Arabella and her Gloriously Gothic Bundles

Well, I had no particular plans to shout about the arrival of Arabella, the latest Daz3D figure release for Genesis 3 (generation 7). I don’t have anything tied-in with her release. As it happened, my last outfit (Ernestine Outfit for Genesis 3) was accidentally tied in with Josie, who is a beautiful character but just like with my Milonga shoes and Bethany, the outfit just happened to have a Josie fit and wasn’t otherwise specific to her.

So while I love her slender figure, the prospect a generation 7 Vampire-Goth didn’t have me all that excited. However, I think Daz and the PAs have outdone themselves on Arabella 7 and her bundles. I don’t know if you are a fan of the Gothic look but with Halloween just around the corner those outfits are going to appeal to a lot of 3D artists. There’s also plenty of choice.

Queen of Shadow is a lovely if … Continue reading

FWSA Indigo and Jade… Gorgeous 3D Girls for Generation 7

I don’t normally single out one-off (in this case, two-off!) items by individual vendors for special attention. But you know the moment I saw FWSA Indigo’s name that I would have to post. Fred and Sabby always make such appealing characters but I think Indigo and her companion, FWSA Jade, might just be the best they have done yet. The FWSA Indigo character is also a DAZ Original (sadly, Jade is not), so she is even more affordable. That means you can pick her at the Daz3D Store without denting your PC Sale budget too much, and hopefully have enough to spare for her sister too, who has the PC Sale 40% discount on new PA items.

FWSA Indigo is very pretty and feminine, with a beautiful skin tone. She was designed for Victoria 7. FWSA Jade is for Teen Josie 7 and has a wide-eyed ingenue look. Her compelling feature, other than those big soulful … Continue reading

PC Sale 2015 in Full Swing!

Were you as relieved as me when the Daz PA Sale finally drew to a close a couple of days ago, and stopped the endless stream of temptations? Of course, yesterday the Platinum Club sale began, so there’s a whole lot of new discounts and limited-time sales to watch out for, alongside new 3D content with a 40% off intro discount.

I’m not going to be doing daily deal posts given all the time involved, and the fact that sales can change, break and be fixed all at short notice. I did want to give a heads-up to anyone who hasn’t stopped by and let you know about the freebies.

Firstly, make sure you grab the MegaPack. It contains a bumper 24 PC items, all for free. Although these are all older models, there’s some solid model and texture work by some of your favourite artists in there. If you don’t mind playing with surface settings and updating … Continue reading