Aiko 6 is Here! Buy a Bundle or Make Your Own?

Let’s give Aiko6 a warm welcome! This popular girl has been going strong for 4 generations now, but with a new look each time. It’s a fine balancing act for DAZ3D to come up with something fresh and exciting without alienating Aiko’s legions of fans from previous generations. Have they pulled it off this time? I think so, but take a look at lovely Aiko 6 and make up your own mind.

One thing’s for certain: this long-legged beauty is a real doll! Her Asian-inspired features are strongly highlighted with her makeup, making her a little less sweet and giving the impression that this girl has plenty of fight in her.

If you’ve been collecting punches from the Countdown2Summer promotion, you’ll know you get a discount on Aiko and her bundles. Platinum Club members also get the extra PC discount. Even with no … Continue reading

Would You Hug a Dragon? Victoria Would!

Well, would you give a dragon a cuddle? I hear their breath is none too sweet, and you don’t want to see what happens when they get mad… And yet, dragons do have a softer side, as Victoria6 has discovered.

What on earth am I talking about? DAZ Dragon 3, that’s what! I’ll tell you something else: when I saw this new release over my breakfast table there were no squeals of joy. Dragons… hmmmph. Even with all the cool effects, and the vendors have once again done some eye-catching work, the truth is I’m just not that into dragons.

Then I saw InaneGlory’s Dragon Dreams poses and my dragonphobic heart melted a little. A lot. Not since Sintel and her friend Scales has there been such a tender bond between woman and fire-breathing beast. While I don’t know that I’ll get the Dragon 3 today (there are other things higher up my want-or-need list), you … Continue reading

Giselle 6 Released Today: Wednesday 14th May

New 3D Fairy FigureFantasy artists, get ready, because she’s here! I saw the preview thread only yesterday so it was a short wait, but this morning Giselle fluttered into the DAZ3D store. As you’d expect, she’s pretty as a picture. Fairy features suit an ethereal creature like this, for all that I dislike them on 3d women who are supposed to be more realistic. She’s also the perfect figure for fantasy make-up, and there’s plenty of that on offer for Giselle.

So, which will you choose? The Giselle 6 base figure, her Starter Bundle, or Giselle6 Pro for even more goodies? Just to make the deal even sweeter, buy any of these 3 options and you’ll get 60% off the following stores: Artemis3D, DX30, EmmaAndJordi, Renderwelten, RingoMonfort, Sickleyield, Xena.

Here’s what … Continue reading

Here’s… Gianni! New Male 3D Figure Unveiled

Time to unbox Gianni6If you’re one of the many digital artists who long for more male content to balance out all the female characters, outfits and hair, your wish just came true. Today, Gianni 6 was released for the Genesis 2 generation of male figures. He joins Michael 6 and Teen Jayden 6.

Gianni is an Italian name, an equivalent to Johnny, and has a soft sound, something like ‘janny’. As the name suggests, the muscular Gianni 6 is the male counterpart to athletic female character Gia 6. He measures in at 6’4″ in real world terms, with a 48″ chest and all the muscle definition an action-hero demands.

Is this new guy for you? He is if you like muscular men who fit the warrior role, or just the strong, silent type. … Continue reading

February 2014 Sales on DAZ 3D: 17th – 23rd

Sales and offers on DAZ3d week 3Last week’s Valentines sales are over, the March Madness will soon begin… but how will we be tempted to buy between now and March? One thing you can bet your boots on is that DAZ will come up with some irresistible temptations for us.

Well, we had to wait until Tuesday for the week’s big release. Yes, she’s here: Stephanie 6! I’m a big Stephanie fan and the girl looks good, with lots of sweet extras in her Starter and Pro bundles.

I’m sure plenty buyers are hoping for a gift card sale right about now. That sure would come in handy for March Madness 2014.

Assuming of course that you didn’t already spend the budget … Continue reading

January 2014 Deals on DAZ 3D: 20th – 26th

3D model sales on DAZ Jan 14Will we be seeing more huge sales and offers this week on our top 3D model vendors and best-loved characters? Can our budgets take it if we do? Let’s find out!

If you are seeing this post on Monday, note that it will be updated through the week. The idea is that you can look back and see the past discounts on something you’re thinking about buying, or see when the most exciting sales and discounts happened. Be sure not to miss what’s happening right now: the ‘quick links’ below show you this week’s promotions (Fast Grab can update anywhere from daily to every few days, the Weekly Freebie is currently updated each Tuesday… except for the occasional delay).

For current Flash Sales and money off discounts, see the Continue reading