PA Sale 2016 — Don’t Miss It!

If you are new to 3D art, you might be wondering what the PA Sale (this year it’s called The Premier Artist Festival 2016) is. What’s so special about it, when there are sales on year round?

Well, it’s not your everyday sale, that’s for sure. This is when you can make some great savings on just about every item in the whole store. Almost all the Daz3D vendors will be involved. Each day, a selection of PAs (that’s us 3D artists who sell via Daz) will release some fantastic new products. These will have a 40% off, right out the gate. Buy 2 and you’ll get 50% off. That’s a bigger discount than you’ll get on brand new PA items at any other time.

The qualifying items are those that are new on the day you shop, plus the 2 previous days (“still new” releases). So you’ll always have plenty to choose from. There … Continue reading