Creating 2D Games using Your 3D Model Library

Maybe you’re an aspiring game-maker who needs low-cost or free game assets? On the other hand, like many of us, you might already be a digital art enthusiast who has collected more 3D content that you want to admit to, done a lot of renders, and is now wondering what next?

Either way, you should take a serious look at creating fun games using your DAZ Studio assets in combination with a free game creator like Construct2.

To be clear on that word ‘free’, Construct2 can be downloaded free-of-charge for personal use via Steam or direct from This no-cost version has everything you need to get started, with very few limitations compared to the fully-featured edition. If you want to start using it commercially, you’ll need to get the licence, which for individuals making less than $5000/year on their games is a very reasonable £79 (visit Steam for the current price in your country’s currency).

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Cherry Blossom Murders: A Prettier Puzzle for HOG Fans

Japanese Garden in Bloom

There’s no better way to pass the time on a rainy afternoon than by losing yourself in a hidden object game (HOG). The challenge lies in choosing one with just the right level of challenge, and a story that isn’t too annoying. (Let’s face it, some of the plots that thread these games together can be a bit thin.)

I recently played Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders, and found it a HOG with a difference.

It seems for some reason that the best HOGs end up being dark and even scary. For instance, the Midnight Mysteries series is excellent (although no longer pure hidden object). However, the themes include not just murders but ghosts, witchcraft, seances, spooky hospitals, and so on.

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The Best Hidden Object Games in the Steam Sale

Get a Clue Mousepads Do you love a good hidden object game? I do, but it wasn’t always that way. To tell the truth, I wasn’t all that impressed with the first one I came across, some years ago. Of course, it didn’t help that I was playing it on a tiny Nintendo DS screen back then. These days I play my games on a full-size monitor, which makes a huge difference.

In any case, I’ve done an about turn and have come to love HOGs. They’ve come a long way. These days finding the hidden objects is only part of the gameplay. The plots have become far more important, and now we have immersive storylines, interesting characters and varied mini-puzzles, often accompanied by beautiful music. The best hidden object games create a rich and engaging user experience. You can dip in and out of them, but you still feel like … Continue reading

How a Gnome Named Wilbur Stole My Heart (The Book of Unwritten Tales)

Book of Shadows Binders The Book of Unwritten Tales was something of a secret treasure. This point-and-click adventure game came to my attention by accident, at a price that meant I had little to lose.

It turns out I’d have happily have paid full price for this enchanting adventure game — and still have considered it good value. It was like opening a humble wooden chest and finding it stacked with gold and sparkling gems.

The game takes place in a fantasy land, with a storyline that seems very familiar. An ordinary gnome is entrusted with a ring and sent on a mission, assisted by unlikely companions and shadowed by the minions of evil.

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Inspiring Me Today: Botanicula

June TreeA game about an odd assortment of, well, ‘tree creatures’ exploring a tree and trying to outwit ominous spidery creatures? Are you serious?

Yes, turns out I am. After all, Botanicula isn’t just any game. It’s by Amanita Design, who brought us the innovative Machinarium.

In that game we entered a robot world full of puzzles and entertaining scenes. In Botanicula we are transported to a tree world, inhabited by strange, sometimes wonderful and often weird characters.

Our heroes are five friends who resemble fragments of the natural world — think nuts, pods, twigs, fungi and flying insects. They may be small, but they are brave and curious. What they lack in clever conversation, they more than make up for in charm.

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