’ll find a very pretty Mada and Sarsa dress.

But she has a face and a figure that many will adore, and plays the … Continue reading

Lee 6 is Here! Will he be your Kung Fu Hero or Pop Star Crush?

Well hello Lee! This new guy for Genesis 2 Male has arrived in the DAZ store and does he look good! There’s a flurry of new content along with him which also has some very attractive products to tempt us. As usual, though, we have some tough decisions to make.

Is it better to go for the base Lee 6 character which gives you the new Lee morph plus his custom UV with skin materials, 4 eye colour options and 16 poses? If you do, you can then ‘cherry pick’ the things that appeal to you most from the Lee-related new releases, making a mix-and-match bundle of your own.

Then again, there’s big savings to be had if you grab a bundle… and we’ll take a look here at what you’ll get in each of those. I think many will find the bundles hard to resist with the extra discounts … Continue reading

Meet Willow, Arguably the Cutest New Girl in Town :)

3d toon girlListen up, 3D fans, because I’ve got something exciting to share. While I just blogged about the gorgeous Aiko 6 who has now hit the DAZ3D store (you can find out what’s in her bundles and other launch products in my Aiko unbundled post), Aiko’s not the only digital sweetheart who’s new in town.

Hivewire 3D have an ace up their sleeve today. Willow is a brand new 3D Universe character who has all the toon cuteness we love from this talented artist. Plus she will work in both DAZ Studio and Poser, using the Dawn mesh as her base in each.

DAZ Studio users might wonder why they would want to use a Dawn-based … Continue reading