Learn to Make Your Own Unity5 Game

The Unity 5 game engine has one huge advantage for beginner game developers. It can be downloaded for free. If you start making a whole load of money (currently over $100K), you’ll need to pay of course. But make a little, even quite a lot, or make nothing from it and you can create games without any charge. All legal and covered in the EULA.

Is Unity 5 easy to learn? Well, that depends on your definition of easy. Like anything, you’ll need to work at it. There are some great tutorials out there that can help you get to grips with the basics, and then skill up further. Like any software, it has its quirks and is not something you can aim to master. Rather, go into it with the goal of learning what you need to know, a step at a time.

It’s likely you’ll need to do some coding along the way … Continue reading