Master Hexagon for Less with Dreamlight Sale

No new products but you can get some great discounts if you are shopping at DAZ3D today. However, if a day without a new release is a glum one for you, I suggest you stop by Hivewire 3D where Lisa’s Botanicals/Fab3d have a new Mud Hole product. This realistic natural prop is compatible with both DAZ Studio and with Poser, as I believe are all of Lisa’s creations.

Back to those discounts… Did you catch the 75% off Dreamlight sale last night? Well it’s still going on today, with 170 out of his 174 priced products having this generous discount. As we know, Dreamlight products tend to be pricey, so this is a welcome chance to snatch up those you’ve had your eye on. His training normally includes hour after hour of video tuition, so I imagine you’ll get some great value out of them.

If you want to learn to model, or improve … Continue reading

Monday Savings on 3D… And Enter the Bird Contest!

Just one promotion to tell you about this Monday morning, but if you have a lot on your wishlist you could be in luck. For today only, use the code GIMME20 if your order totals $50 or more, and you’ll get $20 off.

It only applies to products without the ‘New’ banner, which means going back past the 6 most recent pages of releases to the week before Christmas, round about the time the Minotaur was released (so a good time to pick up the Minotaur 6 HD Bundle). Anything from then and earlier will be eligible, expect the usual exclusions for gift cards and PC membership.

Nothing new in the store so far today (I’ll update the post if that changes). However, there are a few other promotions still running:

Spend Valentine’s Day with Dawn and Dusk

It might seem quiet in the store, but over at DAZ the team are busy behind the scenes preparing an amazing March Madness 2015. So no changes to the store today, just the ongoing promotions from yesterday and earlier in the week.

Meanwhile, romance is definitely in the air at Hivewire 3D since Dusk (female figure Dawn’s free male counterpart) showed up. There’s now a set of Romantic Poses for Dawn and Dusk in store, compatible with both DS and Poser. You can also get some Falconry Gear for Dusk, plus a new equine character for the HiveWire Horse. If you’re enjoying working with Dusk, also check out Dusk’s Shapes and Sizes Volume 1. Although the base shape and textures for Dusk are free, you’ll get more out of him if you do invest a few dollars in various morphs, since he’s a different mesh from the Genesis, G2M or Michael 4 3d male … Continue reading

Victoria 6 Turns Up the Heat for Valentine’s Day

After a dry spell yesterday (February 12th), 6 new products have burst into the DAZ store today to help us celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Vicky’s clearly hoping at least some of you will take her on a date tomorrow, as she’s dressed up in some of her most seductive outfits yet. I don’t think I’m her target audience here, but I don’t doubt the ribbon outfit in Sweet Holiday Nights for G2F will win over many of her fans. It has strategically placed red satin ribbon, tied with a bow, and looks pretty convincing. The ribbon wrapped shoes, also finished with a big bow, are a nice touch. The props are included too: a big gift-wrapped present and an over-sized floor pillow. Shox-Design has some extra looks for this saucy outfit and its props in the Sweet Holiday Night Textures pack. You’ll get 4 new sets of materials for the outfit and the present, and 8 choices … Continue reading

The Weekend in 3D and Get Ready for the SBRM Bird Contest

It looks like this will be a single post for the weekend (update: no, I made a new post for Sunday) as there’s not much new happening so far on Saturday. Of course, those 2 fantastic Stonemason releases are still there to tempt you, and if you can afford both then you’ll get access to additional discounts via the Stonemason & Friends sale.

If that’s not something you want to splash your cash on right now, well guess what’s coming up? March Madness, that’s what. With February just around the corner, March will be hot on its heels, and with it the guarantee of a crazy month of new content and probably some kind of punch system with rewards and stacking discounts.

