Filter Forge: Old Book Illustrator

I’ve been busy elsewhere lately and missed a comment from John Jones that had been sitting a while waiting for a reply (sorry about that, John). John’s question was about a Filter Forge filter used in my YouTube video showcasing some of the different possibilities. Here it is again if you missed it:

Anyhow, although I’ve replied to that comment I thought it more likely John and anyone else who is interested would catch a new post.

The filter in question was the first one. My notes have it as ‘Old Book’, which means it is Old Book Illustrator by Gene S Morgan. I don’t have a note of which preset I started from, or what modifications I made, but many of the presets are heavy on the ink effect so I either went with one that had lighter ink to begin with or I dialled back the Outline Detail to a low value. Playing around … Continue reading

Filter Forge: Give Your Creativity a Boost

filterforge_reviewIf you’re a photographer or digital artist and you haven’t yet tried Filter Forge, you’re missing out on a whole lot of fun. But don’t feel like you’ve been left behind. With even more improvements lined up for the Filter Forge 5.0 release, this creative toolbox just gets better and better, making this the perfect time to jump on board.

What is Filter Forge and What Software is Required for Use?

Filter Forge is described in by the creators as an advanced Photoshop plugin allowing you to build your own filters. Now, I know many of you do use and love Photoshop, but if you don’t, stay with me here. I’m about to share a secret that’s a little too well-kept for my liking: you don’t need Photoshop to use Filter Forge. It can be … Continue reading

Fun with Filters: G’MIC for GIMP (Part 4)

GMIC Filters Part 4And so to Part 4, where we’ll take a look at the remaining filters in the Artistic category of the G’MIC menu. To learn what G’MIC is and how you can use it for free (entirely above-board and for any purpose) see part 1 of Fun with Filters: G’MIC. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, you don’t actually need to use GIMP to be able to access all the wonderful tools of G’MIC. However, GIMP is also freely available and I find the GIMP plug-in a convenient way to access G’MIC since I generally have GIMP open regardless.

A quick recap: we’ve been looking at some of the most colourful and creative effects in the G’MIC filter arsenal. In Part 1 we previewed … Continue reading

Fun with Filters: G’MIC for GIMP (Part 3)

20b_graphicboostContinuing from part 2 and our look at fun postwork effects you can add to your 3D artwork using the G’MIC plug-in. Right now we are still looking at the Artistic category of filters, which have some of the most interesting results from the point of view of a digital artist. In Part 1 we looked at Anguish through to Cartoon, and in Part 2 we have examples of Chalk It Up through the rest of the C and D filters to Ellipsionism.

Here we’ll start again at F and look at Felt Pen through to Morphology Painting.

Felt Pen
You can get some nice, clean results with this filter. Because … Continue reading

Fun with Filters: G’MIC for GIMP (Part 2)

GMIC Filter Postwork in GIMPIn Part 1 of Fun with Filters, I started showing you the arty effects you can get when you apply G’MIC’s Artistic category filters to your renders. (Learn what G’MIC is and how you can get it for free in my previous post.) I use G’MIC in GIMP but it can also be used via a web interface or with digital painting software Krita.

This plug-in surprised me with how good it is, and I now spend many happy hours trying out different effects. In a bid to show you how they work with digital art, I’m continuing my journey through the Artistic subset in the G’MIC menu to produce some demo images using a 3D render. These example images are rather small … Continue reading

Fun with Filters: G’MIC for GIMP

03b_blackcrayonPostworking can be a great opportunity to make a render or even a photo come to life. All you need is some image processing software and you can fix flaws and make a dull image shine. Add some filters and effects and you have even more ways to work on your digital art to get the look you want.

I love filters, and as a GIMP user I was thrilled to discover G’MIC. This amazing package of filters and effects can be downloaded free and installed as a GIMP plug-in. Since GIMP is also open-source and free of charge, there’s no catch. Just a whole lot of fun and potentially some impressive results.

G’MIC stands for GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing, and if you follow the link in that text you’ll arrive at the … Continue reading