As for right now, if anything new gets added I’ll update this post (see January 25th post for this). … Continue reading

Get Ready for Adventure with Realistic Ruins by Stonemason

The Smash n’ Grab has now finished, but not before some of you got some amazing deals. Of course, there’s a new sale on today, and this one is all about Stonemason. Buy his two sensational new releases and you can get any (or all) of the other 3 new releases today at 50% off. You’ll also be able to claim 50% off not only Stonemason’s store but also Liquid Rust, MikeyMadeMe and Oskarsson. Plus there are 12 related items (with a scary/post-apocalyptic theme) at 40% off.

Trouble is, buying both Stonemason releases means a big chunk out of most people’s 3D budget, no matter how much we all might want to. And when you see them, you’ll find it hard to resist, I think. The Path to Cloud Temple is an impressive and realistic ruined stairway to a temple gate. It has convincing rocks and plants, and includes trees and debris too. It even has a fog … Continue reading

How Much Can You Save? DAZ and HiveWire 3D Sales

A new day, a new sale at DAZ3D. How does Smash n’ Grab work? Well, it requires you to buy at least one new release, and then to add your choice from a selection of 2412 items for a scaling discount.

3 items will get you $18 off your order total, 6 items will get you $48 off your total, and 9 items will earn you a whopping $90 off. Big discounts, but you’ll be buying a lot to get the maximum so choose carefully. Note that if you have 5 items in your cart, you will save more on your order total by adding a 6th, and similarly by increasing from 8 to 9. It’s going to be easier to get a great deal if you are in the Platinum Club Plus, but it’s not impossible to make up your order of only vendor items and not blow your budget sky … Continue reading

New Genesis 2 Characters, Sci-Fi Craft, and 2015 Bird Contest

Some of the week’s promotions have now ended, leaving us eagerly awaiting new releases to fill the void. Fortunately, there are 5 new ones today to tempt us.

First, a couple of characters. Ryk for Brodie has what struck me as an odd main promo, but don’t pass by this ethnic young male too quickly — a dark-skinned youth is a rare skin texture indeed and one that will give you more variety for youngsters. He comes with 4 different head shapes and 2 body shapes. Admittedly, I’m not crazy about the eye makeup (it’s nicely done, just not a look I’d use) but it’s optional, and what’s great about Ryk is all the choices he gives you. Note that you will need to own Brodie to use the materials as well as the morphs.

Eliza for G2F is an Artemis3d woman and a good example of this artist’s character style while bringing her own unique look to … Continue reading

Day 10: Dive In, Master DAZ Studio Surfaces, Meet an Action Girl

If you like Dreamlight tutorials, you’re in luck. The master of video tutorials returns to explain in-depth the different surfaces you’ll find in DAZ Studio, how to use Shader Builder, and a module on shadows, lights and cameras too. This is part 1 so if you are buying the DAZ Studio Surface Master today you might want to budget for an upcoming second part.

Today’s new 3d female character for G2F is Sophie, by Lyoness. And I am delighted to say that she is no pouting doll. This curvy warrior girl has a whole host of battle wound and dirt options (for both face and body) which will, I think, make her very popular. For extra versatility, she has all the glamorous makeup options you could wish for too, including nail art.

Fancy taking a dive into the depths of the ocean? Whether it’s a Bond-style spy thriller or an underwater documentary look, the Vintage Diving Bundle has … Continue reading

Day 9: New Skies Ahead, Aave Nainen Dress and Dreamlight Tutorial

It’s the 9th day of the DAZ PA 2014 sale and it’s interesting to see how it’s shaping up. Some common themes are emerging, which is maybe an insight into what kinds of things sell well even when the market seems full of them. That doll-faced, barely-out-of-teens female characters are popular is no surprise, but personally I find it hard to tell them apart after a while. This is just a general observation based on recent female characters and not a criticism of OziChick’s new release, Tatianna, whose youthfulness and lovely natural eyebrows will make her a great character for morphing into even younger characters.

Skimpy or clingy clothing too just seems to keep on selling, even though it takes a lot more work to model clothes that flow away from the body in a natural way. That’s why I always welcome a new Aave Nainen release, such as her Cutie Pie Dress today. This modest and pretty … Continue reading